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History of My Life

Author : Giacomo Chevalier de Seingalt Casanova
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Trask's award-winning translation now appears in paperback for the first time.

Catalogue of the Library of the Alabama Polytechnic Institute Auburn Ala Complete to Nov 20 1894

Author : Auburn University. Library
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A History of English Drama 1660 1900

Author : Allardyce Nicoll
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Nicoll's History, which tells the story of English drama from the reopening of the theatres at the time of the Restoration right through to the end of the Victorian period, was viewed by Notes and Queries (1952) as 'a great work of exploration, a detailed guide to the untrodden acres of our dramatic history, hitherto largely ignored as barren and devoid of interest'.

The History of Bethlem

Author : Jonathan Andrews
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The History of Bethlem is a scholarly history of this key establishment, looking at Bethlem's role within the caring institutions in the context of the history of Britain, London, hospitals and psychiatry.

A History of Early Ninteenth Century Drama 1800 1850

Author :
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The Life of Reason

Author : George Santayana
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Santayana argues that instinct and imagination are crucial to the emergence of reason from chaos. Santayana's Life of Reason, published in five books from 1905 to 1906, ranks as one of the greatest works in modern philosophical naturalism. Acknowledging the natural material bases of human life, Santayana traces the development of the human capacity for appreciating and cultivating the ideal. It is a capacity he exhibits as he articulates a continuity running through animal impulse, practical intelligence, and ideal harmony in reason, society, art, religion, and science. The work is an exquisitely rendered vision of human life lived sanely. In this first book of the work, Santayana provides an account of how the human animal develops instinct, passion, and chaotic experience into rationality and ideal life. Inspired by Aristotle's De Anima, Darwin's evolutionary theory, and William James's The Principles of Psychology, Santayana contends that the requirements of action in a hazardous and uncertain environment are the sources of the development of mind. More specifically, instinct and imagination are crucial to the emergence of reason from chaos. Separating himself from the typical thought of the time by his recognition of the imagination, Santayana in this volume offers extensive critiques of various philosophies of mind, including those of Kant and the British empiricists. This Critical Edition, volume VII of The Works of George Santayana, includes a chronology, notes, bibliography, textual commentary, lists of variants, and other tools useful to Santayana scholars. The other four books of the volume include Reason in Society, Reason in Religion, Reason in Art, and Reason in Science.

The Correspondence of Charles Darwin Volume 7 1858 1859

Author : Charles Darwin
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Covers the momentous period up to and immediately following publication of On The Origin of Species.

Journal of Moral Theology Volume 7 Number 2

Author : Jason King
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Catholic Peacemaking Edited by Jason King Military Sexual Assault as Political Violence and Challenge to Christian Ethics Meghan J. Clark Domestic Violence in the Domestic Church: An Argument for Greater Attention to Intimate Partner Abuse in Catholic Health Care Lauren L. Baker Studies in Scripture for Moral Theologians Jeffrey L. Morrow From Strangers to Neighbors: Toward an Ethics of Sanctuary Cities Gary Slater Round Table Discussion: Just Peacemaking A “Manual” for Escaping Our Vicious Cycles Gerald W. Schlabach A Virtue-Based Just Peace Ethic Eli S. McCarthy The Changing Vision of “Just Peace” in Catholic Social Tradition Lisa Sowle Cahill

The Story of Your Life

Author : James Lambie
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The intriguing story and turbulent history of a paper Charles Dickens praised for its ‘range of information and profundity of knowledge’, and which Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, simply endorsed with the remark: ‘Of course I read The Sporting Life’. It was the Queen Mother’s love of horseracing that made her such an avid reader of the Life and coverage of that sport forms the core of this book, but there is so much more to fascinate the reader including eyewitness accounts of the first fight for the heavyweight championship of the world and Captain Webb’s heroic Channel swim of 1875. Highlights in the history of cricket, football and rugby are also featured, while chapters on coursing and greyhound racing rank alongside surreal reports on ratting contests and songbird singing competitions. And for 30 years Tommy Wisdom made his motoring reports unique by competing against the best at Brooklands, Le Mans and in many Monte Carlo rallies, while Henry Longhurst’s golfing column was simply the best. The paper’s strident campaigns for racing reforms are also chronicled along with its coverage of major news stories, from Fred Archer’s shocking suicide to its own untimely demise. Its travails in the law courts are documented from its first year, when it was forced to change its title, to its last, when it had to pay libel damages to the training team of Lynda and Jack Ramsden and their jockey, Kieren Fallon. A higher price was paid by its French correspondent who was killed in a duel over an article he had written, while the terrible toll the First World War took on the nation’s sporting heroes is catalogued by the Life’s embedded army correspondent, against a background of political bungling that is being repeated today.

The Athenaeum

Author :
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