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History of the Great American Fortunes

Author : Gustavus Myers
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Originally published in 1910, a primary source for the business and development of American power in the nineteenth century. As Myers describes in his preface, it was the fashion in the early twentieth century to write of the multi-millionaires in an unfavorable light, as if they were all robber barons and had no social conscience. In his history he was attempting to be more realistic in his perspective. Volume one tells of the colonization of America and the large land grants and the great land fortunes. Volumes two and three cover the great fortunes from railroads, with extensive material on J. P. Morgan in relation to that category. Gustavus Myers (1872-1942) was an American historian who worked on a number of newspapers and magazines in New York City, joined the Populist party and the Social Reform Club, and was a member (1907-12) of the Socialist party. Such books as The History of Tammany Hall (1901), History of the Great American Fortunes (1910), and History of the Supreme Court of the United States (1912) were detailed, realistic exposes through which Myers made his reputation in the muckraking era of American literature.

History of the Great American Fortunes Vol I

Author : Gustavus Myers
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Reproduction of the original: History of the Great American Fortunes, Vol. I by Gustavus Myers

Great American Fortunes

Author : Thomas Gaskell Shearman
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Western Union and the Creation of the American Corporate Order 1845 1893

Author : Joshua D. Wolff
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This work chronicles the rise of Western Union Telegraph from its origins in the helter-skelter ferment of antebellum capitalism to its apogee as the first corporation to monopolize an industry on a national scale. The battles that raged over Western Union's monopoly on nineteenth-century American telecommunications - in Congress, in courts, and in the press - illuminate the fierce tensions over the rising power of corporations after the Civil War and the reshaping of American political economy. The telegraph debate reveals that what we understand as the normative relationship between private capital and public interest is the product of a historical process that was neither inevitable nor uncontested. Western Union's monopoly was not the result of market logic or a managerial revolution, but the conscious creation of entrepreneurs protecting their investments. In the process, these entrepreneurs elevated economic liberalism above traditional republican principles of public interest and helped create a new corporate order.

The International Socialist Review

Author : Algie Martin Simons
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International Socialist Review

Author :
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History of Canadian Business

Author : R.T. Naylor
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An unprecedented work in Canadian historiography, The History of Canadian Business, 1867-1914 has been chosen by the Social Sciences Federation of Canada as one of the twenty most outstanding works in the field in the last half of the twentieth century.

The Industrial Pioneer

Author :
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New Light on the History of Great American Fortunes

Author : Sidney Ratner
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The Intercollegiate Socialist

Author :
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The Socialist Review

Author :
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The Opulent Interiors of the Gilded Age

Author : Arnold Lewis
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Best source of information and illustrations for private houses in Eastern cities during the early 1880s. Rare photographs of mansions belonging to Vanderbilt, Morgan, Grant, and many others. Extensive, informative new text.

The National Union Catalog Pre 1956 Imprints

Author : Library of Congress
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The Leading Facts of New Mexican History Vol II Hardcover

Author : Ralph Emerson Twitchell
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Historians have long admired Ralph Emerson Twitchell's "The Leading Facts of New Mexican History," considered the first major history of the state. Put succinctly by former State Historian Robert J. Torrez, Twitchell's work (of which this is one of the first two volumes Sunstone Press is reprinting in its Southwest Heritage Series) has "become the standard by which all subsequent books on New Mexico history are measured." As Twitchell wrote in the preface of his first volume, his goal in writing "The Leading Facts" was to respond to the "pressing need" for a history of New Mexico with a commitment to "accuracy of statement, simplicity of style, and impartiality of treatment." Ralph Emerson Twitchell was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on November 29, 1859. Arriving in New Mexico when he was twenty-three, he immediately became involved in political and civic activities. In 1885 he helped organize a new territorial militia in Santa Fe and saw active duty in western New Mexico. Later appointed judge advocate of the Territorial Militia, he attained the rank of colonel, a title he was proud to use for the rest of his life. By 1893 he was elected the mayor of Santa Fe and, thereafter, district attorney of Santa Fe County. Twitchell probably promoted New Mexico as much as any single New Mexican of his generation. An avid supporter of New Mexico statehood, he argued the territory's case for elevated political status, celebrated its final victory in 1912, and even designed New Mexico's first state flag in 1915. Just as Twitchell's first edition in 1912 helped celebrate New Mexico's entry into statehood in 1912, the newest edition of the text and illustrations serves as a tribute to the state's centennial celebration of 2012. In the apt words of an editorial in the "Santa Fe New Mexican" at the time of Twitchell's death in 1925: "As press agent for the best things of New Mexico, her traditions, history, beauty, glamour, scenery, archaeology, and material resources, he was indefatigable and efficient.""

A History of American Law Revised Edition

Author : Lawrence M. Friedman
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A History of American Law has become a classic for students of law, American history and sociology across the country. In this brilliant and immensely readable book, Lawrence M. Friedman tells the whole fascinating story of American law from its beginnings in the colonies to the present day. By showing how close the life of the law is to the economic and political life of the country, he makes a complex subject understandable and engrossing. A History of American Law presents the achievements and failures of the American legal system in the context of America's commercial and working world, family practices and attitudes toward property, slavery, government, crime and justice. Now Professor Friedman has completely revised and enlarged his landmark work, incorporating a great deal of new material. The book contains newly expanded notes, a bibliography and a bibliographical essay.

The Shaping of America A Geographical Perspective on 500 Years of History

Author : D. W. Meinig
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This study discusses how an immense diversity of ethnic and religious groups became sorted into a set of distinct regional societies in North America.

American Police A History 1945 2012

Author : Thomas Reppetto
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The only new history of the police forces in the U.S. since 1945.

Reise um die Welt

Author : Georg Forster
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Muriel Rukeyser and Documentary

Author : Catherine Gander
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Provides a new perspective on the documentary diversity of Muriel Rukeyser's work and influencesWinner of the inaugural Peggy O'Brien Book Prize of the Irish Association for American Studies (IAAS)

Freaks Geeks and Strange Girls

Author : Randy Johnson
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This is a colourful history of the carnival sideshow and its distinctive banner art. With one hundred colour photographs, the book lovingly surveys this now vanished icon of early rural America, counterpointing classic freak show art with contemporary interpretations. Fifty archival black-and-white photos of sideshows provide a historical context for the banner illustrations.