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Hit by a Farm

Author : Catherine Friend
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Describes how an urban bookworm and children's book author, along with her partner, set out to fulfill a lifelong dream of owning a working farm in Minnesota, offering a heartwarming, frequently humorous take on their crash course in living off and living with the land. Original.

The Call of the Farm

Author : Rochelle Bilow
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Rochelle Bilow, a classically trained cook and aspiring food writer, was nursing a broken heart and frustrated with her yet-to-take-off career when she set out to write a short profile of a small, sustainable CSA farm in central New York. At most, she expected to come away with a cute city-girl-in-the-country piece. But after just one day of moving hay bales, feeding pigs, and tapping maple sap, she was hooked: The air was fresh, her muscles felt useful, and the smells from the kitchen where the farmhands gathered at day’s end were intoxicating. Add in a sweet but enigmatic young farmer whose soulful gaze meets her own, and The Call of the Farm is set in motion. This enticing memoir charts the unexpected year that unfolds as Rochelle immerses herself in life at the farm. She cooks her way through four seasons of fresh-from-the-earth produce (with such tantalizing results as Blistered Tomato Gratin and Crisped Potato Casserole with Shaved Chives), grapples more than once with the finer points of rendering lard, and begins to feel she has finally found her niche—all while falling hard for that handsome, blue-eyed farmer. Honest, self-aware, and wonderfully tender, The Call of the Farm is for anyone who has daydreamed about a simpler life—or fallen too deeply in love.

Philip K Jason Greatest Hits

Author : Philip K. Jason
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Classic Farm Tractors

Author : Robert N. Pripps
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DIVAn entertaining look at the tractors which enthusiasts all know and love—as well as those oddball models that fans find fascinating. /div

Voices from The Farm

Author : Rupert Fike
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Twenty-five years ago, at the height of the counter-culture movement, several hundred hippies drove their school buses into southern Tennessee and founded America's largest, modern-day intentional community, The Farm. In its heyday, the community was home to over 1,200 optimistic young people and the young-at-heart. Their purpose for coming together was to experiment with alternative lifestyles that could help raise the standard of living for impoverished people around the world while conserving the planet's resources. The results of these experiments were not always predictable, but were always interesting, and created lasting bonds among community members that are still strong today. The Farm remains a vibrant, working environment for change. Why has it lasted so long? Discover the answers as members past and present recount some of their more memorable experiences.

The 1925 Tri State Tornado S Devastation in Franklin County Hamilton County and White County Illinois

Author : Bob Johns
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When the tornado roared across southern Missouri, southern Illinois, and southwestern Indiana for many hours during the afternoon on March 18th in 1925, there was now way that people along the tornado path would know it was occurring before they could see it. This was because there was no radar systems then and the National Weather Service was not able to let people know that a tornado was going to occur or that there was a tornado already occurring since they did not know much about tornadoes. So, the only way a person then was able to know that a tornado was occurring and it was going to hit them was when they were able to see it close to where they were and realize that it was a tornado. This story shows in Franklin, Hamilton, and White Counties in Illinois what some people saw and what they did, and what happened to them when the tornado hit them. This story also has many detailed maps across the townships in Franklin, Hamilton, and White Counties in Illinois that show where many peoples homes, many schools and churches, and other things were located when they were hit by the tornado and damaged or destroyed. Some of the maps also show where some people landed after they were blown well away from there home. There are also some pictures in this story that shows what some homes, schools and other things looked like when they were damaged or damaged by the tornado. And a few of them show what they looked like before they were hit by the tornado. Some of the eyewitnesses of this tornado that I net with and went on driving surveys with are shown on pictures in this book.

Farm Fresh Georgia

Author : Jodi Helmer
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The first guidebook of its kind for the Peach State, Farm Fresh Georgia leads food lovers, families, locals, and tourists on a lively tour of almost 400 farms and farm-related attractions, all open to the public and visited by travel writer Jodi Helmer. Here are irresistible opportunities to find farmers' markets, dine at a farm-to-table restaurant known for its chicken and waffles, buzz by an apiary, stay at an Arabian horse ranch and bed and breakfast, and visit an urban farm in Atlanta where kids build entrepreneurial skills. Organized by six state regions (Atlanta Metro, Upper Coastal Plain, Lower Coastal Plain, Piedmont, Appalachian, and Blue Ridge) and nine categories of attractions, the listings connect readers with Georgia's farms and reflect agritourism trends burgeoning in the South and the nation. Highlighting establishments that are independent and active in public education and sustainability, the book taps local food initiatives and celebrates the work of local farmers. Thirteen recipes gathered directly from farmers and chefs offer the farm-fresh tastes of Georgia.

Farm Boy s Dream

Author : John O. Jacobs
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My vision of flying started with C. Lindberg flying solo across the Atlantic and the pictures of him landing in France at night, I believe. I believe there was also a fellow by the name of Chamberln not sure of the spelling on his name who had planned the same trip, but Lindberg beat him to it; I believe he was from Iowa. And then there was Col. Roscoe Turner, who held world s speed record at, I believe it was, 300 mph sometime in the early thirties. And then there was Wily Post one-eyed pilot, who, with Will Rogers, a humorist from Oklahoma, attempted a round-the-world flight and crashed; and both were killed in Alaska. And then the China Clipper on its maiden flight John Music I used to; believe me. And then there was Amelia Earhart. Flying was in my blood, until I did not get to attend high school; so my flying dreams went out the window, knowing that I would need all the education to get there. So WW II came along, and as you see, my dream did come true to come out of service and to be qualified to fly any aircraft that was being flown in the world. And now you would wonder: why would anyone pass up an opportunity such as that? Good question . . . you were allowed only twenty hours a week flying time . . . free time that bothered me; being a farmer, we had no free time to speak of. There was nothing more boring than flying hours on end with nothing to look at. It was not boring on the way to a target but on the way back to base five hours of blue sky and water. We did not fly every day, maybe three missions a week. There was no recreation down there, believe me. Since I was the youngest, it was expected of me to take care of my parents on the farm.

Grandma and Art Got Me off the Farm

Author : Ethel Christensen
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Abandoned by her father and rejected by her mother, 4 year-old Jennie is taken without explanation from her kindergarten class and driven through the night to live with her grandparents. They live on a farm where gophers pop out of the ground, turkey gobblers give chase, the bathroom is in a little house near the woods, and which is austere and culturally limited. Almost from the beginning she tries to run away back to live with her mother in Minneapolis. But her grandparents, although undemonstrative, steadfastly support her. Grandpa helps her with her homework at night sitting around the kitchen table lit by a kerosene lamp, she sits on his lap, while riding the binder, and curls up with him on the sofa at nap time. She helps her Grandmother with the chickens, picking eggs and feeding the pigs. But conflicts arise. Especially with her aunt , Hilda who is spiteful and humiliating. Jennie wants to run away and find her father in Canada but all her attempts fail. As far back as in kindergarten, Jennie liked to draw. So in first grade when she was asked to draw the picture placed on the blackboard in front of the class, she worked hard to copy the exact likeness. The picture was The Last Supper. After that, she became known as the class artist. Hilda felt Jennie was wasting her time drawing and discouraged her. Reading, another of Jennie's interests, was also considered wasteful. All through high school Jennie continued to be the school artist. During this time she became attached to Frank, a future farmer with a kind, uncomplicated view of life. He loved her but knew her dream was to leave the farm and go to study art. After graduating from high school Jennie is offered a job in Washington, D. C. Her grandmother slips her thirty dollars and urges her to leave at once, before Aunt Hilda can interfere. Her new life in the city is a shock and a revelation. Jennie discovers art galleries, takes her first real art lesson using pastels, and begins to acquire a new set of goals and values. Two years later, she returns to Minneapolis and enrolls at the University of Minnesota in art. Life is a struggle as she has to work to support herself and pay for her education. While working at one of the her jobs, she meets Jim, a young psychology student who is using the G.I. Bill to attend university. Soon they marry, unknown to either Jennies' mother or her aunt Hilda. Jim is very supportive of Jennie's interest in art. Between leaving the farm and starting university a series of tragedies occurred. Her grandparents diedfirst her grandfather, then her grandmother. Earlier a favorite uncle shot himself. Another uncle died under questionable circumstances and her mother becomes committed to a mental hospital while her father remained a mystery in spite of efforts to locate him. After graduating from university, she paints and exhibits her work, exploring new directions of expression. It is not easy to find success. When galleries are either hanging her work upside down or failing to pay her, they disappear from sight. Her first real success comes from entering a painting in an exhibition in New York. Titled Subjective-Objective, the painting and received first prize. From then on Jennie's goal to become an accomplished artist plays an important part in her life. Still, she couldn't forget the farm where her uncle now lives. One day, she decided to go back to the place she'd grown up and had wanted to escape. Seeing the faded wallpaper on the upstairs hall the stippled paint walls, the empty bookcase, Jennie becomes aware she has slowly moved from the austere and culturally limited setting of the farm to a new world, one of painting, art, and intellectual interactions. She'd left the farm and could not return. Back in Toronto, Jennie walked into their condo, past th

Farm Bankruptcy Amendments

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on the Judiciary. Subcommittee on Monopolies and Commercial Law
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All We Knew Was to Farm

Author : Melissa Walker
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Melissa Walker has done an admirable job of mining oral interviews, TVA records, letters, diaries, and farming magazines to piece together the story of how women contributed to the family income... Walker deftly negotiates the intersection of race, class, and gender. -- Journal of East Tennessee History

Climatological Data

Author :
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Collection of the monthly climatological reports of the United States by state or region, with monthly and annual national summaries.

Social Problems

Author : CQ Researcher,
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Social Problems is a contemporary collection of articles covering core issues within the broad topic of social problems. The book is intended to supplement core courses in the Sociology curriculum titled Social Problems, Introductory Sociology, Principles of Sociology, among other similarly titled courses. The book has a 4-part structure of topics generally covered in social problems courses and texts: The Bases of Inequality, Our Social Institutions, Our Social and Physical Worlds, and Individual Action and Social Change. In total, there are 16 articles.

California Farm Organizations

Author : Clarke A. Chambers
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Hit the Ground Running

Author : Jason Jennings
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Want to compete with the best of the best? Then hit the ground running. Here?s how. The toughest job in business is taking over as a new leader. You have to quickly assess the situation, pull together a strong team, decide on a strategy, and inspire everyone to execute it. The stakes for new leaders are even higher. Whether you?ve been brought on to fix something that?s broken, launch a product, move the company in a new direction, or head up a division, every new leader is under the gun to get up to speed and begin producing strong numbers? ASAP. In Hit the Ground Running, Jason Jennings introduces us to America?s best performing new CEOs who pulled off the most impressive transformations of the decade. They doubled revenues, more than tripled earnings per share, and doubled their company?s net profit margins. After interviewing and analyzing the stories of these top leaders, Jennings delivers their hard- earned, battle-tested strategies, which will inspire any new leader to take the helm and start delivering. When Richard and Tim Smucker were appointed co-CEOs of The J. M. Smucker Company, they shared their strategy with everyone and got them on board with their mission. Since then, Smucker?s went on to dominate the markets and bring in billions of dollars of new business. Mike McCallister, the CEO of a twenty-billion-dollar health-services giant, decided to stop pretending and publicly admit that health insurance is broken. Humana began to replace a crippled, complex, and confusing system with one that works and has more than tripled revenues, earnings, and share price since McCallister took over. By processing change in bite-size pieces, Jeffrey Lorberbaum led Mohawk Industries through twenty successful acquisitions and turned his family?s carpet-making business into the largest flooring company in the world. Filled with engaging stories and lessons from the cream of the crop, Hit the Ground Running will help new leaders at every level balance short- and long-term goals as well as the needs of shareholders, employees, customers, and the community.

North Point Farm

Author : George Brower Hall
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A small model farm that could be a model to live by once again for the next generation.

Growing Up On The Farm

Author : Henry Skupin
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"Growing Up On the Farm" - in Rosebud, Texas - in the 1940's and 1950's has been enthusiastically received by readers, especially those who lived on farms during that period of our American History. Every story is about real people and things that actually happened. Even though "Growing Up On the Farm" has humor from beginning to end, I mostly make fun of myself. Believe me, in a 20 year period I made enough humorous mistakes to provide plenty of interesting material for a book. I have received many compliments including one in which the reader states that, "She felt she was sitting across the kitchen table from me telling me stories of my childhood." Another said that in writing my stories, "I did myself proud." Drayton McLane, owner of the Houston Astros, McLane Wholesale, and McLane Trucking, stated, "Yes, that once he started reading "Growing Up On the Farm" he found it hard to put down." Drayton McLane grew up in Cameron which is the next town South of Rosebud and I got that response from him in the U S Mail 5 days after I mailed him the book. I touch on just about every facet of being a kid on a Texas farm in that era and have had warm responses from readers from coast to coast and from Canada to Mexico. Two stories that people seem to relate strongly to are about butchering a hog and washing clothes with homemade lye soap in a wash pot in the back yard - heated by a fire from burning logs. I also describe doing daily chores on the farm, playing on the farm, churning butter, raising baby chicks, plucking and butchering fryers, being born at home in a house without electricity or running water, attending a one room public school without running water - where our bathroom was an outhouse, my older brother riding his pony Sally to school each day, chopping cotton, picking cotton, milking cows, working in our huge garden, canning food from the garden with our mom, and doing quite a few tasks that were beyond today's expected skill levels for someone my age. I cover walking one and one-half miles home from school in the first grade and hitch-hiking 6 miles to town to play Little League Baseball at the age of 11 and 12. I felt truly rewarded for being able to contribute in such a meaningful way to the family's lively hood. A significant amount of coverage is given to some of my teenage responsibilities like hauling the entire corn crop to market each year beginning at the age of 13, along with some quite humorous mistakes that I was responsible for. Of course all teenagers do a few things they never get around to telling their parents about and I did a few of those myself. Since almost all of the adults from those bygone days are now long deceased I can cover them and enjoy making fun of myself. Obviously I also cover my immediate family in detail and most of my extended family. I believe another interesting use that can be made of this book is as reading material for the grandchildren of people that lived on farms in the 40's and 50's. This is history that very few children will ever again experience. In talking to people from that era I have found that very few parents told them many stories from their childhood. Yet people that grew up on farms from across the nation have told me again and again that my stories were very similar to their experiences. Once children of today read these stories they are much more likely to discuss their grandparents experiences with them while they are still alive to tell their tales. I live in Houston, Texas today and I am now giving a series of talks on "Growing Up On the Farm" and can be contacted at [email protected] if anyone would like more information or would like me to mail them a signed copy. I would welcome individuals recommending this book to public and school libraries, high school FFA programs, retailers and their friends on my behalf.


Author : Ronald Lantz
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Ronald Bruce Lantz (Ron) and Donna have been married more than fifty-five years. They reside in Austin, TX. where they have lived for the last twenty-five years. Dr. Lantz holds BS and MS degrees in Chemical Engineering from Iowa State University. He started working for California Research Corporation (Chevron), in the San Francisco, CA area and, after receiving his PhD, worked for Jersey Production Research in Tulsa, OK and Esso Production Research in Houston. Both the latter companies are now part of Exxon. After starting an environmental firm, Intera, and leading it for almost twenty-five years, he retired. He and his three sons own a family venture capital investment firm in which he remains active. He treasures his time with his wife, his sons and daughter-in-laws, his grandchildren, as well as his many school, golf and rotary friends.

From Pennsylvania Dutch Farm to Queen of the Funnel Cakes

Author : Alice Reinert
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As I speak with Alice Reinert, I cant help but recall Dr. Ruth Westheimer, you know, the German sex therapist whose rather controversial views have been popular now for decades. Alice even talks like Dr. Ruth, with what sounds like a heavy German accent. Not only that, but Alice looks a bit like Dr. Ruth, was born four years before the doctor, and in fact, wanted to be a doctor, not in human biology, but a veterinarian from the time she was a small child. Theres one big difference between the two, however. Alice Reinert is a born and bred, red, white, and blue American. She belongs to that rare class of people called Pennsylvania Dutch. Theyre not really Dutch, mind you. They are descended from Swiss and German immigrants who settled in Pennsylvania in the 17th and 18th centuries. Apparently, because Deutsch (the adjective meaning German) was misunderstood in the early days of their immigration, they developed the rather interesting name of Pennsylvania Dutch, and the language they speak today is not exactly German, because of centuries of regionalization. Over the months that Alice and I sat and talked in the process of writing this book, and she related to me the stories of her childhood and teenage years and the details of her business making funnel cakes for 26 years, and we laughed, and yes, cried about some of the circumstances, I knew this book would be interesting and provocative, not just to people in Pennsylvania or her friends and customers in the funnel cake business, but to everyone who is passionate about learning how to make a success of life, especially after a rocky start. Believe it or not, when Alice started school at the age of 5, she did not speak a word of English. Her family spoke Pennsylvania Dutch at home, (very little English) and she could not speak any other language, including the native language of her home country. To this day, because of her very distinct German-sounding accent, people ask her what country she immigrated from, and she laughingly tells them the United States. I actually think she enjoys being asked! She reminds me that one thing living on a farm did teach her was always to keep her sense of humor. As a child, she didnt laugh as much as she does now, because she says she has learned to take things more lightly as shes grown older. But it strikes me as curious how people in America dont even know there are pockets of native-born people in this country who for generations and even to the present day, do not speak English, even though its been the native tongue of the United States for centuries. Thats one of the reasons why I took on the job of writing this book with Alice Reinert, not just because she single-handedly invented, and created the modern-day funnel cake and promoted it for more than a quarter century, and indeed earned the right to be called The Queen of the Funnel Cakes. It goes way beyond that. She is a woman, that despite all the odds, a harsh upbringing, the pain and heartache of raising, then losing a disabled son, and the unjust loss of her business at the hands of a Chauvinist society, has continued into her 80s to maintain an optimistic and faith-filled hope in the future. That inspired me to help her capture her story in this book. First and foremost, she is a woman devoted to her family, her two daughters and their extended families. And the book is primarily for them. But the advice offered here and the anecdotes from a Pennsylvania Dutch farm are fascinating and priceless. I hope that everyone will read her story. Not only does the book offer graphic and humorous insights into life on a farm (which, I might add, is still today a challenging lifestyle, even in this high-tech society) but also some good advice from a woman who has been there and done that, including being, for years (and still is), the pre-eminent authority on funnel cakes. Cathwren Hermon

Grapes of Wrath the MAXNotes Literature Guides

Author : Lee Cusick
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REA's MAXnotes for John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath MAXnotes offer a fresh look at masterpieces of literature, presented in a lively and interesting fashion. Written by literary experts who currently teach the subject, MAXnotes will enhance your understanding and enjoyment of the work. MAXnotes are designed to stimulate independent thought about the literary work by raising various issues and thought-provoking ideas and questions. MAXnotes cover the essentials of what one should know about each work, including an overall summary, character lists, an explanation and discussion of the plot, the work's historical context, illustrations to convey the mood of the work, and a biography of the author. Each chapter is individually summarized and analyzed, and has study questions and answers.