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Hittite Birth Rituals

Author : Gary M. Beckman
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Among the rituals kept in the archives of the Hittite capital, more than twenty are concerned with birth and its difficulties. This work transliterates and translates these texts, and provides them with a commentary discussing anthropological as well as philological questions. An introduction sketches the treatment of birth in Hittite texts of various genra, while a summary outlines Hittite "obstetrical" practice as it may be reconstructed from all available cuneiform sources. One chapter is devoted to the character and the role of the human personnel and divinities attendant at birth, and particular attention is given to the vexin problem of the DINGIR.MAH (MEs/HI.A). A glossary of the vocabulary appearing in the Hittite birth rituals is included.

Culture and history of the ancient Near East

Author : Susanne Görke
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Beyond a philological treatment of the Hurrian-Hittite Ritual of A tu, this study proposes a reconstruction of fragmentary texts by analysis of text structure. It also discusses the genesis of the text.

News from the Lands of the Hittites

Author : Stefano De Martino
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This new electronic journal was conceived to offer to colleagues and younger researchers a periodical publication specifically devoted to the Hittite culture and preclassical Anatolian civilizations. News from the Land of the Hittites aims to collect and publish philological, archaeological and historical essays, with the ambition of encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration among all scholars who either are active in Anatolia as archaeologists, or deal with ancient Anatolian documents. We are firmly convinced that only a continuous dialogue among philologists, archaeologists and historians will lead us to improve our knowledge of the preclassical cultures of Anatolia. At the same time, we are aware that Anatolia was a part of the greater ancient Near Eastern world and this journal will always be open to interdisciplinary works among experts of the different regions of the Near East and the Mediterranean area. We invite and encourage younger scholars and doctoral students to publish the results of their research in our journal; the choice of an electronic publication has the advantage of shortening the time usually required by a printed scientific journal between acceptance and publication. The scientific board comprises researchers from different parts of the world, such as Turkey, USA, Great Britain, Germany and Italy. This is fully consonant with the esprit of Hittitology, which is an international discipline. All the submitted manuscripts must be approved by the members of the scientific board and are also peer-reviewed by external experts, prior to acceptance for publication in the journal. This process assures the high quality of the essays and is required by the Italian evaluation system of scientific research. This journal will succeed only if you, our colleagues, doctorate students and collaborators work together with us and we thank you from now for your support.

Wom b an A Cultural Narrative Reading of the Hebrew Bible Barrenness Narratives

Author : Janice P. De-Whyte
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In this book Janice Ewurama De-Whyte offers a reading of the Hebrew Bible barrenness narratives. Barrenness was the threat to female honour and the lineage’s continuity. Therefore, the word “wom(b)an” visually underscores the centrality of the productive womb to female identity.

The Future of Biblical Archaeology

Author : James Karl Hoffmeier
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In recent times Biblical archaeology has been heavily criticised by some camp who maintain that it has little to offer Near Eastern archaeology. However, some scholars carry on the fight to change people's views and this collection of essays continues the trend towards reassessing and reemphasising the link between the Bible and archaeology.

Menstruation and Childbirth in the Bible

Author : Tarja S. Philip
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This book offers a careful study of biblical texts on menstruation and childbirth in the light of their ancient Near Eastern background. Close reading of the biblical texts, based on classical and feminist biblical interpretation, and supported by comparative study of ancient Near Eastern sources and anthropology, reveals a rich and varied picture of these female events. Fertility and impurity are closely connected to menstruation and childbirth, but their place and importance are different in priestly and nonpriestly writings of the Bible, which are therefore separately dealt with. This book contributes to a better understanding of physiological, social, cultural, and religious aspects of menstruation and childbirth in the larger context of body and society and women and men.

Maternal Grief in the Hebrew Bible

Author : Ekaterina E. Kozlova
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Setting out from the observation made in the social sciences that maternal grief can at times be a motor of societal change, Ekaterina E. Kozlova demonstrates that a similar mechanism operates also in the biblical world. Kozlova argues that maternal grief is treated as a model or archetype of grief in biblical and Ancient Near Eastern literature. The work considers three narratives and one poem that illustrate the transformative power of maternal grief in the biblical presentation: Gen 21, Hagar and Ishmael in the desert; 2 Sam 21: 1-14, Rizpah versus King David; 2 Sam 14, the speech of the Tekoite woman; Jer 31: 15-22, Rachel weeping for her children. Although only one of the texts literally refers to a bereaved mother (2 Sam 21 on Rizpah), all four passages draw on the motif of maternal grief, and all four stage some form of societal transformation.

From Hittite to Homer

Author : Mary R. Bachvarova
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This book provides a groundbreaking reassessment of the prehistory of Homeric epic. It argues that in the Early Iron Age bilingual poets transmitted to the Greeks a set of narrative traditions closely related to the one found at Bronze-Age Hattusa, the Hittite capital. Key drivers for Near Eastern influence on the developing Homeric tradition were the shared practices of supralocal festivals and venerating divinized ancestors, and a shared interest in creating narratives about a legendary past using a few specific storylines: theogonies, genealogies connecting local polities, long-distance travel, destruction of a famous city because it refuses to release captives, and trying to overcome death when confronted with the loss of a dear companion. Professor Bachvarova concludes by providing a fresh explanation of the origins and significance of the Greco-Anatolian legend of Troy, thereby offering a new solution to the long-debated question of the historicity of the Trojan War.

Images of Women in Antiquity

Author : Averil Cameron
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The agenda and significance of women in antiquity has gained considerable attention in recent years. In this book diverse roles for and attitudes to women in ancient societies are explored: women as witches, as courtesans, as mothers, as priestesses, as nuns, as heiresses and typically as eranged. The shifting focus is variously economic, social, biological, religious and artistic. The studies cover a wide geographic and chronological range, from the ancient Hittite kingdom to the Byzantine Empires. This book has been brought thoroughly up to date with the addition of a new introduction and addenda to individual chapters.

Religions of the Ancient World

Author : Sarah Iles Johnston
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Presents the beliefs, cults, gods, and ritual practices that developed in Mediterranean region countries such as Egypt, Anatolia, Mesopotamia, Iran, Greece, and Rome from the the third millenium B.C. up to the fourth century A.D.