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Hockey Hall of Fame True Stories

Author : Eric Zweig
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The Hockey Hall of Fame is full of the best to ever hit the ice. But the path to hockey greatness is not all jaw-dropping saves and game-winning goals. In Hockey Hall of Fame True Stories, hockey historian and writer Eric Zweig shares exciting tales and trivia even the most dedicated puck head might not know. This book is overflowing with behind the scenes yarns of some of history's greatest scoring sprees and winning seasons, as well as thrilling accounts of the off-ice curiosities, tragedies and heroics. Just a few of the stories featured in this fully illustrated volume are: the Guy Lafleur kidnapping plot the gambling scandals of Harry Cameron and Babe Pratt Newsy Lalonde's heroic home rescue the 1972 Montreal Canadien's motel fire the time Cy Denneny fell down a well. Hockey Hall of Fame True Stories is for the fans who want to take a deeper look at the lives of the players they idolize. You know the stars, the scores, and the stats. But do you know the stories?

Hockey Card Stories

Author : Ken Reid
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Hockey Card Stories reveals what was really going on in your favourite old hockey cards through the eyes of the players depicted on them. Some of the cards are definitely worth a few bucks, some a few cents—but every story told here is priceless. Sportsnet’s Ken Reid presents the cards you loved and the airbrushed monstrosities that made you howl, the cards that have been packed away in boxes forever, and others you can’t believe ever existed. Whether it’s a case of mistaken identity or simply a great old photo, a fantastic 1970s haircut and ’stache, a wicked awesome goalie mask or a future Hall of Famer’s off-season fashion sense, a wide variety of players—from superstars like Bobby Orr, Denis Potvin, and Phil Esposito to the likes of Bill Armstrong who played only one game in the NHL—chime in on one of their most famous cards.

Hockey Card Stories 2

Author : Ken Reid
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A follow-up to the 2014 national bestseller Hockey Card Stories, Ken Reid’s new offering presents 59 more stories about your favorite hockey cards from the players themselves. Hockey Card Stories 2 will take you all the way back to the 1960s and right up to the Hockey Card Boom of the 1990s. How did Eric Lindros handle being at the center of the 1990s rookie-card craze? Ever wonder why one tough guy’s Upper Deck card looks more like a High School yearbook picture than a sports card? Of course, once again, there are glorious mullets, errors, and broken noses. There’s even the story of how a rhinoceros and a Hall of Famer ended up on a card together. And as a special bonus, Ken Reid reveals the story behind the chase for his greatest hockey card.

The Lone Star Skate

Author : Glenn Hart
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Imagine a state that is such a hotbed for hockey that it fanatically supported nine professional teams in 2008-09 and added two more the following year. This hockey haven¿s borders are practically blue lines, and its official vehicle just may be a Zamboni. So where is this puck paradise? Probably not where you would think. The state with more professional teams than any other is¿Texas. If you travel deep into the heart of football country, you will discover one of the most fascinating sports developments of the last fifteen years. From Amarillo to the Rio Grande Valley, Texans have come to love their hockey. Featuring behind-the-scenes photographs and in-depth interviews with some of hockey¿s biggest names¿from players like Mike Modano and the Howe family to front-office guys like Jim Lites and Rick Kozuback¿The Lone Star Skate is a must-have for anyone who is passionate about the puck.

Great Right Wingers

Author : Monte Stewart
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Recounts the stories of the best right wingers of the golden age who skated with speed, scored with style, and delivered the goals with prowess and power.

Great Left Wingers

Author : Chris Robinson
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Recounts the stories of the best left wingers of the golden age, some known for their speed, some for their accuracy, others for their sneaky dekes, but all were admired for the power behind the plays that took their team to the top.

Great Defencemen

Author : Jim Barber
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Staunch sentinels behind the blueline, the best defencemen of the golden age of hockey were loved and hated, robust and unflinching. To admirers, these bodycheckers appeared to have no understanding of the word pain. Francis Clancy, Ching Johnson, Allan Stanley, Eddie Shore, Doug Harvey and Tim Horton could sometimes be brawny bad guys, but they were always rocks on ice. In their zone, the puck stopped!

A Reader s Book of Days True Tales from the Lives and Works of Writers for Every Day of the Year

Author : Tom Nissley
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Presents a literary companion and guide that describes the mistakes, epiphanies, and successes of a variety of writers, from Proust and Conrad to Stephen King and J.K. Rowling, each day of the year.


Author : Linda Goyette
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An original look at a city's development through the eyes and words of real children who have lived there. Kidmonton: True Stories of River City Kids is a lively illustrated book for young readers that relates the city's history entirely from the point of view of real children over time. Using the techniques of fiction to bring true stories to life, the book embraces all of Edmonton's children: aboriginal, immigrant, inner-city and suburban, challenged and privileged, born in Edmonton and recently arrived. A timeline, glossary, and suggestions for more reading and city exploring are also included. This chapter book has been written specifically for eight and nine year-olds who often encounter Alberta's history for the first time in Grade Four. Full of fresh, vivid writing—and humour—it will be a pleasure to read in the classroom or at home. Kidmonton tells the city's story to its youngest citizens in a bold, new way. Please visit for more information on the whole Courageous Kids series.

Toronto Maple Leafs

Author : Jim Barber
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"Since its construction in 1931, the Maple Leaf Gardens had seen its share of powerful, memorable moments and held its share of championship glory. But there was something different about this evening of May 2, 1967." This book will be especially facinating for readers interested in hockey or sports. The Toronto Maple Leafs is one of Canada's greatest franchises. From their humble beginnings in the 1920s, to their remarkable Stanley Cup victories of the 1940s and 1960s, to their teambuilding challenges of the 1990s and beyond, the Leafs have a history packed with exhilarating accomplishments and devastating setbacks. This is their story -- the incredible story of a beloved Canadian institution.