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Hokusai Manga

Author : Katsushika Hokusai
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In 1814, Hokusai's sketches were published in a handbook of over 4,000 images: Hokusai Manga. It surpassed expectations as a student reference book, and became a bestseller. Here, in an elegant, three-volume package, an expansive selection of these works are revealed, presenting all of the themes, motifs and drawing techniques found in his art. The caricatures, satirical drawings, multi-panel illustrations and narrative depictions found in the book can clearly be seen as the basis for manga as it is understood today. One volume explores The Life and Manners of the Day (studying habits and objects of the everyday, from architectural features to wrestling moves and facial expressions); the second The Whole Earth Catalogue (largely concerned with nature, from animals to rock faces and fish); and the third presents the Fanciful, Mythical and Supernatural (with images narrating myths and displaying fantastical creatures).

Manga Hokusai Manga

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Delphi Collected Works of Katsushika Hokusai Illustrated

Author : Katsushika Hokusai
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Hokusai, the Japanese master artist and printmaker of the ukiyo-e school, produced a vast array of artworks, including single-sheet prints of landscapes and actors, hand paintings, individual surimonos, erotic books and many more. His famous print series “Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji” marks the summit in the history of the Japanese landscape print, as epitomised by his world famous design ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa’. Hokusai’s determined industry, spanning over seventy years of continuous creation, serves as the prototype of the single-minded artist, striving to complete his given task in the endless pursuit of perfection. Delphi’s Masters of Art Series presents the world’s first digital e-Art books, allowing readers to explore the works of great artists in comprehensive detail. This volume presents Hokusai’s collected works in beautiful detail, with concise introductions, hundreds of high quality images and the usual Delphi bonus material. (Version 1) * The collected works of Katsushika Hokusai – over 800 prints, fully indexed and arranged in chronological and alphabetical order * Includes reproductions of rare works * Features a special ‘Highlights’ section, with concise introductions to the masterpieces, giving valuable contextual information * Enlarged ‘Detail’ images, allowing you to explore Hokusai’s celebrated works in detail, as featured in traditional art books * Hundreds of images in colour – highly recommended for viewing on tablets and smart phones or as a valuable reference tool on more conventional eReaders * Special alphabetical contents table for the prints * Easily locate the prints you wish to view * Features a bonus biography by C. J. Holmes – discover Hokusai's artistic and personal life Please visit to browse through our range of exciting e-Art books CONTENTS: The Highlights Segawa Kikunojo III as Oren Ichikawa Ebizo as Sanzoku Descending Geese for Bunshichi One Hundred Ghost Stories in a Haunted House The Toilet Sudden Rain at the New Yanagi Bridge, the Rainbow at Otakegura Sonobe Saemon Yoritane Hokusai Manga Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife A Fisherman’s Family Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji The Great Wave off Kanagawa Fine Wind, Clear Morning Clear Autumn Weather at Choko The Amida Falls in the Far Reaches of the Kisokaido Whaling off the Goto Islands The Suspension Bridge on the Border of Hida and Etchu Provinces The Ghost of Kohada Koheiji Fuji over the Sea Li Bai Admiring a Waterfall The Prints Hokusai’s Prints Alphabetical List of Prints The Biography Hokusai by C. J. Holmes Please visit to browse through our range of exciting titles or to buy the whole Art series as a Super Set

Manga s Cultural Crossroads

Author : Jaqueline Berndt
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Focusing on the art and literary form of manga, this volume examines the intercultural exchanges that have shaped manga during the twentieth century and how manga’s culturalization is related to its globalization. Through contributions from leading scholars in the fields of comics and Japanese culture, it describes "manga culture" in two ways: as a fundamentally hybrid culture comprised of both subcultures and transcultures, and as an aesthetic culture which has eluded modernist notions of art, originality, and authorship. The latter is demonstrated in a special focus on the best-selling manga franchise, NARUTO.

Art of Hokusai

Author : Heather Rodino
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Beautifully illustrated throughout, Art of Hokusai takes you through his life, his work, his inspirations, and his legacy. Katsushika Hokusai (1760-May 10, 1849) was a Japanese artist, ukiyo-e painter and printmaker of the Edo period. In his time he was Japan's leading expert on Chinese painting. Then, create your own masterpieces using Hokusai's basic painting techniques as well as his unique color theory. Use helpful templates on perforated pages to transfer your favorite Hokusai paintings onto separate canvas or paper that are large enough to mount and frame. Learn to paint classic, traditional Asian art in the style of the master, Hokusai. This book is a lovely addition to any artist's library.

Comics Manga and Graphic Novels A History of Graphic Narratives

Author : Robert Petersen
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This text examines comics, graphic novels, and manga with a broad, international scope that reveals their conceptual origins in antiquity. • Includes numerous illustrations of British satirical prints, Japanese woodblock prints, and the art of prominent illustrators • Includes a chapter on the latest developments in digital comics

Hokusai X Manga

Author : Sabine Schulze
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Anime and manga are powerful pop-culture phenomena, capturing people s imaginations in the pages of comic books, on television and smartphone screens, and at cosplay festivals, where children and adults alike don elaborate costumes and share creations based on the original art. Somewhere along the way, many of these cute, stylized characters jumped the Pacific, and we too became smitten with Hello Kitty and collecting adorable Pokemon. But this isn t the first time artists embraced popular culture and enjoyed enormous commercial success. In the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries, Hokusai, Kuniyoshi, and their contemporaries produced colored woodblock prints of beautiful courtesans and brave Samurai for the masses. Hokusai x Manga offers fascinating insight into the most widely consumed examples of popular culture in the history of Japanese art. Woodblock prints, or ukiyo-e, were a central medium of early mass culture, and they served as a fantastical escape from everyday life. As Japan transformed into a modern nation and society, the demand for popular art didn t disappear, and the forms were merely adapted from one cultural context to another, changing to reflect the high-energy urban streets of Tokyo, but retaining many of the basic elements. Dozens of lively, colorful images from shunga sheets to selected excerpts from manga by Jiro Taniguchi, Inio Asano, and more are interspersed throughout the book, making Hokusai x Manga as fun to read as it is informative. Hokusai x Manga will give Japanophiles and pop-culture enthusiasts everywhere an entirely new perspective and on these captivating chapters in the history of Japanese art. "

Geek in Japan

Author : Hector Garcia
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For every fan of manga, anime, J-pop, or Zen, A Geek in Japan is a hip, smart and concise guide to the land that is their source. Comprehensive and well informed, it covers a wide array of topics in short articles accompanied by sidebars and numerous photographs, providing a lively digest of the society and culture of Japan. Designed to appeal to the generations of Westerners who grew up on Pokemon, manga and video games, A Geek in Japan reinvents the culture guide for readers in the Internet age. Spotlighting the originality and creativity of the Japanese, debunking myths about them, and answering nagging questions like why they're so fond of robots, author Hector Garcia has created the perfect book for the growing ranks of Japanophiles in this inspired, insightful and highly informative guide.

Hokusai s Lost Manga

Author : Sarah E. Thompson
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A mysterious 1823 advertisement for illustrated books by renowned artist Katsushika Hokusai refers to an otherwise unknown work called Master Iitsu's Chicken-Rib Picture Book. According to the ad, the book was conceived in the same year that the final volume of Hokusai's famous Manga series was supposed to have been published. Many therefore believe that the Chicken-Rib Picture Book was meant to be a continuation of the famous series, but a published copy of it has never been found. This eclectic and engaging collection of drawings from the peerless Japanese art collection at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, was likely intended for that lost book. It includes the sort of lively, behind-the-scenes sketches of daily life that have made the Manga series so beloved, as well as imaginatively conceived sea creatures, refined flowers, deities, heroes, and a variety of craftspeople and labourers. Reproduced here in full for the first time as a stand-alone volume, this rare sketchbook of Hokusai drawings makes for delightful fare.

Hokusai First Manga Master

Author : Jocelyn Bouquillard
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Hokusai's "Mangas" constitute a comprehensive visual encyclopaedia of the Japanese civilization in the XIXth Century. He also depicts the Japanese landscape: wildlife, vegetation, mountains, countryside, seaside, the changes of weather, architecture as well as religious and mythological themes.