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Holding on to Hope

Author : Shunté Gamble
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In this 21 day devotional, you will find the hope you need to persevere victoriously in this season. It is composed of scriptures, short messages, affirmations, and prayers all purposed to strengthen you as you wait for the faithfulness of God to bring you into the fullness of His promises. You are destined to abound in the greatness of God’s promises. Each day will renew your mind as He prepares you for the harvest that awaits in this season. Hold on to your hope and keep believing in your bright future. Love, Shunté

Holding On to Hope

Author : Nancy Guthrie
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A healing book for those in the wake of life’s devastating storms. We can never plan for the unexpected turns of this life that sometimes lead to great personal suffering. Sometimes that suffering can overshadow everything and threaten to pull us under. Nancy Guthrie knows what it is to be plunged into life’s abyss. Framing her own story of staggering loss and soaring hope with the biblical story of Job, she takes you by the hand and guides you on a pathway through pain—straight to the heart of God. Holding On to Hope offers an uplifting perspective, not only for those experiencing monumental loss, but for anyone going through difficulty and failure. (Includes an 8-week study on the book of Job for readers who want to dig deeper into what the Bible says about dealing with suffering and grief.)

Hold on to Hope

Author : Hidden Treasures
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Hoping for Something Better

Author : Nancy Guthrie
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Who wants to merely go through the motions of religion? We long for something authentic—something worth opening our hearts to, filling our minds with, and giving our lives for. We hope for something better than the “churchianity” of our parents and the vague spirituality of our neighbors, something better than guilt-induced, holier-than-thou morality, better than here-and-now, health-and-wealth promises. In her thought-provoking and authentic style, Nancy Guthrie shows that Jesus himself offers the something better we've been looking for, applying the truths of Hebrews to real-life issues such as guilt, shame, disappointment, hardship, unhealthy obsessions, personal ambition, and fear of death.

Living in The Story

Author : Charlotte Vaughan Coyle
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What kind of book is the Bible? Is it a rulebook or a guidebook for moral living? Is it a history book or a book filled with fascinating (and sometimes fantastic) stories? Did humans write the Bible or did God somehow speak a perfect message that the authors transcribed? Many people have asked these questions about the nature of this beautiful, odd, comforting, disturbing book the church calls its "Holy Scripture." Charlotte Vaughan Coyle shares her own journey to make sense of the Bible in this read-through-the-Bible-in-a-year project. She discovered that the crucial work of asking hard questions and even arguing with the Bible revealed the Scriptures to be a symphony of polyphonic voices, a work of art that paints an alternative vision of reality, a complex novel-like story unavoidably embedded in its own culture and time, and yet able to give witness to the God beyond history who has acted (and continues to act) within history. With the heart of a pastor and the passion of a preacher, Rev. Coyle invites seekers and students (both churched and un-churched) to strap on their scuba gear and join her for a deeper dive beneath the surface of this immense, colorful, mysterious world of the Bible.

Collect N Do Object Talks for Kids

Author : Susan L. Lingo
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This resource includes 34 exciting object talks based on a Bible theme and Scripture verse. Ideal for anytime you want to offer kids awesome object talks in a moment that will last a lifetime. These resources are ideal for quick lessons or attention-getting visuals to supplement existing lesson materials. Just use items from your kitchen, craft basket, or tool chest to create lessons that fascinate children, illustrate a biblical truth, and deliver memorable messages your kids will love.

Staying Encouraged Through It All

Author : Tyrone Smith
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Rising Stories

Author : Don LePan
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On impulse, a child stops on the way home from school to pay a relative a visit; Robin’s great-grandmother lives on the 68th floor of a Chicago high rise. Lives? Or lived? And is it 68? Or 86? Out of a child’s confusion come a remarkable series of encounters between youth and age. K.P. Sandwell, now in her nineties, remembers something of her years in Rio—and relives a time in the late 1930s when she had moved from Winnipeg (“the Chicago of the north”) to Chicago itself, had tried to make a name for herself as an artist, and had found the world seeming to conspire against her. Robin relives again and again a tragic twist of fortune that cannot be changed. In the end, the story converges on the Art Institute of Chicago, where the child makes an extraordinary attempt to reverse another twist of fortune—one that befell K.P. more than sixty years earlier. Rising Stories is a sometimes wrenching, sometimes amusing, always thought-provoking novel about growing up and growing old; about hope and ambition; about cities and skyscrapers; about the world of the imagination and the world as it is; about love and desire; about what God or good may be; and about death and what we hope or fear may follow. Much as Rising Stories is extraordinary as a novel, this bound volume is extraordinary in a variety of other ways too. It includes an appendix of twelve fascinating short stories (as told by K.P to Robin) about the building of great skyscrapers. (Both in these short tales and in the novel itself, the text touches on the stories of skyscrapers in New York, Minneapolis, Seattle, various Canadian cites, the Middle East, and China and Malaysia as well as in Chicago; an index of buildings, architects, and engineers is included for ready reference.) The volume also includes a color portfolio reproducing twelve historic postcards of skyscrapers in Chicago, New York, and Seattle.

Just Hold On a Journey Through Depression with Faith and Hope

Author : Muffy Loiko
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This is a story of a life long battle of depression and anxiety. It is an illness that did not get diagnosed until later in life. It explains the path and the journey that this adventure has been. When the illness is affecting other people it was time for help. The goal is, in reading my story, you will know that there is hope. I believe with faith we can get through anything, if we just hold on.

Hold On Pain Ends

Author : Rosa Olivia Sanchez Salazar
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After what 17 year old Hope Scott thinks was an awful dreadful dream of her suicide the afternoon before she finds herself being awaken by her parents grieving argument as they walk in the house after having gone through the awful process of identifying their daughter at the local morgue. Confused of their behavior Hope runs after her father as this one goes for a walk. Crossing the street she discovers she’s a ghost as a car runs through her. Scared Hope runs back home finding her grieving mother drinking and crying regretting not having been there for her. Hope proceeds to explain to her about years of depression, self harm and self loathing that lead the girl to her actions the night before. The purpose of this story is not to praise self harm nor suicidal tendencies that often come along with Depression but to help other teens going through this terrible illness know they are not alone and hopefully to stop and reflect before they act on their suicidal thoughts if they are going through any.