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Home Front Posters

Author : Susannah Walker
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From Coughs and Sneezes Spread Diseases to Keep Calm and Carry On, the Home Front posters from the Second World War have become part of British culture. Some were design classics, others more prosaic, but together they give a fascinating insight into the trials and tribulations of living through World War Two. This was the first total war, with civilians as essential to the war effort as soldiers. So posters instructed people on everything from cooking and salvage to how to speak, and even think, about the war. This book tells the story behind these posters: how they were designed and produced, what they wanted to achieve, and what the British public really thought of them. Looking at famous images and forgotten gems, it is essential reading for anyone interested in both life on the Home Front and the design of the times.

Fit Men Wanted

Author : Thames & Hudson
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This book reproduces the best of the Imperial War Museums collection of over 30,000 British Government wartime posters and proclamations, mostly from the First and Second World Wars, and most forgotten after their initial use. 100 eye-catching posters (with 62 perforated and detachable) contain stirring messages that once exhorted citizens to do their bit for the war effort: Eat Greens for Health, Beer: A Necessity to the Strength of Britain, Fit Men Wanted, Victory is in the Kitchen, The Supreme Test of British Womanhood Comes Now. Today they seem charmingly innocent, quintessentially British, and often very funny. The posters that bear them are a treasury of vintage graphics. Like the much-loved Keep Calm and Carry On poster, these proclamations are just what we need to keep a stiff upper lip and a sense of humour in our own troubled times.

The Home Front Encyclopedia

Author : James Ciment
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An encyclopedia of life on the home front during the two world wars provides biographical profiles, articles on all aspects of life during the era, chronologies of important events, and primary source documents.


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Design for Victory

Author : William L. Bird
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The poster - inexpensive, colorful, and immediate - was an ideal medium for delivering messages about Americans' duties on the home front during World War II. Design for Victory presents more than 150 of these stunning images - many never reproduced since their first issue - culled from the collections of the National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution. William L. Bird, Jr. and Harry R. Rubenstein delve beneath the surface of these colorful graphics, telling the stories behind their production and revealing how posters fulfilled the goals and needs of their creators. The authors describe the history of how specific posters were conceived and received, focusing on the workings of the wartime advertising profession and demonstrating how posters often reflected uneasy relations between labor and management.

Home Front Heroes Three Volumes

Author : Benjamin F. Shearer, ed.
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We re in the Front Line

Author : Kristine Anne Miller
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World War II Home Front DBA

Author : Social Studies School Service
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war movie posters

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Planning Design and Reception of British Home Front Propaganda Posters of the Second World War

Author : Rebecca Mary Lewis
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The Home Front 1914 1918

Author : Ian F.W. Beckett
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The Great War had a profound impact on Britain. Not only did families risk their sons in active combat; every member of society was required to make a contribution to the war effort. National initiatives like rationing affected all, and civilians were now regarded as a legitimate military target. Reminders of this turbulent time survive today, in rituals such as Summer Time and Remembrance, nationwide war memorials, and the powerful myth of a lost generation slaughtered in a futile war. Here Ian Beckett examines the mobilization of the British people for the war effort and reassesses its impact on state and society. As evidence, he presents 40 key documents, including the King's rallying cry to the nation to 'eat less wheat', reports on social phenomena from anti-German riots to the drinking habits of women and juveniles, and Kitchener's initiatives to raise his New Armies.

The Poster

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Forward to Victory

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Hyphens on the Home Front

Author : Lisa Schreibersdorf
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Nationalisms Across the Globe The world

Author : Wojciech J. Burszta
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The Home Front

Author : Susan Briggs
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Discovering America s Past

Author : William B. Wheeler
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Colorado Heritage

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Paper Collectibles

Author : Robert Reed
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This entertaining and informative reference for the beginner or committed paper collector is worth the paper it's printed on. Arranged by collecting categories, this guide contains more than 1,500 listings with pricing factors, sources and strategies for buying and selling. Also includes a comprehensive history of paper and paper-making that's not pulp fiction!