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Hotel Theory

Author : Wayne Koestenbaum
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Hotel Theory is two books in one: a meditation on the meaning of hotels, and a dime novel (Hotel Women) featuring Lana Turner and Liberace. Typical of Wayne Koestenbaum’s invigoratingly inventive style, the two books — one fiction, one nonfiction — run concurrently, in twin columns, and the articles “a,” “an,” and “the” never appear. The nonfiction ruminations on hotels are divided into eight dossiers, composed of short takes on the presence of hotels in the author’s dreams as well as in literature, film, and history. Guest stars include everyone from Oscar Wilde to Marilyn Monroe. Hotel Theory gives (divided) voice to an aesthetic of hyperaesthesia, of yearning. It is an oblique manifesto, the place where writing disappears. A new mode of theorizing — in fiction, in fragment, through quotation and palimpsest — arises in this dazzling work.

Hotel Theory Reader

Author : Sohrab Mohebbi
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Hotel Theory Reader explores the possibilities of theory as an art form, bringing together ideas initially explored in an exhibition organized in 2015 at REDCAT - CalArts' Downtown Center for Contemporary Arts. The book assembles a collection of texts by David Antin, Art & Language, Ruth Estévez, Bruce Hainley, Wayne Koestenbaum, Chris Kraus, Snejanka Mihaylova, Sohrab Mohebbi, Cally Spooner, V-Girls, Danna Vajda and Tirdad Zolghadr. Taking its title from Wayne Koestenbaum's 2007 book Hotel Theory (a philosophic enquiry into the hotel state of being), this is the fourth title in Fillip's ongoing Folio Series presenting writing by critics, artists and curators that engages specific and recurring questions on international contemporary art.

Hotel Revenue Management From Theory to Practice

Author : Stanislav Ivanov
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This research monograph aims at developing an integrative framework of hotel revenue management. It elaborates the fundamental theoretical concepts in the field of hotel revenue management like the revenue management system, process, metrics, analysis, forecasting, segmentation and profiling, and ethical issues. Special attention is paid on the pricing and non-pricing revenue management tools used by hoteliers to maximise their revenues and gross operating profit. The monograph investigates the revenue management practices of accommodation establishments in Bulgaria and provides recommendations for their improvement. The book is suitable for undergraduate and graduate students in tourism, hospitality, hotel management, services studies programmes, and researchers interested in revenue/yield management. The book may also be used by hotel general managers, marketing managers, revenue managers and other practitioners looking for ways to improve their knowledge in the field.

Anglo American Travelers and the Hotel Experience in Nineteenth Century Literature

Author : Monika M Elbert
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This volume examines the hotel experience of Anglo-American travelers in the nineteenth century from the viewpoint of literary and cultural studies as well as spatiality theory. Focusing on the social and imaginary space of the hotel in fiction, periodicals, diaries, and travel accounts, the essays shed new light on nineteenth-century notions of travel writing. Analyzing the liminal space of the hotel affords a new way of understanding the freedoms and restrictions felt by travelers from different social classes and nations. As an environment that forced travelers to reimagine themselves or their cultural backgrounds, the hotel could provide exhilarating moments of self-discovery or dangerous feelings of alienation. It could prove liberating to the tourist seeking an escape from prescribed gender roles or social class constructs. The book addresses changing notions of nationality, social class, and gender in a variety of expansive or oppressive hotel milieu: in the private space of the hotel room and in the public spaces (foyers, parlors, dining areas). Sections address topics including nationalism and imperialism; the mundane vs. the supernatural; comfort and capitalist excess; assignations, trysts, and memorable encounters in hotels; and women’s travels. The book also offers a brief history of inns and hotels of the time period, emphasizing how hotels play a large role in literary texts, where they frequently reflect order and disorder in a personal and/or national context. This collection will appeal to scholars in literature, travel writing, history, cultural studies, and transnational studies, and to those with interest in travel and tourism, hospitality, and domesticity.

Case Theory in Business and Management

Author : Evert Gummesson
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'This meticulous book submits research and the research process to deep scrutiny. It debunks the unhelpful dichotomy between quantitative and qualitative research and highlights the great value of multi-method and interactive research, approaches that have greatly deepened our thinking.' – Professor Adrian Payne, University of New South Wales, Australia / Professor Pennie Frow, University of Sydney Setting out to dispel the argument that case study research lacks the science, theory and therefore validity of other forms of research, Evert Gummesson combines many decades of experience as both a renowned scholar and a reflective practitioner to effectively bridge the divide between case theory and how it is applied in practice. Bringing the fundamental strengths of cases to the fore, Gummesson introduces the 'Case Theory' concept as an expanded version of case study research which includes both methodology and the types of results that emerge by: Guiding the reader in the theoretical and philosophical underpinning Demonstrating how to translate theory to pertinent research practice that address the real and consequential issues in business and management today. This book will appeal to students, academics and researchers who are interested in the science and philosophy behind case study research as well as the methodology and a thought-provoking read for anyone who wants to be challenged about their belief of case study theory.

New York Hotel Experience

Author : Annabella Fick
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For more than two hundred years hotels have played a significant role in American history. The modern hotel is even an American invention. In five case studies of iconic New York hotels, this book presents the hotel experience of the white upper class, literati, young artists, African Americans and Jewish Americans in the twentieth century. Using a variety of texts, including autobiographies, movies and novels, the impact of hotel experience on society and culture - which has been neglected until now - becomes apparent. This unique approach offers a new way of reading New York and helps to better understand the city's special dynamics.

The Theory and Practice of Revenue Management

Author : Kalyan T. Talluri
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The Theory and Practice of Revenue Management is a book that comprehensively covers theory and practice of the entire field, including both quantity and price-based RM, as well as significant coverage of supporting topics such as forecasting and economics. The authors believe such a comprehensive approach is necessary to fully understand the subject. A central objective of the book is to unify the various forms of RM and to link them closely to each other and to the supporting fields of statistics and economics. Nevertheless, the topics and coverage do reflect choices about what is important to understand RM. Hence, the bookâs purpose is to provide a comprehensive, accessible synthesis of the state of the art in Revenue Management.

Introduction to Sociological Theory

Author : Michele Dillon
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Combining carefully chosen primary quotes with extensive discussion and everyday illustrative examples, this book provides an in-depth introduction to classical and contemporary theory. Uses a wide range of newspaper examples to illustrate the relevance to sociological theory Contains excerpts from theorists’ primary texts Includes chapter-specific glossaries of all theoretical concepts discussed in the book Short biographies and historical timelines of significant events provide context to various theorists’ ideas Incorporates a range of pedagogical features Supporting website includes multiple choice and essay questions, PowerPoint slides, a quotation bank, and other background materials Visit for additional student and instructor resources.

The Training of the Twelve

Author : Alexander Balmain Bruce
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Travel Tourism

Author : Hilary Blackman
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This full colour student book gives candidates a further five units to complete the Double Award. It is exactly matched to the specifications of OCR.