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Forgotten Horrors 3 Dr Turner s House of Horrors

Author : Michael H. Price
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The 3rd book in the critically acclaimed Forgotten Horrors series covers forgotten films from 1943 through 1946 and includes an extensive annotations, marginalia and addenda to prior volumes. Films such as Haunted Ranch, The Ape Man, Ghosts on the Loose, Women in Bondage, the Charlie Chan films, Fog Island, The Tiger Woman, etc. are covered as well as many other poverty row and low-budget films of the 1940s. This book is a must have for all fans of classic (and not-so-classic) genre cinema.

Golden Horrors

Author : Bryan Senn
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From the grindhouse oddities to major studio releases, this work details 46 horror films released during the genre’s golden era. Each entry includes cast and credits, a plot synopsis, in-depth critical analysis, contemporary reviews, time of release, brief biographies of the principal cast and crew, and a production history. Apart from the 46 main entries, 71 additional “borderline horrors” are examined and critiqued in an appendix.

Little Shoppe of Horrors 2

Author : Little Shoppe of Horrors
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“Our second issue appeared in March 1973. 86 pages with 80 stills.” A TRIBUTE TO BERNARD ROBINSON by Stephen Pickard. AMICUS: TWO’S A COMPANY! – Amicus – A BBC Special on the set of Asylum – A History of Amicus by Dick Klemensen – Interviews with Milton Subotsky (Producer), Freddie Francis (Director) and Robert Bloch (Scriptwriter) – Filmography/supplement, where Milton Subotsky looks at each film of Amicus. Film Previews/Reviews of: · DRACULA IS DEAD AND WELL AND LIVING IN LONDON (later THE SATANIC RITES OF DRACULA) · VAULT OF HORROR · FRANKENSTEIN AND THE MONSTER FROM HELL · I, MONSTER · COUNTESS DRACULA · BARON BLOOD · BATTLE FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES · NIGHT OF THE LEPUS · NOTHING BUT THE NIGHT · DR PHIBES RISES AGAIN · BLACULA · THE DEATHMASTER · NIGHTMARE PARK · AND NOW THE SCREAMING STARTS · TERROR IN THE WAX MUSEUM · DEATH LINE · ASYLUM · CRUCIBLE OF TERROR · THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE · TALES THAT WITNESS MADNESS · THE ASPHYX * FILM NEWS (for 1972 & 1973) * Interview with Spanish Horror actor Paul Naschy

Little Shoppe of Horrors issue 9

Author : Randy Palmer
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Little Shoppe of Horrors issue #9 Originally released in 1986. Features – The Rise and Fall of ‘Famous Monsters of Filmland’ by Randy Palmer The Story of Bray Studios (with many photos of the famous studio, now to soon be torn down and replaced by homes!) by Fred Humphreys. Hammer Retrospect: THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES Yvonne Monlaur Interview NIGHT CREATURES / CAPTAIN CLEGG by Keith Dudley Hammer’s Old Guard. Interviews with: Terence Fisher Jack Asher Tilly Day Len Harris Bill Lenny Michael Ripper Bob Rixen

Supranational Horrors

Author : Rui M. Trindade Oliveira
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This book examines the parallels between Italian and Spanish horror cinemas including the cultural features they share, their ability to define distinct identities within the genre, and what the author terms ‘Italian-Spanishness.’


Author : Jazan Wild
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Book One in Jazan Wild's Funhouse Of Horrors Series. Jacob Stone, while on a family picnic, stumbles upon an old abandoned house in the woods just a week before Halloween. The wretched dwelling is being prepared to be used as a one-night only Haunted House! A strange worker, known only as Ole Scratch, sees Jacob 'Jake' Stone and gives him a book with two tickets inside that change his life - or what's left of it after the ghosts are done with him! Enter if you dare into Jazan Wild's Funhouse of Horrors! Funhouse of Horrors and Carnival Comics are Registered Trademarks.

Evil Houses Extended Horrors

Author : Erik A. Shuttleworth
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When I was seventeen we moved into a house of note, in the sophisticated backwoods of a “better part” of Arkansas. The elegant wood walls held the light of windows from heaven. The skylights, as they were, bathed the living room with sufficient light to hide the darkness beneath the floor. Moving from that room into the kitchen, with its regal appointments and then, into the upstairs master bedroom and Jacuzzi-clad bathroom finished the illuminated journey. Yet, the way downward was the path of note. There was carpet and dark and damp. First, on the right, was the door to the furnace room, with a massive, devouring cavern of iron teeth, waiting for its daily dose of wooden sacrifices. Then, a smaller bedroom, bathroom and a final, darker corner sleeping area. It was here I slept the years of my college life, rather than a dormitory appointment. The demon of the house was a more familiar roommate, a more intimate associate to my pain. Paralyzed with terror my limbs froze during the night hours as the masked intruder approached my body and wrapped its cold, blackly shrouded hands around my neck. Time and time again I opened my eyes to see the night realm held in place as the black mass undulated towards me, carrying its undisclosed intentions. There was even a day the presence moved freely during the light hours, a daring feat for the ruler of the darkness. It did not desire companionship, or conversation, only to rip the flesh of my soul. And I obliged with the scarred offering of a self-inflicted injury to my body. Herein are my credentials for pages you will read.

Italian Horror Film Directors

Author : Louis Paul
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There is no cinema with such effect as that of the hallucinatory Italian horror film. From Riccardo Freda’s I Vampiri in 1956 to Il Cartaio in 2004, this work recounts the origins of the genre, celebrates at length ten of its auteurs, and discusses the noteworthy films of many others associated with the genre. The directors discussed in detail are Dario Argento, Lamberto Bava, Mario Bava, Ruggero Deodato, Lucio Fulci, Umberto Lenzi, Antonio Margheriti, Aristide Massaccesi, Bruno Mattei, and Michele Soavi. Each chapter includes a biography, a detailed career account, discussion of influences both literary and cinematic, commentary on the films, with plots and production details, and an exhaustive filmography. A second section contains short discussions and selected filmographies of other important horror directors. The work concludes with a chapter on the future of Italian horror and an appendix of important horror films by directors other than the 50 profiled. Stills, posters, and behind-the-scenes shots illustrate the book.

Little Shoppe of Horrors 13

Author : Little Shoppe of Horrors
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Little Shoppe of Horrors #13 The Hammer “Dracula” films make up one of the most popular Horror Series ever made. From 1957 to 1974, nine films (seven with Christopher Lee) were built around Bram Stoker’s classic character. Now, Little Shoppe of Horrors #13 takes you behind the scenes on the making of DRACULA HAS RISEN FROM THE GRAVE, TASTE THE BLOOD OF DRACULA and SCARS OF DRACULA. Filmed in 1968, 1969 and 1970, this un-official trilogy is a fan favorite. ★ Inside Production Information Interviews with the production crew members ★ An EXCLUSIVE to LSoH INTERVIEW with Dracula himself – Christopher Lee ★ We talk with: HAS RISEN… Veronica Carlson and Barbara Ewing TASTE… Linda Hayden, Isla Blair, Martin Jarvis, Geoffrey Keen and Peter Sallis SCARS… Christopher Matthews and Delia Lindsey ★ AND many more interviews – The Producer, Directors, Composer, etc. ★ Dozens of Rare Photos – With many behind-the-scenes shots PLUS ★ Gorgeous Color Cover by Steve Karchin ★ Interior artwork by: Bruce Timm, Neil Vokes ★ Tributes to Peter Cushing and Michael Carreras ★ Letters, News on Hammer, Books, Videos, Music and even MORE interviews ★ A color section devoted to Hammer’s Dracula

Little Shoppe of Horrors 32

Author : Little Shoppe of Horrors
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Little Shoppe of Horrors #32 By 1973, Hammer had been sold by Sir James Carreras to his son, Michael Carreras, at a period when the British film industry was collapsing. Leaving Michael to search for new ideas and financing sources for Hammer films. This led him to the Shaw Brothers, the far East’s major producer of movies. And out of that came THE LEGEND OF THE 7 GOLDEN VAMPIRES, which wildly integrated Western ideals of vampires with Eastern legends. Peter Cushing was back as Van Helsing for the last time, while Hong Kong super star, David Chiang, led the brothers and sister on a battle to save their village from the Golden Vampires. Little Shoppe of Horrors #32 takes you behind the scenes in that East did not always meet West as the two companies clashed on how the film should be made. But in the final analysis, it came out fun and very colorful. Featuring – “Black Belts Vs Black Magic” The Making of Hammer-Shaw Bros THE LEGEND OF THE 7 GOLDEN VAMPIRES by Bruce G. Hallenbeck. Interviews with Robin Stewart (Leyland Van Helsing) Roy Ward Baker (Director) Renee Glynne (Continuity Woman) John Forbes Robertson (Count Dracula) Also in the issue A Tribute to the late Hammer Producer, Anthony Hinds “A Little Shoppe of Horrors Tribute – Anthony Hinds The Man Who Made Monsters…in his own words” by Denis Meikle “Hello, Old Love! The Stage Work of Anthony Hinds…after Hammer” by Paul Scott “The First/Original Hammer House of Theatre” by Robert JE Simpson PLUS: Interview with Raymond Huntley (Hammer’s THE MUMMY and one of the first stage Draculas) Conducted by David Williams. Front Cover by Mark Maddox Back Cover by Bruce Timm Inside Covers by Lee Copeland and Bob Lizarraga. Lots of original artwork and rare photos!