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Author : Mike Ashby
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Find your drive and redefine your business priorities Breakpoints is the business owner's guide to regaining your passion and driving your business forward. If you're feeling stuck, stale or stalled, this book is your ticket out of the rut and into profitable growth. You'll learn the 7 Mistakes Business Owners Make, and identify the choices, behaviours and practices that are keeping your business in a holding pattern. Practical formulas, frameworks, strategies and tools get you started right away on refocusing and reprioritising, and taking back your life. Coverage includes both hard and soft topics that business owners frequently struggle to master, along with expert insight on execution and what lies beyond success. Written simply and directly, without jargon or acronyms, this no-nonsense guide is designed to be easy to read and easy to apply so you can get back to work quickly, inspired with a whole new outlook and equipped with practical tools to improve your business. Written in a style that is both conversational and entertaining, author Dr Mike Ashby offers numerous anecdotes and analogies drawn from working with hundreds of business owners. Owning a business can be exciting and terrifying at the same time. There's too much to do, and all accountability leads to you. If you've gotten hung up in the day-to-day running of your business, this book helps you regain sight of the big picture and get back on track to success. Learn what's holding you back from business success Adopt the tools and practices that end the stalemate and get things done Find clarity and focus, and reconnect with your business Leverage your strengths to achieve personal and business growth Business owners need to be well-versed in both strategy and execution. If you feel like you and your business have reached a plateau, Breakpoints will reignite the spark that drives business success.

Ted Rall

Author : Ted Rall
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Ted Rall is a nationally syndicated political columnist for Creators Syndicate. This is a collection of the very best of Ted Rall from 2014

One Night s Mystery

Author : May Agnes Fleming
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DigiCat Publishing presents to you this special edition of "One Night's Mystery" (A Novel) by May Agnes Fleming. DigiCat Publishing considers every written word to be a legacy of humankind. Every DigiCat book has been carefully reproduced for republishing in a new modern format. The books are available in print, as well as ebooks. DigiCat hopes you will treat this work with the acknowledgment and passion it deserves as a classic of world literature.


Author : Jonathan Swift
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Author : Bree Dahlia
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Assessment of Client Core Issues

Author : Richard W. Halstead
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This monograph instructs counselors on how to better recognize, understand, and treat clients’ underlying problems. The model presented helps uncover the origin of these core concerns, provides a means to address them, and challenges counselors to move beyond the DSM to better serve their clients. This framework will also assist counselors in providing more targeted treatment plans. *Requests for digital versions from the ACA can be found on *To request print copies, please visit the ACA website.

Not Alone on the Voyage

Author : Anne-Marie Jennings
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After five years of marriage, Sandy thought she knew everything about her husband, Jack, until he died suddenly. Destroyed by grief, she sifts through his belongings and discovers a journal he kept from the summer before they met. He writes of his stay in the small town of Holman in the Arctic Circle, so Sandy decides to go in search of answers. Although the people of Holman are hesitant to welcome a stranger, Sandy soon makes the acquaintance of Charliea man who knew her young husband. She wonders why Jack never mentioned the quaint little town, and she begins to wonder if her husband was hiding something. Turns out he was, but itll take a lot of patience for Sandy to uncover the truth. Along her journey, she meets people who not only help her learn more about Jack, but also help her find a strength within herself she never realized she possessed. Charlie becomes a much-needed support as Sandy reads more of Jacks journal, but Charlie has a secret that will change Sandys life forever, perhaps even more than the loss of her husband.

Hidden Library

Author : Stephanie Van Orman
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Welcome back to the world of spell books. This time we meet the teenage witches of Emi's old coven: Veda - Deceptively beautiful and deeply complex, she only looks like a porcelain doll. Fair Isle - A steampunk pixie with a dozen holes in her head. Intarsia - Looks like an elf strayed from the greenwood, who just had a meal of moss. Clementine - Would look like a Barbie doll if Barbie had been brutally beaten the night before. Pearl - Straggly and stringing like a rag doll, she looks like she'll never grow up. And... Salinger - who has come from his coven in the Yukon to find the girl of his dreams from among Veda and her cousins. It would be easy to choose, if their cousin, Antony, didn't keep getting in the way.

A Hope Undaunted

Author : Julie Lessman
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As the 1920s draw to a close, smart and feisty Katie O'Connor is looking for a husband. But it won't be easy to choose between her good-looking, well-connected, and wealthy boyfriend Jake and the man she swore to despise forever. A highly charged romance.

The Net Bible Synopsis of the Four Gospels

Author : Gregory White
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A synopsis is a tool which displays different passages of a text side by side for comparison. This is most commonly done with the four Gospels of the New Testament because of their similar material, but it could reasonably be done with any text that has similar passages, such as the Old Testament historical narratives. The synopsis you presently hold contains the four Gospels of the New Testament. It is different from comparing parallel versions, such as one English translation to another, because all of the passages displayed in this synopsis are from the same version, the NET Bible. It is different from a harmony because the passages are not reorganized into one story; each Gospel in a synopsis is separate from the others and can be read by itself or in comparison with the others. This parallel arrangement enables fruitful comparison of the Gospels to each other so each may be understood well on its own in light of the others.