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How Long Do Stars Last

Author : Emily Hudd
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This book uncovers just how long stars last. Learn fascinating facts about their lifecycle. Read this book to find out more about the science behind the cycle.

How Long Do Housing Cycles Last a Duration Analysis for 19 OECD Countries

Author : Mr.Philippe Bracke
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This paper analyzes the duration of house price upturns and downturns in the last 40 years for 19 OECD countries. I provide two sets of results, one pertaining to the average length and the other to the length distribution. On average, upturns are longer than downturns, but the difference disappears once the last house price boom is excluded. In terms of length distribution, upturns (but not downturns) are more likely to end as their duration increases. This duration dependence is consistent with a boom-bust view of house price dynamics, where booms represent departures from fundamentals that are increasingly difficult to sustain.

How to Make Your Money Last as Long as You Do

Author : Margaret Lomas
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At Long Last Love

Author : Milly Adams
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THE THIRD BEAUTIFUL AND HEARTWARMING NOVEL FROM MILLY ADAMS. 'Well researched, with an engaging heroine and a delightful ending.' Anna Jacobs ******** ‘Would anyone ever think of her with real love?’ It’s July 1942, and twenty-three year old nightclub singer Kate Watson has made a home for herself in bombed-blitzed London. A motley crew of friends has replaced the family she’s not spoken to in years. That is until the evening Kate’s sister Sarah walks back into her life. Sarah has a favour to ask: she needs Kate to return home to Dorset for one month to look after her daughter, Lizzie. Reluctantly Kate agrees, even though it means facing the troubled past she hoped she’d escaped. Kate is confronted once again by the prejudice and scrutiny of the townsfolk, including the new village vicar. As the war continues, Kate must fight her own battles and find not only the courage to forge a future but perhaps, at long last, love. 'Milly Adams' readers will find the story and its rich cast of characters very appealing.' Lizzie Lane

Liberation at Long Last

Author : M. Mallia
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Now that Amy has committed suicide just five days before Christmas and four days before her eldest daughter’s engagement, she is hoping to ‘rest in peace’, forever. Having been an avid Catholic church-goer for more than twenty years, she believed that her soul would go straight to heaven – especially, since she had punished herself so much on Earth for her sins and her soul had been purged through penance, guilt, and self-punishing for many years on Earth. ‘On the other side’, she will have the respite that she had yearned for all her life and be one with her Creator and lover of her soul. There all her sins would be wiped out; her soul would be made pure. It would be like lying in green pastures, lacking nothing in a land where milk and honey flowed and manna falls from above, all her needs and desires satiated. She hadn’t bargained for what actually awaits her and asks herself amongst other endless questions, ‘Where does one run to and what does one do when one despairs in the afterlife?’ She finds herself caught up in a state of being from which there is no escape. There she is forced to see what she had chosen not to see for more than twenty years of her embodied life. In this stage of being, she has to wait and see and watch and wait for a long time. Was her misery ever going to end? Would she be able to sustain this waiting, looking, and seeing? When will this self-judging, self-condemnation, and self-criticising ever stop? And, what can she do to make it go away? Does it depend entirely on her as to how long she would have to be here for, or will other people have the power to delay or hasten her release – others still on the physical realm of existence? It would be the very special link she had had with her eldest daughter Marie when still a mortal in a living body, a link she would use and abuse before, which now would be the lifeline which would liberate her and allow her to move on, if not to her Promised Land, maybe to a place closer to it than she had ever been.

THE LAST OF THE LEGIONS and Other Tales of Long Ago

Author : Arthur Conan Doyle
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A collection of twelve historical short stories by the world famous British author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The stories in 'The Last of the Legions and Other Tales of Long Ago' revolves around the chapter of the fall of the Roman Empire.

At Long Last

Author : Pat Dinda
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A long look ahead or The first stroke and the last Unabridged ed

Author : Azel Stevens Roe
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At Long Last The Southern Women Series Book 3

Author : Shirlee Busbee
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When Arabella discovers her younger brother has gambled away the family fortune, she approaches the holder of Jeremy's vowels, hoping to exchange them for her smaller fortune. But he has lost the vowels to her worst enemy: Tony Daggett, the man who broke her heart. Tony is rich, reckless and wild. His first wife died in an accident while running away with her lover, Tony on their heels. The second was murdered. But Arabella is determined to save her family and approaches her ex-fiancé with the same offer: her small fortune for the vowels. Tony's counter-offer: Arabella must become his mistress in exchange for the vowels. Arabella begrudgingly agrees, unknowingly snaring Tony in his own trap. And as Tony falls deeper and deeper in love, his silent enemy acquires a new target: Arabella. THE SOUTHERN WOMEN, in series order The Tiger Lily Each Time We Love At Long Last Love a Dark Rider THE LOUISIANA LADIES, in series order Deceive Not My Heart Midnight Masquerade Love Be Mine

The Last of the Legions and Other Tales of Long Ago

Author : Артур Конан Дойл
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A book of historical fiction representing Conan Doyle's ability to make the long-gone past come alive.