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How New Is the New Testament

Author : Donald A. Hagner
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What is so new about the New Testament? Senior scholar Donald Hagner tackles the issue of how distinct early Christianity was from the first-century Judaism from which it emerged. He surveys newness in the entire New Testament canon, examining the evidence for points of continuity and discontinuity between formative Judaism and early Christianity. Hagner's accessible analysis of the New Testament text shows that despite Christianity's thorough Jewishness, from the beginning dramatic newness was an essential aspect of this early literature.

How New is the New Testament First Century Judaism and the Emergence of Christianity

Author : Donald A. Hagner
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How to Read the New Testament

Author : Etienne Charpentier
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Bestselling illustrated introduction to the New Testament which enables readers to find their way around and come back for more.

A New New Testament

Author : Hal Taussig
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A founding member of the Jesus Seminar presents a new edition of the New Testament that includes ten more recently discovered texts, selected by a council of scholars and spiritual leaders, along with the classic books.

The New Testament Story

Author : Ben Witherington
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An introductory guide to the New Testament examines how and why the scriptures were written and collected and how they came to be known as the New Testament that we have today, while discussing the main stories and major figures, the ways that these stories were told and retold, and how this literary development has influenced Christian theology, ethics, and social thought.

What is New Testament Theology

Author : Dan Otto Via
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Does New Testament theology rightly deal with the documents of the New Testament or with something outside the text, such as the unfolding of early Christian religion, the events of salvation history, the historical Jesus in particular, or an understanding of human existence? Is New Testament theology a strictly historical project, a dialectical interaction between historical interpretation and hermeneutical concerns, or solely a hermeneutical program? This lucidly written volume by a prominent New Testament theologian not only describes how New Testament theology has been and is being done, but provides critiques of the major approaches from the past century. Especially important are his discussions of Rudolf Bultmann, Hendrikus Boers, N. T. Wright, and postmodernism. Beyond critique, Via offers his own proposals for doing New Testament theology.

Images of Salvation in the New Testament

Author : Brenda B. Colijn
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"The New Testament does not develop a systematic doctrine of salvation," writes Brenda Colijn. "Instead, it presents us with a variety of pictures taken from different perspectives." Students of the New Testament and of theology will both find their vision broadened and their understanding deepened by this rich, informative study. As the author seeks to understand their implications for people of faith, she uncovers how New Testament images provide the building blocks of the master story of redemption.

The New Testament A Very Short Introduction

Author : Luke Timothy Johnson
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A brief yet essential introduction to the New Testament that chronicles the real people-- and historical and literary movements--that created it.

New Testament Theology and Its Quest for Relevance

Author : Thomas Hatina
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This guide to structuring and creating a New Testament theology shows students how to examine ancient texts in the modern world.

Three Views on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament

Author : Zondervan,
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To read the New Testament is to meet the Old Testament at every turn. But exactly how do Old Testament texts relate to their New Testament references and allusions? Moreover, what fruitful interpretive methods do New Testament texts demonstrate? Leading biblical scholars Walter Kaiser, Darrel Bock and Peter Enns each present their answers to questions surrounding the use of the Old Testament in the New Testament. Contributors address elements such as Divine and human authorial intent, the context of Old Testament references, and theological grounds for an interpretive method. Each author applies his framework to specific texts so that readers can see how their methods work out in practice. Each contributor also receives a thorough critique from the other two authors. A one-stop reference for setting the scene and presenting approaches to the topic that respect the biblical text, Three Views on the New Testament Use of Old Testament gives readers the tools they need to develop their own views on this important subject. The Counterpoints series provides a forum for comparison and critique of different views on issues important to Christians. Counterpoints books address two categories: Church Life and Bible & Theology. Complete your library with other books in the Counterpoints series.

The Invention of Jesus How the Church Rewrote the New Testament

Author : Peter Cresswell
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The Invention of Jesus is a pivotal, ground-breaking work, arguably one of the most important ever written in the field of New Testament textual analysis, and one that should direct scholastic endeavour for years to come. The author has developed some new techniques and taken an in-depth look at the earliest surviving manuscripts of the gospels describing the life and death of Jesus as well as letters, attributed to Paul and others, to the outposts of the early Church. There are papyrus fragments, some from as early as the second century, and then later manuscripts written on parchment, with fewer gaps in the text. The vast majority are written in Greek - the language of Empire and of the early Church. Cresswell carefully analyses the surviving texts to show how doctrines, such as the divinity of Jesus and the Resurrection, have been progressively introduced into the narrative. By establishing what has been added, he defines what part of the character of Jesus the Christian Church has, over time, invented. He provides a solution to a highly unusual and hitherto baffling pattern of scribal cooperation in the New Testament of Codex Sinaiticus. Clues within the manuscript show that sheets by a second scribe could not have been generated to correct mistakes, as others have since contended. These must have been written in a division of labour, whose purpose was to introduce doctrinally motivated changes to the text. In resolving these puzzles, the author reveals something of the struggle that took place in the scriptorium, as the early Church manipulated the text to impose its message.

Identity Formation in the New Testament

Author : Bengt Holmberg
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Lectures and seminar discussions of the Nordic New Testament Conference, Aug. 18-22, 2007 at Sundsgeardens Folkheogskola.

The Greco Roman World of the New Testament Era

Author : James S. Jeffers
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James S. Jeffers provides an informative tour of the various facets of the Roman world--class and status, family and community, work and leisure, religion and organization, city and country, law and government, death and taxes, and the events of Roman history.

Mary in the New Testament

Author : Raymond Edward Brown
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The role that Mary plays in God's plan of salvation is an issue that over the centuies has divided Christians and their churches. In part, these differences stem from disagreements about what the New Testament says about the mother of Jesus. This book should go a long way toward solving the disputes. It is not a collection of essays but rather a collaborative statement prepared by a team of Protestant, Anglican, and Roman Catholic scholars who have reached substantial agreement on how Mary was pictured by Christians of the first two centuries. This book follows the same methodology as an earlier volume, Peter in the New Testament, produced by the same research group. The status of that first book as an ecumenical achievement of American biblical scholarship is attested to by the welcome it received and by its translation into five foreign languages. In light of the difficulty of the subject matter, Mary in the New Testament may be an even greater achievement. If Roman Catholic and Protestant scholars can agree on what the oldest Christian sources said, is the way open for the churches to agree on a fundamental Christian attitude toward Mary? This book is written by scholars, but it is not meant only for scholars. The authors have taken pains to make the work intelligible to students, clergy, and the knowledgeable laity of their churches. It combines scientific research with a respect for Christian sensiblities.

The Later New Testament Writings and Scripture

Author : Steve Moyise
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This is the third and final book in an informal set on the New Testament's use of the Old Testament, written by a recognized authority on the topic. The work covers several New Testament books that embody key developments in early Christian understanding of Jesus in light of the Old Testament. This quick and reliable resource orients students to the landscape before they read more advanced literature on the use of the Old Testament in later writings of the New Testament. The book can be used as a supplemental text in undergraduate or seminary New Testament introductory classes.

The New Testament in Its World

Author : N. T. Wright
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Finally: an introduction that captures the excitement of the early Christians, helping today's readers to think like a first-century believer while reading the text responsibly for today. The New Testament in Its World is your passageway from the twenty-first century to the era of Jesus and the first Christians. A highly-readable, one-volume introduction placing the entire New Testament and early Christianity in its original context, it is the only such work by distinguished scholar and author N. T. (Tom) Wright. An ideal guide for students, The New Testament in Its World addresses the many difficult questions faced by those studying early Christianity. Both large and small, these questions include: What is the purpose of the New Testament? What was the first-century understanding of the kingdom? What is the real meaning of the resurrection in its original context? What really were the Gospels? Who was Paul and why are his letters so controversial? As twenty-first-century people, how do we recover the excitement of what it was like to live as Christians in the first or second centuries? In short, The New Testament in Its World brings together decades of ground-breaking research, writing, and teaching into one volume that will open readers' eyes to the larger world of the New Testament. It presents the New Testament books as historical, literary, and social phenomena located in the world of Second Temple Judaism, amidst Greco-Roman politics and culture, and within early Christianity. ' Written for both classroom and personal use, the benefits of The New Testament in Its World include: A distillation of the life work of N. T. Wright on the New Testament with input from Michael Bird Historical context that situates Jesus and the early church within the history, culture, and religion of Second Temple Judaism and the Greco-Roman world Major sections on the historical Jesus, the resurrection of Jesus, and Paul's chronology and theology Surveys of each New Testament book that discuss their significance, critical topics like authorship and date, and that provide commentary on contents along with implications for the Christian life Up-to-date discussions of textual criticism and the canonization of the New Testament A concluding chapter dedicated to living the story of the New Testament Available Video and Workbook companion resources to enhance learning and experience the world of the New Testament Illustrated with visually rich pictures, maps, charts, diagrams, and artwork; plentiful sidebars provide additional explanations and insights

Do We Need the New Testament

Author : John Goldingay
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While many Christians wonder whether we really need the Old Testament, John Goldingay turns the question around: Perhaps Jesus' Bible—the Old Testament—is enough. Goldingay probes our misreading of the Old Testament and brings out the richness of the "First Testament's" message as Israel's and the church's gospel.

Approaching New Testament Texts and Contexts

Author : Lars Hartman
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Collection of texts published previously.

Hearing the Old Testament in the New Testament

Author : Stanley E. Porter
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How does the New Testament echo the Old? Which versions of the Hebrew Scriptures were authoritative for New Testament writers? The appearance of concepts, images, and passages from the Old Testament in the books of the New raises important questions about textual versions, allusions, and the differences between ancient and modern meaning. Written by ten distinguished scholars, Hearing the Old Testament in the New Testament first lays out significant foundational issues and then systematically investigates the use of the Old in the New Testament. In a culminating essay Andreas Kstenberger both questions and affirms the other contributors' findings. These essays together will reward a wide range of New Testament readers with a wealth of insights.

The Church According to the New Testament

Author : Daniel J. Harrington
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In the last days of the twentieth century, leading New Testament scholar and popular preacher Daniel Harrington, S.J., asked himself two powerful questions: What might the church of the first century have to say to the church of the twenty-first century? And How might a brief sythesis of what the New Testament says and does not say about the church help bring greater vitality within and unity among the churches? The result of Father Harrington's research and thinking is this timely and important book.