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How to be a Brilliant English Teacher

Author : Trevor Wright
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"Now in its second edition, Trevor Wright's hugely popular How to be a Brilliant English Teacher is packed with practical advice drawn from his extensive and successful experience as an English teacher, examiner and teacher trainer. This accessible and readable guide offers combine sound theoretical principles with exciting practical suggestions for the classroom. Fully updated to include a new chapter on differentiation and inclusion and expanded sections on behaviour management and teaching poetry for enjoyment and personal response, this book tackles other tricky areas such as: - Starting with Shakespeare - Effective planning and assessment - Learning to love objectives - Working small texts and big texts - Drama. Trainee teachers will find support and inspiration in this book and practising English teachers can use it as an empowering self-help guide for improving their skills. Trevor Wright addresses many of the anxieties that English teachers face, offering focused and realistic solutions"--

How to be a Brilliant Trainee Teacher

Author : Trevor Wright
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This cheerful and accessible book is packed with direct and straightforward advice drawn from the author’s extensive and successful personal experience as teacher-trainer, teacher and examiner. It sets out clear and practical guidelines to support your training and enhance your teaching, moving you directly towards a real understanding of how and why pupils learn and of how you can enhance your own progress. It also offers reassurance and support with the difficulties which you might encounter through your training as a teacher. Why won’t Year 8 actually do anything? Why do we have to read all this theory? I know my pace and timing need improvement, but what do I actually do about it? Why haven’t I moved forward at all in the last four weeks? It does this by: outlining strategies for organization exploring issues of personal development demystifying areas often seen as difficult or complex providing achievable and practical solutions directly addressing anxieties. Although a practical book, at its heart lie essential principles about good teaching and learning. It is anecdotal and readable, and may be dipped into for innovative lesson ideas or read from cover-to-cover as a short, enjoyable course which discovers exciting teaching principles in successful, practical experience. The book is ideal for secondary trainee teachers, but the underlying principles about what makes a brilliant trainee teacher are applicable to primary trainees too.

How to be a Brilliant Mentor

Author : Trevor Wright
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How to be a Brilliant Mentor offers clear guidelines to enhance your mentoring, helping you to analyse your own practice and understand the complex and often ambiguous role of the mentor in school. Considering why you might become a mentor and what you can gain from the experience, it provides practical strategies and direct problem-solving to help you move promising trainees quickly beyond mere competence. It explores: collaborative working giving effective feedback emotional intelligence and developing and maintaining relationships dealing with critical incidents developing reflective practice what to do if relationships beak down the relationship between coaching and mentoring mentoring newly qualified teachers as well as trainees. Illustrated with the experiences of real trainees, How to be a Brilliant Mentor can be dipped into for innovative mentoring ideas or read from cover-to-cover as a short enjoyable course which will give you added confidence in your mentoring role. The book is a companion to How to be a Brilliant Trainee Teacher, also by Trevor Wright.

How to Be Brilliant English Teacher

Author : Wright
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The Perfect Ofsted English Lesson

Author : David Didau
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Another from Jackie Beere's 'Perfect' stable, this simple but effective little book is designed to help bring the best out of all English departments during that all-important Ofsted visit. It is written by David Didau, a highly effective and innovative head of English at a school where Independent Thinking is a trustee. He has been instrumental in overseeing an enviable rise in A* to C results over the last few years to 84% in 2011. Packed full of ideas, strategies and simple yet effective innovations, this book is an essential tool in the toolkit of every English department - and not just for the inspection either! With topics including assessment for learning, progress, the learning environment and planning outstanding lessons, this is the book for every English teacher's desk drawer.

Esl Games

Author : Shelley Ann Vernon
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ESL Games: English Language Games for Children is a collection of 176 fun, effective and motivating games for busy teachers who want to inspire their pupils and give them the best chance to become confident with English. The ESL game descriptions are written up with variants for all types of classes from small to large. The English language games cover listening and speaking skills, the goal being that your pupils will actually be able to use the English you cover in your curriculum through repetition that is inherent in the language games, which are really disguised vocabulary and grammar drills, dressed up in fun packaging. In addition spelling and writing games are included, with some reading games. There is no need to consume half a rain forest printing out dozens of worksheets that are mostly white space and take a few minutes to fill in. With these games you need either no resources or vocabulary flashcards, which if laminated may be used for life. "ESL Games: 176 English Language Games for Children" by Shelley Vernon has already helped thousands of teachers around the world via the digital format. It can be a challenge learning to teach, or changing your teaching style but even if you do it one new game a day you'll soon be well on the way to being the inspirational teacher you really want to be. What other teachers are saying about this book: He saves time and feels less stressed. Thanks Shelley. Your resources are already saving me heaps of time and lessening the anxiety from having such a hectic and mixed teaching schedule. Anthony Bennett, S. Korea This teacher says "English Language Games for Children" is the best. I have looked at many, many books regarding activities and games. I have only found one that is any good. I love your book. It is excellent! Thomas StPeter, Chicago She saw a change in her pupils behaviour, even the problematic ones. After purchasing and using this book, I saw a big difference in my group of 6 year olds. We played our new games I truly saw a a change in their behaviour. They participated and were very excited, even the boys that I had problems with. Now at every lesson they ask: What new game are we going to play today? Sylvia Karagiannis, Athens, Greece She earned the respect of her pupils. Last time when I was playing one of your games I heard one my pupils say to another: This is the best teacher in our school. Before I used your games, my pupils didn't like my courses, but now, when I get into the classroom they greet me with a nice smile, and when we have break , they come to see me and talk to me with what I taught them. Naima Chraa, Morocco This teacher is now excited about teaching English. Brilliant!!! It is amazing how many games you can use in just one lesson. I can't believe I am actually excited about starting with the new unit. To be honest I am extremely happy with these ideas. I haven't stopped recieving compliments on my teaching in the last week.... Fº Javier Marín Millán, Spain This teacher created a closer bond with her students! In my country, cause of the culture, teachers and learners often have a very long distance with each other. I realised that English games using in my lecture make our relationship become closer and better, and I am very pleased for that. Phuong Thuy, Hanoi, Vietnam She feels more confident and enjoys the planning now. I really am so glad I found your has completely changed the way I feel about teaching now. Before it was something I had always stressed over, the planning, that is, although I am both Celta and PGCE qualified I still found myself very stressed until every lesson was planned, which could take for ever. Since discovering your materials I sit down to enjoy the planning & love the teaching. Joanna Simm, France

English Grammar Instruction That Works

Author : Evelyn Rothstein
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Offering a fun, engaging approach to grammar instruction, this guide includes clear explanations of grammatical terms and practical activities for all students, including English language learners.

The Making of English Teachers

Author : Robert Protherough
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Addresses a range of fundamental questions about what it actually means to be a teacher of English. The authors go on to suggest ways in which we might make better English teachers.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language For Dummies

Author : Michelle Maxom
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Making Everything Easier! Teaching English as a Foreign Language for Dummies Learn to: Put an EFL course programme together from scratch Let your students loose in skills classes – from reading to listening Deliver grammar lessons in a logical and intuitive way Cope with different age groups and capabilities Your one-stop guide to a career that will take you places If you thought that teaching a language that's second nature to you would be easy, think again! Explaining grammar, or teaching correct pronunciation while simultaneously developing your own skills as a teacher can be a huge challenge. Whether you're on a training course or have already started teaching, this book will help launch your career and give you the confidence and expertise you need to be a brilliant teacher. Make an educated decision – decide between the various courses, qualifications and job locations available to you Start from scratch – plan well-structured lessons and develop successful and effective teaching techniques Focus on skills – from reading and writing, to listening and speaking, get your students sounding and feeling fluent Get your head around grammar – teach students to put sentences together, recognise tenses and use adjectives and adverbs All shapes and sizes – tailor your lessons to younger learners, one-to-ones, exam classes and Business English learners "An invaluable manual for anyone thinking of embarking on a TEFL journey. Michelle Maxom's step-by-step guide provides practical tips to get you started and offers key advice to help unleash the creative English language teacher within." —Claire Woollam, Director of Studies & a Teacher Trainer at Language Link London Open the book and find: TEFL, TESOL, EFL – what all the acronyms mean The best course books and materials to supplement your teaching Advice on running your class and handling difficulties Lesson plans that you can use in the classroom Activities and exercises to keep your students on their toes Constructive ways to correct and assess your students' performance Ways to inject some fun into your classes Insider information on the best jobs around the world

Saint James School of Maryland

Author : W. L. Prehn
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Saint James School is far more than one of the oldest boarding schools in the United States. The school was founded in 1842 in western Maryland as the second iteration of the national scholastic vision of William Augustus Muhlenberg (1796-1877) who, with his principal disciples in five states, established some of the best schools in American history. These schools pursued academic excellence without sacrificing the Christian faith. Saint James, St. Paul's (Concord, NH), St. Mark's (Southborough, MA), and many other schools set a national tone in the preparation of young men for college and for life. Their objective was to educate the whole person to excellence and they largely succeeded. Saint James School of Maryland: 175 Years tells the story of the school by focusing on the long tenures of five headmasters.