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Tips for the Divorced Dad

Author : Elaine Walsh
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With divorce being so prevalent just about everyone either needs this book and/or knows someone who needs it. It is the perfect gift book. The author is a mother who watched and learned as her daughter adjusted to her parents' divorce - in particular, as her daughter and ex-husband adjusted to their new relationship. This book is the collection of life lessons learned over six years. Knowledge that was gained both first-hand and through interviews with many other families in the midst of divorce. Because this knowledge has been documented and shared, fathers and children will benefit from what others have lived and learned.

How to be a Good Divorced Dad

Author : Jeffery M. Leving
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Positive advice for divorced dads and their families The country's leading authority on fathers' rights Jeffery M.Leving presents a definitive how-to resource for divorced dads ofany age, background, and marriage history. Leving offers targetedguidance and suggests techniques for staying connected withchildren and dealing with ex-wives—and in some cases a newgirlfriend or the wife's new boyfriend—during the divorce andafterwards. This upbeat book offers good news for divorced dads andcounters many of the myths that paint divorcing fathers asalienated, irresponsible, or absent. Includes advice for overcoming limited access to children withcooperative responses and legal remedies if necessary Reveals how to avoid depression and feelings of guilt that cancause a divorced dad to give up and lose connection with hiskids Offers ideas for responding to an ex-wife's remarriage, moving,unfounded accusations, and other common issues Contains guidance for engaging in new relationships andpossibly remarriage How to Be a Good Divorced Dad is practical anddown-to-earth and offers dozens of real life examples of dads whohave discovered the importance of staying involved in theirchildren's lives.

Be a Great Divorced Dad

Author : Kenneth N. Condrell
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Your marriage may have ended, but your fatherhood has not. How can you stay an involved, caring dad in the aftermath of divorce when all kinds of obstacles appear, making you insecure and uncertain of your parenting skills? With advice and insight from psychologist and family therapist Kenneth N. Condrell, and from some of the ever-growing number of other divorced dads, this practical, insightful handbook will help you: -avoid the ten most common divorced dad pitfalls -adjust to family life after the custody agreement -handle school, homework, and extracurricular activities -strategize celebrations and holidays -deal with a child who rejects you -move on to dating and other relationships Let divorce be an opportunity for tremendous growth-and great parenting.

Good Men

Author : Jack Feuer
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A handbook for divorced fathers who are fighting for custody and/or visitation rights offers a wide range of advice on such topics as finding support, child-rearing, and helping a child overcome the emotional turmoil of a divorce

The Divorced Dad Dilemma

Author : Gerald S. Mayer
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At last, the confused and hurt father, experiencing the loss of marriage, family life, and routine contact with his children, can find calm and loving guidance in how to live in changed circumstances. So much written about divorce and single parenting is addressed to women. Until recently, a caring father has had relatively little guidance for his conduct in the painful process of dismantling a traditional family and establishing a new basis for relating to his former spouse and his children. Gerald S. Mayer, in The Divorced Dad Dilemma, provides this critically needed guidance in an authoratative, gentle, and thorough manner.

Divorced Dad s Cooking Survival Guide

Author : Jon Williams
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Divorced Dad's Cooking Survival Guide by Jon Williams

Divorced Fathers and Their Families

Author : Florence W. Kaslow
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​ This book focuses on the experience of father's lives after a divorce, and how mental health professionals can help them create a healthy transition. Through the use of case examples critical issues are highlighted and discussed with supportive empirical findings and clinical insights. Traditionally, the marital legal sessions as well as the ultimate marriage settlement focus on the issues confronted by the ex-wife and mother and on the custody and visitation plan for the children. This is actually supported by law in some places. This can remove the father from important qualitative issues such as what it is like to have children in two households, relationships with two sets of grandparents, where holidays will be spent, fair rotations of responsibility and how continuing parental discord can be resolved. The issues examined in this volume are relevant to a range of professionals who deal with divorcing couples from psychologists and family therapists to legal advisors and judges.​

Parenting Through Divorce

Author : Lisa René Reynolds
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Previously published in 2009 under the title Still a family.

The Divorced Dad s Survival Book

Author : David Knox
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Covers children's reactions to divorce, visitation, communication with one's ex-wife, custody, new partners, gay dads, and remarriage

Divorced Dad s Cookbook

Author : Ken Lowenstein
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This is a cookbook for all the divorced weekend Dads out there. Many easy recipes that you can put together for your kids when they stay with you. Most of the recipes are very easy, written in LARGE print (for those of us whose eyes may not be as good as they once were) and allow for some quality bonding time in preparing.

Divorced Dads

Author : Sanford L. Braver
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A leading authority on fatherhood and divorce uses the findings of his research to dispel the myth of the "dead-beat dad" and other conventions about the effects of divorce

Divorced Fathers

Author : Alan Marc Tepp
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When Mom and Dad Divorce

Author : Emily Menendez-Aponte
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Divorce isn’t easy on anyone, least of all children. When Mom and Dad Divorce helps gently guide children through this painful passage.

Sometimes Daddies Cry What a Dad Really Feels About Divorce

Author : Craig Daliessio
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"You're better off without her!" "Hey look at it this you can golf every other weekend without having to plan it with her!" "It's time to get over it and get on with your life!" At some point of other, every divorced dad has heard these terrible myths usually in the form of some well meaning friend trying to offer comfort. Author Craig Daliessio knows better. You married this woman because you loved can you be better off? Do you think you forget about your kids while you're on the golf course? You lost your children, your fatherhood and the love of your life...that should be easy to "get over"? A single dad, Craig Daliessio has devoted the past 6 years to developing support systems and hope for men at various stages of the divorce debacle. He is an author, speaker, blogger, radio host, certified Life Coach ...and he is a dad. His insight and wisdom on the topic of divorce and fatherhood are in constant demand. He coined the term "Full-time daddy in a part-time world" and has written the definitive book about handling the hurt that comes from wearing that tag. He brings hope, where others never thought it was needed.

The Role of the Father in Child Development

Author : Michael E. Lamb
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The Definitive reference on the important role fathers play in child development today Edited by Dr. Michael Lamb—the recognized authority on the role of fathers in child development, The Role of the Father in Child Development, Fifth Edition brings together contributions from international experts on each subject to provide a thorough and current summary of the state of fatherhood across cultures, classes, economic systems, and family formations. This classic guide offers a single-source reference for the most recent findings and beliefs related to fathers and fatherhood. This thoroughly updated new edition provides the latest material on topics such as: The effects of divorce Fathers from low-income backgrounds Stepfathers’ lives: exploring social context and interpersonal complexity Social policy Gay fathers Fatherhood and masculinity The definitive book on when, why, and how fathers matter to their children and families, The Role of the Father in Child Development, Fifth Edition is an essential reference for all mental health professionals who endeavor to understand and support fathers in becoming positive influences in their children’s development.

For Divorced Fathers Only

Author : Stuart Kahan
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Divorcing But Always Your Mum and Dad

Author : Peta Michael-Gomory
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This full coloured, illustrated story book tells of the roller coaster emotional journeys of Royce, aged ten, and his nine-year-old sister, Deloyce, whose parents announce plans to separate and eventually divorce. The story addresses a number of issues in an amusing, age appropriate, reassuring style. The main focus is on the reactions of the young people to their parents’ decision and the period of time leading up to the day when, by parental agreement, Dad leaves the family home and moves into an apartment. The children call this day of departure M-day (Move day). Readers are assisted by a friendly guide called Cody who invents a clever word and provides information within each of the chapters plus a mind tingling brainteaser at the end of the story. Deloyce and Royce fear M-day and readers accompany them as they try to cope with unexpected thoughts, feelings, and experiences plus some weird but funny adventures.

Deadbeat Dads

Author : Deena Mandell
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And all too often, as this study shows, in the struggle between the state's protection of its financial interests and the fathers' focus on their personal rights, the needs of children disappear.".

Divorced Fathers

Author : Thomas Oakland
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Discusses the problems divorced parents face, offers advice on child custody, budgeting, and household management, and indicates what effect divorce has on children.

A Complete Guide for Single Dads

Author : Craig W. Baird
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Provides advice for men raising children on their own about legal issues, helping children adjust, former spouses, widowers, work issues, child care, stress, child health, nutrition, discipline, and dealing with sons and with daughters.