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How to Be Irish

Author : David Slattery
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From the quintessential Irish Mammy to love for all things GAA, the Irish have a particularities – and peculiarities – that make us different from our neighbours. Social anthropologist David Slattery takes us through the rules of being Irish with deadpan humour, from how to approach an Irish wedding or funeral to the Irish attitude to health, business, politics, death, Christmas and being cool. For his research, David canvassed undercover for a major political party during the recent election campaign, attended opportune weddings and funerals, and interviewed doctors, psychiatrists, and a bunch of builders: "I have begged, spied, knocked down my house, got a job, dressed in drag and drank in many pubs – all in the interest of science." A unique popular anthropology book about being Irish, not only will this book prove instructive to the tourist or foreigner who wants to blend in without a fuss, but the Irish will find it interesting as a mirror to how we are.

How to Be Irish

Author : Sean Kelly
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Luck has nothing to do with it! Of course you want to be Irish. Look what it did for Daniel Day-Lewis, Sinead, Maeve Binchy, Roddy Doyle, JFK, Seamus Heaney, Angela's Ashes, and all those Riverdancers. But until now, the secrets of how to be Irish have been hidden in a Celtic Twilight of blather and blarney. Now this easy-to-read (with plenty o' pictures) handbook dares to tell you: How to have an Irish name How to talk, look, and act Irish How to vote Irish How to have thin skin, a terrible temper, and the gift of gab Whether you're proudly Irish, anti-Irish, fallen-away Irish, or would-be Irish--that is to say, if you're a living, breathing human being--How to Be Irish is for you. Learn (to your surprise) who's really Irish and who's only passing! Discover (to your astonishment) your own underground Irish roots! And brace yourself, Bridget, for the shocking (if brief) history of Irish-American sex! From the Trade Paperback edition.

An Irish English Dictionary

Author : Edward O'Reilly
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An Irish-English dictionary : with copious quotations from the most esteemed ancient and modern writers, to elucidate the meaning of obscure words, and numerous comparisons of Irish words with those of similar orthography, sense, or sound in the Welsh and Hebrew languages. With a supplement by John O'Donovan.

How to make Ireland self supporting or Irish clearances and improvement of waste lands with a postscript By George P Scrope

Author : George Poulett Scrope
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The Little Book of Irishisms

Author : Aimee Alexander
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If an Irish person said to you, "Gimmie that yoke," would you think they were talking about an egg? If so, 99% of the time, you'd be wrong. How about banjaxed, bockety or craic? Any idea what they mean? The Little Book of Irishisms is for anyone who wants to understand the Irish, not just our words but how we are as people, relaxed about some things, picky about others. It's also for those who'd like to sound Irish, even just for Paddy's Day. You'll learn tricks to Irishify your chat - and how to avoid those clangers that people think we say but never do, like the classic, "Top of the morning to you." If you're coming to Ireland and want to fit right in, this book's for you. If you can't make it, here's a way of visiting in spirit. "Go on, go on, go on. You will, you will, you will," to quote the infamous Irish comedy, Father Ted. The Little Book of Irishisms is the perfect novelty gift for St. Patrick's Day, as a Christmas stocking filler, or at any time to someone who appreciates what it means to be Irish.

Death of an Irish Mummy

Author : Catie Murphy
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“There is so much to like about the cozy perfection that is Catie Murphy’s Death on the Green, from the lush Irish travelogue to the precise balance between comic relief and crime.” —Bookpage STARRED REVIEW Squiring a self-proclaimed heiress around Dublin has got limo driver Megan Malone’s Irish up—until she finds the woman dead . . . American-born Cherise Williams believes herself to be heir to an old Irish earldom, and she’s come to Dublin to claim her heritage. Under the circumstances, Megan’s boss Olga at Leprechaun Limos has no qualms about overcharging the brash Texas transplant for their services. Megan chauffeurs Cherise to the ancient St. Michan’s Church, where the woman intends to get a wee little DNA sample from the mummified earls—much to the horror of the priest. But before she can desecrate the dead, Cherise Williams is murdered—just as her three daughters arrive to also claim their birthright. With rumors of famine-era treasure on the lands owned by the old Williams family and the promise of riches for the heirs, greed seems a likely motive. But when Olga surprisingly becomes the Garda’s prime suspect, Megan attempts to steer the investigation away from her bossand solve the murder with the help of the dashing Detective Bourke. With a killer who’s not wrapped too tight, she’ll need to proceed with caution—or she could go from driving a limo to riding in a hearse . . . Praise for Dead in Dublin “[Murphy’s] irrepressible debut provides a lively entry in the Dublin Driver Mysteries.” —Kirkus Reviews “Dead in Dublin serves up an interesting whodunit story as it helps push the cozy mystery genre forward into the new decade. One cannot help but be curious to see how this new series unfolds.” —Criminal Element

The Irish Archaeological Society

Author : Irish Archaeological Society
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An Exact Abridgment of all the publick printed Irish Statutes now in force from the third year of the reign of King Edward the Second to the tenth year of His present Majesty s reign King William the Third Methodized and digested alphabetically Together with an abridgment of such English statutes now in force as have been enacted and made since Sir Edward Poyning s law relating to the kingdom of Ireland By G Meriton

Author : Ireland Ireland -1922
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Culture and Customs of Ireland

Author : Margaret Scanlan
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Discusses the traditions, culture, religion, media, literature, and arts of Ireland.

The Irish Roots Guide

Author : Tony McCarthy
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Provides clear, step-by-step instructions. It equips you to do your own research in the Irish archives, showing you how to avoid pitfalls, explains the key documentary collections, and adopts a fresh approach to family history, never forgetting that half of our ancestors were women.

The Irish Jurist

Author :
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The Irish Question

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Foreign Affairs
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Selections from the Irish Quarterly Review

Author :
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The Irish in New Jersey

Author : Dermot Quinn
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Since Irish immigrants began settling in New Jersey during the seventeenth century, they have made a sizable impact on the state's history and development. As the budding colony established an identity in the New World, the Irish grappled with issues of their own: What did it mean to be Irish American, and what role would "Irishness" play in the creation of an American identity? In this richly illustrated history, Dermot Quinn uncovers the story of how the Irish in New Jersey maintained their cultural roots while also laying the foundations for the social, economic, political, and religious landscapes of their adopted country. Quinn chronicles the emigration of families from a conflict-torn and famine-stricken Ireland to the unfamiliar land whose unwelcoming streets often fell far short of being paved with gold. Using case histories from Paterson, Jersey City, and Newark, Quinn examines the transition of the Irish from a rejected minority to a middle-class, secular, and suburban identity. The Irish in New Jersey will appeal to everyone with an interest in the cultural heritage of a proud and accomplished people.

The Irish Ecclesiastical Record

Author :
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Ireland s Empire

Author : Colin Barr
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Examines the complex relationship between Roman Catholicism and the global Irish diaspora in the nineteenth century for the first time.

The Irish Land Question

Author : Sir James Caird
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Lord Beaconsfield s Irish policy 2 essays

Author : sir John Pope Hennessy
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The History of Ireland Ancient and Modern

Author : Martin Haverty
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Some Remarks on the Irish Church Bill Etc

Author : William Maziere BRADY
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