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How to Bonk in Public

Author : Mathias Prouvost
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From the best-selling authors of How to Poo at Work and How to Bonk at Work comes the follow-up that everyone's been waiting for: How to Bonk in Public will help you get busy wherever you are! You know the feeling - a bit bored at the bus stop and need something to occupy your time for ten minutes, or you find the latest exhibition of blobby sculptures at the local art gallery dreadfully dull. Well worry no more about what to do, for How to Bonk in Public will liberate your mind, body and soul with more than 50 ways to get busy outdoors and the solutions to more than 50 problems you may encounter. Too many people around? No problem, this book's full of ideas to get you far from the madding crowd. Broad daylight? Don't panic, you will find many ways to avoid lines of sight. Next time you hear someone say 'smash it' at a football match you'll know exactly what to do and where to go!

How to Bonk at Work

Author : Mats
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How to Bonk at Work is the only guide to getting your end away at work, and is bursting with useful advice that you'll need to have any chance of bonking at work. It starts with the Golden Rules of Workplace Fornication and follows up with many practical, real-life examples, showing you not only how to do it, but how to enjoy getting the job done while you're on the job!

How to Poo on Holiday

Author : Mats
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Thanks to Mats & Enzo you know How to Poo at Work--what about when you are farther afield? "Abroad" is far away and mysterious and famous for toilet confusion--so this incredibly useful little book will be a godsend as you wonder how to ask Loïc for the prevezioù or Jesus for the banheiro or as you struggle to flush Tokyo's finest electro-loo. It explains the golden rules for relieving yourself abroad, and gives useful lists detailing how to find and use a variety of exotic and eccentric bathroom appliances in many far-off lands. Also included are details of unspoken toilet etiquette that may just save your bladder in a toilet emergency. This book is filled with fun advice and real-life situations, and you'd be crazy to go to the bathroom on vacation without it.

How to Poo on a Date

Author : Mats
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A guide to using the restroom on a date offers advice for handling such situations as being ill, an overflowing toilet, and not enough toilet paper.

The Quarto

Author :
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A Windfall Homestead

Author : Seedy Buckberry
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In volume one of Henry Buckberry's stories (Get Poor Now, Avoid the Rush), we followed Henry from his early childhood in central North Dakota to the dark, dangerous woods of northern Wisconsin. Get Poor Now concluded in September of 1933, with Henry about to survey the devastation of a forest fire that almost burned up his log shack. A Windfall Homestead takes us into the next two decades of Henry's productive, energetic life, as he logs and hunts, clears land for farming, marries, has children, builds a new barn and house from windfall lumber. Henry's life exemplifies the fate of an essentially preindustrial rural culture about to be overwhelmed by post-World War II technology with its comprehensive commercial culture extruded by fossil fuel affluence. Henry's was not so much the greatest generation as it was the last unself-conscious rural subsistence generation of European heritage. These stories, all told in Henry's voice, were taken down shortly before Henry's death in 2009 by Henry's son Charles Darwin Buckberry, also known as C. D. or Seedy Buckberry. Seedy claims these stories are accurate and true. Readers are advised to suspend their civilized disbelief.

Theology in the Context of World Christianity

Author : Timothy C. Tennent
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It’s no secret that the center of Christianity has shifted from the West to the global South and East. While the truths of the Christian faith are universal, new contexts bring new questions, new understandings, and new expressions. What does this mean for theology? Is the Christian faith not only culturally translatable, but also theologically translatable?Timothy Tennent answers this question with a resounding yes. Theological reflection is alive and well in the majority world church, and these new perspectives need to be heard, considered, and brought into conversation with Western theologians. Global theology can make us aware of our own blind spots and biases. Because of its largely conservative stance, global theology has much to offer toward the revitalization of Western Christianity.Tennent examines traditional theological categories in conversation with theologians from across the globe, making this volume valuable for students, pastors, missionaries, and theologians alike.

Cobbett s Political Register

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Alice in Euroland

Author : Willem H. Buiter
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The paper contains a detailed critique of the common currency arrangements of the Economic and Monetary Union, embodied in the laws and emerging procedural arrangements that govern the actions of its key institutions: the European Central Bank and the European System of Central Banks. The main message here is 'Great idea, shame about the execution'. A number of improvements are then proposed. Some of these require amending the Treaty, including an end to the rule that each EMU member's national central bank has a seat on the Governing Council or the removal of the power of the Council of Ministers to give 'general orientations' for exchange rate policy. Others, notably in the areas of accountability, openness and transparency, could be implemented immediately, including publication of voting records, minutes and the inflation forecast. Improved arrangements are also advocated for the co-ordination of monetary and fiscal policy. And the article calls for a European Parliament that can both bark and bite.

What Motivates Faculty to Teach in Distance Education

Author : Ruth Gannon-Cook
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What Motivates Faculty to Teach in Distance Education? provides seminal data on what has been found to best motivate faculty to teach online. This information is critical to most universities because, in order to stay competitive, many will increase their online course offerings. Faculty will be needed to design and teach these programs.