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How to Eat Bread

Author : Miranda Threlfall-Holmes
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'a fiercely intelligent theologian and historian' - The Independent 'Miranda gives us the confidence to sit and taste the Bible's profound and life-changing goodness.' - Stephen Cottrell, Archbishop of York As a vicar, Miranda Threlfall-Holmes is used to being asked to recommend a book on how and why to read the Bible. Filling the gap between popular Bible reading notes and more academic books, How to Eat Bread is the book she'd give to anyone wanting to explore the Bible as part of their faith. Its three main sections delve into the rich heritage of how Christians have read the Bible down the ages: From the Larder - ways that scripture itself uses other parts of scripture, or models and demonstrates different ways of reading Grandma's Recipe Book - historical methods of biblical interpretation Molecular Gastronomy - the insights and methods of modern theological hermeneutics Encouraging readers to try out a variety of tried and tested ways of Bible reading, experiment with different ingredients and sample the results, How to Eat Bread is a refreshingly hands-on approach to understanding this ancient library of texts. 'exhilarating and hands-on ... Miranda Threlfall-Holmes provides a fantastic guide' - Fergus Butler-Gallie

Not by bread alone Eating meat and fat for stay Lean and Healthy

Author : Vilhjalmur Stefansson
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The author details his experiment in extreme nutrition. This famous book extols the virtues of meat in the human diet.

Christian Treasury

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The school and children s Bible prepared under the superintendance of W Rogers

Author : William Rogers
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The Gospel

Author : Jongwoo Han
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This book merges and harmonizes the four Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John into one. This unified version, which I call The Gospel, is based on the faith that the four different gospels exist in order to form together the complete story of Jesus life and ministry. I consolidated these sources by identifying common denominators among them as well as parts that are unique to each, and then interweaving it all into a single narrative, using only original texts. This integrated version may offer greater incentive to our youth, laymen, and non-believers as well as professionals to read and learn more about what Jesus did and taught. (Acts 1:1). In the past, there have been many attempts to make the four Gospels easier for readers, often displaying similar episodes in parallel columns, in an effort to resolve the Gospels narrative complexity by harmonizing them in one way or another; however, in regard to the text itself, previous books do not rise to the level of precision and completeness that is achieved here. Answering this need for a clear chronological telling of The Story of Jesus, this book unifies every account of the four Gospels into a single story, without omitting or compromising any part. On a given topic in Jesus ministry, this book uses as its base whichever gospel is the greatest common denominator, consolidates identical or similar parts from other Gospels, and integrates the unique and different elements of each book into a single story.

The Life of Christ

Author : Dr. Dennis Cravens
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Read the entire story of Christ’s life in one flowing easy to read narrative based solely on the verses in four gospels and with references to those biblical verses.

The Wesleyan Sunday school magazine afterw The Wesleyan methodist Sunday school magazine

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Author : George L. Huttar
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First published in 1994. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Apocalypse Explained According to the Spiritual Sense

Author : Emanuel Swedenborg
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Gut Reactions

Author : Justin Sonnenburg
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"The link between our biomes, gut bacteria and our overall health is the final frontier of medicine that we must now embrace if we are ever to advance as a profession ... This book comes at the perfect time!" Dr Christian Jessen, presenter of 'Embarrassing Bodies' and 'Supersize vs. Superskinny' From your weight, to how you age, to allergies and diseases - your gut controls it all. In Gut Reactions, leading scientists Justin and Erica Sonnenberg explain how we've neglected this vital organ for far too long. As well as the consequences you might expect - a dramatic rise in food intolerances and inflammatory bowel diseases - are a whole host of other concerns, such as an increase in cancer, asthma, autism and diabetes. We now have only 1,200 species of microbes living in our gut. We used to have many more. Why are these species becoming extinct? And how do we prevent it? With recipes and meal plans, as well as guidance on alternatives to antibiotics and lifestyle choices, Gut Reactions will help you to interpret, understand and incorporate these new radical findings into your diet and lifestyle and will help you on your journey to a healthier gut. PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED AS THE GOOD GUT