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How To Eat Your Way Back To Rock Hard Erections Why Processed Supermarket Products are Causing Erectile Dysfunction and how to Fight Back with the Ri

Author : Ben Hursley
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Men are under daily attack from the preservatives in processed food, the emasculating chemicals found in public tap water, and the female growth hormones in meats, all of which are causing an increase in erectile dysfunction. With the average 25 year old male only having half the sperm count he should have, our virility is literally being eroded everyday by the supermarkets and fast food chains in the name of profit. This book shows you how to fight back with the right food choices, with proper 'man food' and no boring diets, to boost sperm count, increase testosterone and libido, and cure ED fast. It also includes all the best natural replacements for Viagra and Cialis, and simple easy exercises to get rock hard erections again, including the 2 thousand year old super stud programme, Tiema, as used by the great historical leaders like Genghis Khan, who fathered over 2,000 children, and has 16 million descendants today.


Author : C. M. Kent
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Still swept up in their dreamy whirlwind romance, Kristie and Enrique are more in love than ever. Their tender, loving, and intense union has brought them so much joy and happiness, not to mention crazy hot, explosive passion, and they can’t wait to see what their future holds. Although they are met with challenges and heartache, they know they can get through anything together. From the moment they met, they knew they would be together forever, and they feel so fortunate to be living through this beautifully insane journey together. This is part of a series. The Love Novel Series 1. Love & Destiny 2. Falling 3. Truly, Madly, Deeply 4. Heavenly 5. Love & Heartbreak Also by C. M. Kent The Miami Connections Novel Series 1. Miami Connections: Secrets and Lies. Part One 2. Miami Connections: Secrets and Lies. Part Two 3. Miami Connections: The Domino Effect. Part One 4. Miami Connections: The Domino Effect. Part Two 5. Miami Connections: Redemption. Part One 6. Miami Connections: Redemption. Part Two 7. Miami Connections: Liberation. Part One 8. Miami Connections: Liberation. Part Two 9. Miami Connections: Peace, Love, & Retribution. Part One 10. Miami Connections: Peace, Love, & Retribution. Part Two

The Enchanted Inn

Author : Pam Champagne
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When snow forces Gina to stop and spend the night at the Enchanted Inn, she’s less than happy to find her ex-fiancé there, too. But she can be civil for one night, especially after the innkeeper gives them a bottle of homemade wine to share. A few glasses of that wine sends Luke and Gina back to 1778, where Luke seems to think he’s someone called John—a man who knows more about life in colonial times than he should. Gina may be able to deal with the hardships her new reality throws at her, but she doesn’t give up hope of finding a way home. And when she does find a way, she’s determined to take John with her—whether he wants to go or not.

Rock Me Gently

Author : HK Carlton
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Breaking News: Rock-God Jase West Quits the Music Biz! Jase West has it all. Millions of adoring fans, money, women, cars and the talent that affords him the extravagant lifestyle he enjoys. But in reality, his life has become nothing more than a non-stop hazy binge of coke-fuelled sets, bright lights and endless travel. At one time, creating the music was the most important thing. Somewhere along the way he's lost the heart for it and himself in the process. After fulfilling his contractual obligations, Jase quits the music business and goes back to school, re-emerging as Jason Westlake, history teacher. During Jason's first set of parent/teacher interviews, he meets burned once, twice shy Lainey Clarkson, the single mother of one of his students, and he's immediately drawn to her. The country music lovin' mama has no idea who Jase West is and Jason wants to keep it that way. But secrets always have a way of coming out and building a new relationship on them is nothing but a heartbreak song in the making.

When I m with You

Author : Linda Lael Miller
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Explore the wilder side of New York Times bestselling authors Linda Lael Miller and JoAnn Ross in four steamy short stories . . . One Last Weekend College sweethearts Teague and Joanna Darby never imagined they’d end up on the brink of divorce. But when a ferry strike leaves them stranded together at their beloved beach cottage, the most awkward weekend ever becomes the perfect chance to fall for each other all over again . . . Batteries Not Required Rodeo star Tristan McCullough isn’t quite the boy Gayle Hayes left behind when she put her Montana home town in her rearview mirror. Now that she’s back, the spark still zinging between them might just light up the rest of their lives together . . . Cajun Heat Emma Quinlan has to stop thinking about her former Cajun crush, movie star Gabe Broussard, so she makes a list of all the things she wishes he would do to her and buries it in a graveyard at night. Except Gabe somehow gets hold of it—and he intends to make every blissful wish come true . . . Love Potion #9 It’s bad enough that Hollywood hotshot Sloan Hawthorne’s knowledge of Roxi Dupree’s witchcraft comes from comic books and fairytales. She’s also falling hard for the outrageously sexy hunk—and their natural ability to conjure up some mischievous magic for those steamy Savannah nights . . . Visit us at

Leaving Blue Bayou

Author : JoAnn Ross
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Cajun Heat "A keeper to read again and again." –Angel, Romance Junkies Movie star Gabe Broussard has come back to his Louisiana hometown for some peace, but things only heat up the minute he reunites with Emma Quinlan. With her lush body and hearty appetite, she's no Hollywood matchstick, and oh cher, does he like that. Emma just has to stop thinking about her former Cajun crush, so she makes a list of all the things she wishes he would do to her and buries it in a graveyard at night. Except it's the wrong list--Gabe finds the right one, and he intends to fulfill every blissful one of them. . . Love Potion #9 It's bad enough that Hollywood hotshot Sloan Hawthorne's knowledge of Roxi Dupree's witchcraft comes from comic books and fairy tales. What's worse is that she's falling hard for the outrageously sexy hunk. Pretty soon they're both finding that the steamy Savannah nights are perfect for conjuring up some mischievous magic of their own. . . Plus Bonus Novella, Dear Santa. . . Mystery author Holly Berry's SUV has broken down in the little hamlet of Santa's Village, Washington. Holly hates the holidays--that is until lodge owner Gabriel O'Halloran and his five-year-old daughter rekindle her belief in passion, magic, and Christmas wishes. . .

Blonde Heat

Author : Susan Johnson
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SUMMER OF LOVE Three best friends from the city are coming home this summer--and temperatures are going to soar. For each, the small lakeside town of Ely holds warm memories of erotic trysts and first crushes, passionate nights and bittersweet heartbreak. Now they are returning to their hometown for the hottest summer of their lives--and three new chances at love. . . For Serena, the bored would-be socialite, the passion she’s been missing comes in the form of a man all wrong for her--for all the deliciously right reasons. For Ceci, the poet and cynic, the art of love was a carefully orchestrated game--until the town bad boy teaches her the pleasure of losing control. And for Lily, the cable TV star recovering from a broken marriage, the carefree summer fling she’d begun with Ely’s most handsome and eligible resident burns with a sensual heat that will melt every taboo. Neither Lily, Ceci, nor Serena knows how the summer will end, but one thing is certain--each will experience a seduction to remember. . .

A Prescription for Long Lasting Youth

Author : Dian Jen
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After thirty-eight years working in the computer industry, Dian has found retirement to be surprisingly exciting and fun. Besides traveling, cruising, and casino hopping, he and his wife also enjoy many other good things their retired life has to offer. However, everywhere they went, they saw seniors struggling with their poor health and disabilities. It made them realize how fortunate they are that at their age, they still have excellent health. Obviously, the decision they made earlier in life that put health as an equally important goal as wealth for their retirement was a wise one, and it made all the difference. In addition, they also have no illness or handicaps of any kind, and are not dependent on any mandatory medications. This is why, even in their seventies, they are still able to do all the fun things they used to do in their younger years. Furthermore, Dian had a very successful career. Like others, he dealt with cutthroat competition under unrelenting stresses in his profession, yet still managed to stay on top without sacrificing his good health. He did this by choosing to live a healthy lifestyle that included regular vigorous exercise, a healthy diet, sufficient rest and recovery, and an active sex life, four parts of his “prescription for long-lasting youth.” That is the secret of how he has managed to stay totally fit at over seventy, and still looks and feels like an extremely fit young man twenty years younger. This is what he shares with the readers, plus the fun-filled lifestyle that he and his wife now enjoy living in retirement. Dian associates real-life scenarios, some of them with multicultural background, to address many interesting but relevant issues concerning retirement, sex life, health, and fitness, and the positive impact living a healthy lifestyle can have on our aging process. As part of the conclusion, Dian said, “What I described as my ‘prescription for long-lasting youth’ is at best a strong personal belief, but one that seems to have promising merits, and supported by my personal experience to this date. Although it has made a believer out of me, it will take my lifetime to prove it, and that could be a very, very long time......too long for you to wait for it, even if you could afford to. So why not just join me and give it a try? What have you got to lose, your life?”

The Lookout

Author : Colin Dereham
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When Angus advertises the vacant bedroom in his apartment on a gay site, he ends up with more than he bargained for. Tall, dark and handsome otter Tom and blond muscle-bear Patrick couldn't be more different in personality, yet Angus asks both men to move in. After a boozy first night together culminates in a skinny dip in the complex's swimming pool, Angus, Tom and Patrick fall into bed together. The explosive chemistry between them continues throughout a hot spring and summer. But when Tom and Angus go to visit Angus's family for Christmas, Patrick remains home working. When they return, Patrick has changed, now distant and sullen, and no sign of the vibrant, happy man they've known. At first, Angus thinks Patrick may be jealous of the close bond he's developing with Tom. Then a chance discovery in the kitchen bin leads Angus to think there may be darker reasons for the change in Patrick's personality. Tensions brew until late one night, when a disastrous phone call brings Angus's world crashing down around him.

Harlequin Desire April 2021 Box 1 of 2

Author : Brenda Jackson
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Do you love stories with sexy, romantic heroes who have it all—wealth, status, and incredibly good looks? Harlequin® Desire brings you all this and more with these three new full-length titles in one collection! This box set includes: The Marriage He Demands Westmoreland Legacy: The Outlaws By New York Times bestselling author Brenda Jackson Wealthy Alaskan Cash Outlaw has inherited a ranch and needs land owned by beautiful, determined Bianca Banks. She’ll sign it over under one condition: Cash fathering the child she desperately wants. But he won’t be an absentee father and makes his own demand… Twin Games Dynasties: Beaumont Bay By USA TODAY bestselling author Jules Bennett When music producer Will Sutherland signs country’s biggest star, Hannah Banks, their mutual attraction is way too hot…so she switches with her twin to avoid him. But Will Sutherland isn’t one to play games—or let a scheming business rival ruin everything… So Right…with Mr. Wrong The Serenghetti Brothers By USA TODAY bestselling author Anna DePalo Independent fashion designer Mia Serenghetti needs the help of Damian Musil—son of the family that has been feuding with hers for years. But when one hot kiss leads to a passion neither expected, what will become of these star-crossed lovers? For more stories filled with scandal and powerful heroes, look for Harlequin® Desire’s April 2021 Box set 2 of 2.