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How to Get Your Cat to Do What You Want

Author : Warren Eckstein
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"A practical, down-to-earth guide...Well organized and easy to read and to understand." CAT FANCY World-renowed pet behaviorist Warren Eckstein shows you how to walk with your cat, make it come when called, play for hours without ruining your plants and furniture, and more, in this warm, readable guide for feline lovers everywhere. Here are on-the-mark observations, wonderful insights, and step-by-step advice for: Alleviating kitty stress and nervousness; Coping with feline old age; Exercising your beloved mouser, and much more. Plus: diet, grooming, and dentistry tips.

So You Want to Get a Cat an Animal Love

Author : Audrey Frederick
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If you have always wanted a cat but are put off by their reputation of being snooty, uncaring, and messy, then it's time to learn more about possible feline ownership by picking up So! You Want to Get a Cat. As someone who has lived with cats most of her life, Audrey Fox Frederick knows about the joys they can bring. But she also understands that they can cause sleepless nights and be expensive. Frederick delves into the world of frisky felines and explains that being the owner of a cat does not simply consist of putting down a dish of food and water. She teaches you how to address problems that take cat owners by surprise, explains why cats behave in strange ways, and helps you understand how they think. Dog owners and cat owners alike will enjoy this informative look at one of the world's most beloved creatures. So! You Want to Get a Cat is a straightforward guide about cat ownership that will help you decide whether or not to become a cat owner.

Learn How to Make Your Cat Obey You

Author : Dale Carnegie
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Let’s face it – cat training can be a pain in the ass. But at the same time, a small group of people with certain skill sets have been successfully training their cats! Wouldn’t you like to tap into these cat training secrets? Here’s the good news: Anybody – Regardless of their circumstances can equip themselves with these training tools and change their pets forever! Sheba Blake Publishing is here to help make difficult topics easy to understand. We help everyone be more knowledgeable and confident. Whether it’s learning about complex business topics, spirituality or building your self-esteem; people who rely on us, rely on the information we provide to learn the critical skills and relevant information necessary for success. So, join us on our journey of self-improvement!


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LIFE Magazine is the treasured photographic magazine that chronicled the 20th Century. It now lives on at, the largest, most amazing collection of professional photography on the internet. Users can browse, search and view photos of today’s people and events. They have free access to share, print and post images for personal use.

The Cat Whisperer

Author : Mieshelle Nagelschneider
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Practical and effective strategies for solving every feline behavior problem imaginable—from litter box issues to scratching, spraying, biting, and beyond. “Mieshelle Nagelschneider is a wizard at demystifying cat behavior and providing easy-to-follow steps for solving vexing problems.”—Bob Tarte, author of Kitty Cornered Cat Whisperer Mieshelle Nagelschneider has been helping people deal with these dilemmas for two decades, achieving a near-perfect success rate. Central to her approach is a keen understanding of the unique way cats see the world—their need for safety and security, their acute territoriality, and their insatiable desire to catch and kill prey. Her proven C.A.T. cat behavior modification plan is a commonsense course of action that can be specifically tailored to your cat in the context of its behavior problems and its particular household environment. Easy-to-implement solutions help transform even the most anxiety-riddled companions into confident, gregarious, and relaxed cats who live longer, happier, and healthier lives. Inside you’ll discover • how to harness the power of “friendly pheromones” to improve your cat’s appetite, exploration, grooming, and play • where, when, and how to create a litter box environment that will provide ease of access and reduce anxiety for you and your cat • how to end aggression in multiple-cat households and help your cats coexist peacefully Who says you can’t train a cat? In this fascinating and indispensable book, the Cat Whisperer takes you inside the mind of a feline to explain why members of one of the world’s most inscrutable species act the way they do—and how you can convince them to change their behaviors for the sake of your peace of mind . . . and theirs.

St Nicholas

Author :
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101 Training Tips for Your Cat

Author : Carin A. Smith
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Describes feline behavior, offers advice on training a cat, and discusses travel, declawing, neutering, problem behaviors, and discipline

The Essential Kitten

Author : Betsy Sikora Siino
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Owning a kitten is rewarding and fun! Get all you need to know about feeding, training and caring for your pet's health in The Essential Kitten. Special features include professional color photos and expert tips on how to make your kitten a wonderful addition to the family. Learn how to have a great relationship with your pet with The Essential Kitten.

Everyday Cat Excuses

Author : Molly Brandenburg
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Welcome to the cat excuse universe! It’s a place of fur balls, dead things turned into feline playthings, hours spent catnapping--and stubborn, naughty little creatures who do what they want, never what they’re asked. Cats are full of excuses, so any human who happens to be owned by one should use this delightful comic collection to prepare for its sly explanations and justifications. A charmingly line-drawn, highly humorous, and personality-filled kitty presents all the reasons why "I can’t.” I’m shedding, I’m salivating, I’m kneading (but not needing) you, my ears are rotating. Or she can’t be bothered listening because she’s having an intense catnip experience. Cat lovers will recognize every funny scenario...and their pets will want to sneak a peek to discover new ideas!

The Complete Guide To Caring For Your Cat

Author : Graham Meadows
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What Cats Want

Author : Yuki Hattori
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Japan's leading cat doctor tells you EVERYTHING you need to know about feline behaviour Cats are so mysterious. Why do they feel the impulse to climb into tiny spaces? Why do they get that feverish energy at dusk? And for an owner, what is the best way to stroke them? Dr. Yuki Hattori is an internationally recognised specialist in feline behaviour, and can give the answers to all of this and more. His guidance is well-organised and practical, with a different theme on each spread and humorous, clear illustrations showing exactly what to look for – including how to interpret your cat's meows, tail flicks and facial expressions! For new cat owners, What Cats Want will prove to be an invaluable guide. For those who already know their cat well, familiar wisdom is enhanced with new insights about the subtleties of cat behaviour and care. Not only will getting along with your cat help it to live a long and contented life, but it will make YOU feel happy too. Purr.

Take Care of Your Cat

Author : Margaret Crush
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Natural Health Care for Your Cat

Author : Rudolf Deiser
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This home-remedy manual describes feline physiology in detail, and helps owners diagnose sicknesses and health problems specific to cats. The author describes both standard and homeopathic medications.

The School Journal

Author :
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Cat Love

Author : Pam Johnson-Bennett
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Voted "Best Cat Book" by the readers of Cat Fancy magazine.

The Publishers Trade List Annual

Author :
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Manx Cats

Author : Karen Commings
File Size : 66.44 MB
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The most extensive line of basic pet information and training guides on the market, Complete Pet Owner's Manuals are written by experts, and profusely illustrated with full-color photos and instructive, high-quality line art. These books are written in clear, direct language that will appeal to ordinary cat owners, but they also contain information that even experienced breeders and trainers will find enlightening. Each manual has been individually written by an experienced breeder, veterinarian, or qualified expert. Individual titles focus on many of the most popular cat breeds, as well as that favorite, the common house cat.

You CAN Train Your Cat

Author : Gregory Popovich
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Since the beginning of time, cats have convinced the world that they are untrainable so they can do whatever they want...but those days are over! Gregory Popovich is a professional cat trainer who's trained cats to perform amazing circus-style tricks for television and stage, and he's about to reveal his most closely guarded secrets so cat lovers everywhere can put an end to the most common problems:- Stop bad litter box habits End early-morning howling Banish your cat from tabletops and countertops - Prevent begging before mealtime - Put an end to destructive clawing - Make peace between rival cats And so much more, including how to become an expert cat trainer at home and teach your cat to perform Gregory's favorite tricks, like jumping through a hoop or perching on your shoulders. This fun-to-read book also provides wonderful insights into the mysterious, complex feline mind, explaining why cats do the things they do so we can better understand them and enjoy a closer, more meaningful friendship.

Tricks Your Cat Can Do

Author : Gilbert W. Langley
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Instructions for general cat training and for teaching specific tricks.

Our Cats and All about Them

Author : Harrison William Weir
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