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How to Learn a Foreign Language

Author : Aurelia McNeil
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This guide will provide you with some direction and suggestions for your language learning adventure. It discusses the origin of languages, and the importance of overcoming barriers such as negativity. It takes a look at different learning styles and optimum learning periods. You'll learn the value of defining the reasons for language learning, and evaluate your level of commitment and dedication. Further, you'll be able to review techniques such as vocabulary building, being open-minded, practicing regularly, and interacting with native speakers who provide models for us and an opportunity for authentic communication. Moreover, you will see how essential it is to learn not only the language but also the culture. Lastly, you will be able to examine the benefits of being humble, persistent, and motivated. Here is the table of contents: So Many Languages, Overcoming Barriers, Before You Begin, Selecting Learning Materials, Techniques for Success, Sticking It Out, Mastery and Beyond, Interacting with the Native Speakers, Children and Foreign Languages, Finding a Teacher, and Online Resource Guide. Be sure to order your copy today.

How to Learn a Foreign Language

Author : Pimsleur
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In this entertaining and groundbreaking book, Dr. Paul Pimsleur, creator of the renowned Pimsleur Method, the world leader in audio-based language learning, shows how anyone can learn to speak a foreign language. If learning a language in high school left you bruised, with a sense that there was no way you can learn another language, How to Learn a Foreign Language will restore your sense of hope. In simple, straightforward terms, Dr. Pimsleur will help you learn grammar (seamlessly), vocabulary, and how to practice pronunciation (and come out sounding like a native). The key is the simplicity and directness of Pimsleur’s approach to a daunting subject, breaking it down piece by piece, demystifying the process along the way. Dr. Pimsleur draws on his own language learning trials and tribulations offering practical advice for overcoming the obstacles so many of us face. Originally published in 1980, How to Learn a Foreign Language is now available on the 50th anniversary of Dr. Pimsleur’s publication of the first of his first audio courses that embodied the concepts and methods found here. It's a fascinating glimpse into the inner workings of the mind of this amazing pioneer of language learning.

How To Learn a Foreign Language

Author : HowExpert
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If you want to learn any foreign language quickly and easily, then check out this "How To Learn a Foreign Language" step-by-step guide. In this step-by-step guide, you will discover secrets on how to speak a foreign language very quickly and easily. - How to learn any foreign language much faster than before. - Impress your friends with your newfound ability to speak multiple languages. - Speak multiple languages. - Become the multi-cultural kind of person that you always wanted to be. - Instantly fit in with people from different countries. - How to use the media to learn a foreign language. - How to learn a foreign language at the comfort of your own home. - Flash card techniques to improve your foreign language speaking skills. - Tips on how to have more fun learning a new language. - And much more. HowExpert publishes quick 'how to' guides on all topics from A to Z by everyday experts.

How to Learn Any Foreign Language Quickly and Easily

Author : Mark Frobose
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At last .... a practical, easy-to-understand « gold standard » guide to learning foreign languages that works immediately for everyone, regardless of age or background. How to Learn Any Foreign Language Quickly and Easily by Mark Frobose approaches language learning from all possible angles, and offers easy, practical, and inexpensive fluency-building solutions that virtually guarantee that the learner will greatly improve his or her fluency daily, and enjoy the process. Here are just a few of the amazing secrets this cutting-edge book will teach you .... How to speak and understand any new language quickly, easily, and for pennies on the dollar. How to automate your own language learning system to make it inevitable, effortless, and fun How to accelerated your fluency with « high frequency » language How to remember languages while you learn them so you'll never forget How to overcome fear of speaking languages and making mistakes How to create your own simple original sentences in any foreign language in less than five minutes How to use your waiting time to become fluent in the language of your dreams How to program your mind to learn languages quickly and easily and enjoy the process How to spend pennies instead of dollars to learn to speak multiple languages How to easily learn more than one language at a time by studying within language families How to improve your accent so native speakers understand you immediately How to teach your kids how to speak multiple languages with their iPhones and enjoy it

Learning foreign languages successfully

Author : Line Nygren
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After the major success of the eBook "Erfolgreich Fremdsprachen lernen" in Germany, the author and blogger Line Nygren releases an English version of her helpful guidebook. In this eBook you will get many tips and tricks for learning a foreign language. What kind of methods are there to learn languages? How can I motivate myself before learning ? How fast can you learn a foreign language? You will get the answers to all of these questions in these articles: - The different ways to learn languages - Learning vocabulary successfully - Motivated language learning -Train your speech comprehension at the same time - Learning languages quickly? - Is it possible? - The different types of learners when learning languages Enjoy reading my eBook! Line Nygren

Learning a Foreign Language

Author : Alex Poole
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This book introduces aspiring bilinguals to second language acquisition research, but in a way that is accessible to non-specialists and relevant to their lives as language learners.--Elliot Blanton, Spanish Teacher, Butler County High School, Morgantown, Kentucky

How to Learn a Foreign Language

Author : T. J. O' Flaherty
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If you are; studying languages, going on holiday, planning to work abroad, intend to live abroad or are getting married to a foreign language speaker then this book if for you. The book covers and explains: 1 Why learn a foreign language? 2 How we learn language 3 How long it takes to learn a language 4 Similarities in all languages 5 Popular language learning methods 6 The most important 100 words 7 The most important 100 key phrases 8 How to learn 1000 words Becoming fluent in a foreign language. Many people learn a foreign language for the following reasons will find this book of use: The Pimsleur method and Michel Thomas techniques are compared, contrasted and evaluated. The best of both techniques and special memory techniques are used to develop a new language learning technique. Language learning programs online and many other resources are used to bring this book on learning together. A unique memory technique is used to help language students and teacher get the most out of learning and teaching languages. There are many tips and techniques in this book such as how to master different language alphabets, finding how to distinguish between different sounds, rhythms and syntax foreign languages. Audio books, languages dictionaries, soap operas, the news and even children's cartoons can help you learn a foreign language. Students often watch Spanish or South American soap operas. Language learners can use learning resources such as cartoons, radio recordings and transcripts. Explanations on similarities between Latin based languages such as French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese are given and tips are provided on accelerated learning. Many don't know where to buy good language resources. They learn the old fashioned way by trying to remember lots of words but they totally miss out the context of the language. This book covers what you need to focus on in order to be an efficient foreign language learner. Whether you buy language books, language apps or the more traditional language cds and videos or dvds, the most important factor in learning is to follow a methodology and have a learning plan. This book provides you with all the tools needed to succeed in learning a foreign language.

Vocabulary Learning Strategies and Foreign Language Acquisition

Author : Višnja Pavičić Takač
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The book discusses vocabulary learning strategies as an integral subgroup of language learning strategies. It defines language learning strategies in general and their features on the basis of cognitive theory and relevant models of second language acquisition as the basis for empirical research. Furthermore, the book gives a survey of research on vocabulary learning strategies and describes three original empirical studies. Thus, the book attempts at integrating the approaches of theories of second language acquisition, the theory and practice of instructed foreign language learning, and the findings of current empirical research.

The Importance of Learning a Foreign Language in a Changing Society

Author : Emanuel Alvarez-Sandoval
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"This study showed the attitudes of a selected group of Hispanic-American and Caucasian-American high school students toward the importance of learning a foreign language and toward high school exchange programs"--Page 80.

How to Learn Any Language in a Few Months While Enjoying Yourself

Author : Nate Nicholson
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How to Learn a New Language in as Little as a Few Months – and Have a Boatload of Fun Doing It Let me make a prediction. I predict that many, many hundreds of people who will read this description will close this page in a few seconds. “Learn a new language in a few months? Are you out of your mind?” they’ll say. “It’s just too good to be true.” And they will go back to their old language learning methods. You know which methods: toiling away at mind-numbing grammar exercises, learning words nobody uses, and, most importantly, never actually using your skills to communicate with another person. If you’re still with me, I expect you to be different. You think there must be something better. After all, how could people master more than one foreign language in their lives if it usually takes a regular person several years just to learn the basics? The answer is simple – in one way or another, they follow the methods I share in How to Learn Any Language in a Few Months While Enjoying Yourself. They not only learn up to ten times faster than other people, they also have a lot of fun while doing it. How to Learn Any Language in a Few Months While Enjoying Yourself is for you if you want to learn: - without this one thing, you’ll never learn a new language in just a few months. Learn what it is and how to apply it to your everyday life to practice your skills while doing your daily activities. - a completely free way to get native speakers to proofread your writings (and even explain to you all of your mistakes). This one site alone can dramatically improve your writing skills. - an extremely easy way to find a native speaker willing to help you learn her mother language. It’s almost like having a private tutor. - the proper way to improve your listening skills while watching movies. Most people learning a foreign language do it the wrong way and it does nothing to improve their abilities. - how to achieve more with less when learning languages. You don’t have to spend hours and hours cramming every single word and grammar rule. In fact, it works to your detriment. Learn what to do instead. - 9 common mistakes to avoid when learning languages. Reading this chapter alone can save you years of ineffective studies – especially mistake #3, so common among language learners. - a 5-step process to improve your reading skills. You can make your learning process much more enjoyable and effective by choosing the right things to read. Learn what these things are. - a fun idea to learn how to write the way native speakers do. You too can learn the slang and phrases only native speakers use – and know the language better than many academic professors. - how to dramatically improve your language skills when traveling. While it isn’t necessary to go abroad to learn a language, it’s a powerful way to cram a lot of learning into just a few days. - 5 common challenges of language learners and how to deal with them. Learn how to get over the fear of communicating with native speakers. Discover how to find more time to learn and practice your skills. Read three tips on how to deal with discouragement. If you’re ready to supercharge your progress and become fluent in a foreign language in as little as a few months, click the buy button. Why kill yourself doing things the old, non-effective way, if you could make the process much easier and enjoy it more, too? P.S. As a gift for buying my book, you’ll get a resource list with my favorite language learning sites. Keywords: learn a language in 3 months, learn a foreign language, learn another language, learn any language, become fluent in any language, be fluent in 3 months, learning languages, learn languages, learn languages fast, language learning methods, learning a new language, learning a language, learning foreign languages, learning another language, how to learn a new language, how to learn a foreign language