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Marry Me Cowboy

Author : Kim Law
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She’s doing it the way a Holly is supposed to. The right job, the right man, the right kind of wedding. Only, none of it suits Mary Catherine. Well, her fiancé suits her. Sort of. Brad is good for her, and they make a great team. She’s going to be the perfect surgeon’s wife. Oh, and they’ve been good friends since they were kids. That makes it even more right . . . right? Yet something feels off. Maybe it’s simply the over-the top wedding her stepmother has orchestrated. But then Mary Catherine runs into Jax. The bad boy, hell-raising, hotter than a metal tailgate in the late-summer Texas sun cowboy. The guy she once broke all the rules for. Jax. Sigh. She once planned to marry Jax. But in two weeks she’s going to marry Brad.

How to Marry a Cowboy

Author : Cathy McDavid
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Coming home means… Confronting her former crush Trick rider Kenna Hewitt can’t avoid the company of Channing Pearce—not when the handsome cowboy needs Kenna’s help saving his family’s rodeo arena. Working together, and being in a wedding together, soon has old feelings resurfacing. But as a gal who does stunts for a living, trusting in a possible future with the cowboy of her dreams is still the most dangerous task she’s ever faced… New York Times Bestselling Author Wishing Well Springs

The Cowboy

Author : Blake Allmendinger
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What are the connections between cattle branding and Christian salvation, between livestock castration and square dancing, between cattle rustling and the making of spurs and horsehair bridles in prison, between children's coloring books and cowboy poetry as it is practiced today? The Cowboy uses literary, historical, folkloric, and pop and cultural sources to document ways in which cowboys address religion, gender, economics, and literature. Arguing that cowboys are defined by the work they do, Allmendinger sets out in each chapter to investigate one form of labor (such as branding, castration, or rustling) in the cowboy's "work culture." He looks at early oral poems recited around campfires, on trail drives, at roundups, and at home in ranch bunkhouses, and at later poems, histories, and autobiographies written by cowboys about their work - most of which have never before received scholarly attention. Allmendinger shows how these texts address larger concerns than the work at hand - including art, morality, spirituality, and male sexuality. In addition to spotlighting little-known texts, art, and archival sources, The Cowboy examines the works of Mark Twain, John Steinbeck, Willa Cather, Louis L'Amour, Larry McMurtry, and others. Unique among studies of the American cowboy, Allmendinger's study looks at what cowboys thought of themselves, and the ways in which they represented those thoughts in their own prose, poetry, and artifacts. Richly illustrated with photographs of cowboys at work and at play, many previously unpublished, The Cowboy will interest scholars of American literature and history, and American Studies, as well as those interested in Western history and culture, folklore, and gender studies.

Cowboy s Fake Marriage

Author : Lexi Banks
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It was just supposed to be a joke. Everyone who knows me will tell you, “Houston loves a good joke.” But now it’s too real. Cassidy the Tomboy, the tough cowgirl with no boyfriend, needed a man to accompany her to her cousin’s wedding. I had nothing better to do, so we went. I’m not a man to pass up free booze. I didn’t think it’d be a big deal, but seeing Cassidy in a dress changed everything. I always thought of her as one of the guys, but now I can’t stop thinking of her as a sexy woman. Oh, then there was the little joke where she lied about us being married. It shouldn’t have been a big deal, but the lie spread, and now we’re having to pretend to be husband and wife. Maybe we should have just told the truth right away, but now, spending time around her, I don’t want the lie to end. I’ll pretend to be her husband until the truth or lie wins.

Never Marry a Cowboy

Author : Lorraine Heath
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In his arms she found the greatest joy she'd ever known . . . but his heart belonged to another. Can her love make their marriage real before their time together ends—forever?

Cowboy s Redemption Premeditated Marriage

Author : B.J. Daniels
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“B.J. Daniels is at the top of her game…the perfect blend of hot romance and thrilling suspense.” —New York Times bestselling author Allison Brennan “Daniels is truly an expert at Western Romantic Suspense” —RT Book Reviews on Atonement From New York Times bestseller B.J. Daniels Montana men and then some! Cowboy’s Redemption A cult leader stole her baby. Now Lola Dayton is desperate for Colt McCloud’s help. Learning he’s a father is a shock to Colt’s system, but family secrets and the threat of danger won’t make this man back down. Premeditated Marriage All the men Charlotte Larkin cares for wind up dead. An attempt on Charlie’s life convinces Gus Riley a murderer is behind her “curse.” But their pretend affair to lure the killer out is becoming dangerously real. Don’t miss other gripping titles in The Montana Cahills mini-series! Renegade’s Pride Outlaw’s Honor Cowboy’s Legacy Hero’s Return Rancher’s Dream

Marriage at the Cowboy s Command

Author : Ann Major
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"Knowing about my son changes everything." Business is what brings wealthy cowboy Luke Kilgore home to Texas. Or that's what he tells himself, until he sees his former lover. Caitlyn Wakefield needs his skill to save her ranch, so why is she so nervous about accepting his help? He knows as soon as he catches sight of her son…their son. In spite of her lies, Luke still wants Caitlyn. But he won't settle for less than all she has. They will marry. He will be a father to their son. And he will not trust her again…no matter how she tempts him.

Married Cowboy

Author : Drew Hunt
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Sequel to Calvin’s Cowboy When John “Brock” Brockwell’s high school class ring goes missing, then later reappears, his boyfriend, Calvin Hamilton, denies all knowledge. Often when Brock walks into a room, Calvin and his guests change the subject. What’s going on? Brock wonders if Calvin is working up to proposing marriage. But despite several opportunities -- limo rides, drinking champagne in a private jet before retiring to the bedroom at the back of the plane, and vacationing on a gay dude ranch in Texas -- Calvin doesn’t pop the question. Brock soon finds life as a cowboy on the ranch isn’t what he thought it would be. When he confesses this to Calvin, tempers flare. Where are the wedding bells Brock was expecting? Will love and honor win out over pride and stubbornness?

Marriage Minded Cowboy

Author : Vicki Lewis Thompson
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Fake it ’til you make it... To derail his mother’s ill-conceived plan to move in with him, wrangler Teague Sullivan claims he’s engaged to fourth grade teacher Val Jenson. His mom counters with a spur-of-the-moment visit, forcing Teague to recruit Val as his live-in fake fiancée. Val agrees to help him, although she’s been wary of the sexy cowboy ever since he jumped the gun and proposed a week after they met. Her condition? Zip his lip regarding love and commitment. He may be ready to settle down, but she’s not. Once his mom leaves, she’s outta there, unless he can convince her marriage isn’t on his mind… Saddle up for the fun-filled Buckskin Brotherhood series! Steamy western romances from the NYT bestselling author who brought you The McGavin Brothers of Eagles Nest, Montana. If you like sexy cowboys, charming small towns, and laugh-out-loud adventures, you’ll love meeting the Buckskin Brotherhood. THE BUCKSKIN BROTHERHOOD The books in this series are standalone romances and can be read in any order. Sweet-Talking Cowboy (Matt & Lucy) Big-Hearted Cowboy (Jake & Millie) Baby-Daddy Cowboy (CJ & Isabel) True-Blue Cowboy (Nick & Eva) Strong-Willed Cowboy (Rafe & Kate) Secret-Santa Cowboy (Leo & Fiona) Stand-Up Cowboy (Garrett & Anna) Single-Dad Cowboy (Zeke & Nell) Marriage-Minded Cowboy (Teague & Val) Gift-Giving Cowboy (Sky & Penny)

Cowboy s Convenient Marriage

Author : Mary Sue Jackson
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You can’t fool true love… Charlotte Kennedy thought she was a U.S. citizen, but it turns out she isn’t. Now, to claim her inheritance, she has no choice but to get married— ASAP! Otherwise, her brother is threatening to have her deported, so he take over the family company. But luckily, Charlotte has a potential husband in mind… Sexy cowboy Emmett Sawyer. As a teenager, Emmett proposed to Charlotte just to make her laugh. She never gave him an answer then. But his response to her sudden proposal now is a definitive no. She may be gorgeous, but getting married to a woman he’s barely seen since high school sounds crazy to the gruff, taciturn cowboy. That is, until he sees the conditions of his frail mother’s new nursing home. Charlotte’s impulsive proposal includes a nice cash influx for him. Which would give him enough money to take care of his mother, and his struggling ranch. But then Emmett starts letting his heart get in the way of common sense. And it’s not long before he realizes he’s in real danger of falling in love with his fake wife…