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Handbook of Law and Economics

Author : A. Mitchell Polinsky
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Law can be viewed as a body of rules and legal sanctions that channel behavior in socially desirable directions - for example, by encouraging individuals to take proper precautions to prevent accidents or by discouraging competitors from colluding to raise prices. The incentives created by the legal system are thus a natural subject of study by economists. Moreover, given the importance of law to the welfare of societies, the economic analysis of law merits prominent treatment as a subdiscipline of economics. This two volume Handbook is intended to foster the study of the legal system by economists. *The two volumes form a comprehensive and accessible survey of the current state of the field. *Chapters prepared by leading specialists of the area. *Summarizes received results as well as new developments.

High Performance Boards

Author : Didier Cossin
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A comprehensive guide to transforming boards and achieving best-practice governance in any organisation. When practising good governance, the board is the vital driver of organizational success, while fostering positive social impact and economic value creation. At all levels, executives around the world are faced with complexities rising from disruptive business models, new technologies, socio-economic changes, shifting political circumstances, and an array of other sources. High Performance Boards is the comprehensive manual for attaining best-in-class governance, offering pragmatic guidance on improving board quality, accountability, and performance. This authoritative volume identifies the four dimensions, or pillars, which are crucial for establishing and maintaining best-practice boards: the people involved, the information architecture, the structures and processes, and the group dynamics and culture of governance. This methodology can be applied to any board in the world, corporate or non-profit organization, regardless of size, sector, industry, or context. Readers are introduced to a fictitious senior board member – an amalgamation of board members from well-known organisations – and follow her as she successfully handles real-life challenges with effective governance. Drawn from the author’s 20 years of practice and confidential work with boards across the world, this book: Demonstrates how high-performance boards innovate and refine their practices Discusses examples of board failures and challenges, including case studies from both for-profit and non-profit organisations including international organizations and state-owned agencies or even ministries Provides a proven framework to create best-in-class governance Includes a companion website featuring tools for board assessment and board practice High Performance Boards has inspired more than 3000 board members around the world. This book is essential reading for professionals and managers interested in governance and board members, senior managers, investors, lawyers, and students of governance.

Jonas and Kovner s Health Care Delivery in the United States

Author : Steven Jonas
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"How do we understand and also assess the health care of America? Where is health care provided? What are the characteristics of those institutions which provide it? Over the short term, how are changes in health care provisions affecting the health of the population, the cost of care, and access to care? These core issues regarding our health policy are answered in this text.This is a textbook for course work in health care, the handbook for administrators and policy makers, and the standard for in-service training programs"--Provided by the Publisher.

The High Performance Board

Author : Dennis D. Pointer
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While boards acknowledge they bear ultimate responsibility and accountability for their organizations' affairs, governance quality is often far from optimal. The High- Performance Board offers pragmatic and candid advice about what your board must do to maximize performance and contributions. The authors provide sixty-four principles designed to help your board achieve peak performance. They describe every principle in detail and present best practices and practical applications for each one. Each section of the book concludes with a board check-up-a set of questions that can be used to assess your board in light of the principles. A quick read for busy board members, this book is the ultimate board "drivers' manual."

Johns Hopkins Internal Medicine Board Review E Book

Author : Bimal Ashar
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Don't gamble on the most important exam of your career... ace the boards with the Johns Hopkins Internal Medicine Board Review! Johns Hopkins was the birthplace of the Internal Medicine residency, and it has led the field ever since. Now it's also the source of the most effective board-review tool in the specialty! Respected experts summarize just the imperative information you need to know for certification or recertification. Get all the core knowledge you need through comprehensive review text; bolded key information; and helpful tables and algorithms. Test your skills and simulate the exam experience with over 1,000 exam questions; complete, comprehensive answers in study and test modes; and fully searchable text online at Go into the exam with confidence with exam-taking tips and tricks. View full-color clinical images covering all the image types you'll see on the boards, including x-rays, common skin findings, peripheral blood smear, ophthalmology findings, and CT and MR images. Master the latest knowledge and concepts in the field through fully updated text questions.

Maximizing Performance and Scalability with IBM WebSphere

Author : Adam Neat
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* Describes the IBM WebSphere versions 4.0 and 5.0 architecture from a nuts and bolts level, giving visibility to the technology and underlying WebSphere platform design * Describes how to proactively manage the performance of an IBM WebSphere v4 or v5 platform * Thorough descriptions of tuning WebSphere with performance and robustness in mind * Teaches the reader how to develop custom IBM WebSphere performance monitoring and management tools

The Effective Board

Author : Neville Bain
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The Effective Board is a best practice guide for improving one's effectiveness as a board member, and the effectiveness of the board overall - whether it's for a publicly-traded company, a small business, a public sector body or a board of trustees. Using case studies and research from the Institute of Directors, this book provides useful insights into the workings of an effective board and the importance and benefits of good governance.

State Holding Companies and Public Enterprises in Transition

Author : Anjali Kumar
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'...very valuable for both policy-makers and researchers...' Professor Athar Hussain, Director, Development Economics Research Programme, STICERD, The London School of Economics and Political Science 'The really novel idea is to bring together the experience of three rather diverse countries and then to discuss Eastern Europe in the light of this experience. State holding companies are likely to play a major role in Eastern Europe over the next ten years or more but very little has been written on them and few of the people advising the East Europeans have any real knowledge about them.' Professor Robert Rowthorn, University of Cambridge ' and substantial...' Professor John Toye, Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex '...most informative...The conclusions are appropriately restrained, well-balanced and wise...The emphasis on the differences between portfolio management and enterprise management is a distinction that East Europe will eventually have to learn.' Raymond Vernon, Emeritus Professor, John F.Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University Large and poorly performing state-owned enterprises pose a problem for countries attempting to move away from government controls towards more liberal economic environments. Privatization is an unproven solution which is proving difficult to implement on a major scale. Intermediate solutions may therefore prove to be the way forward. This book focuses on one of these: the state holding company. It first discusses the state holding company as a managerial form, which permits decentralised public enterprise management, and offers a framework for its analysis. Then, drawing upon the experience of both developed and developing countries, it examines the extent to which the indirect state ownership of public enterprises through holding companies can contribute to transition processes. It shows that the experience of countries like Italy, Egypt and Algeria has direct relevance for institutional structures evolving in the newly transforming countries of Eastern Europe, which are struggling to find a balance between public enterprise ownership and efficiency.

Report of the Defense Science Board Task Force on Submarine of the Future

Author :
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Co operative Innovations in China and the West

Author : C. Gijselinckx
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This book aims to contribute to our understanding of recent changes in Chinese and Western cooperatives. It will provide a variety of audiences with relevant and useful information for further co-operative development, mutual understanding and cooperation.

Decisions and Orders of the National Labor Relations Board

Author : United States. National Labor Relations Board
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PC Mag

Author :
File Size : 65.64 MB
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Download » is a leading authority on technology, delivering Labs-based, independent reviews of the latest products and services. Our expert industry analysis and practical solutions help you make better buying decisions and get more from technology.

Proceedings of the Board of Regents

Author : University of Michigan. Board of Regents
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Beyond World Class

Author : C. Morton
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Being 'world class' is inextricably linked to being competitive. In this new book the author builds upon Becoming World Class and incorporates his experience of introducing fundamental changes in a number of major organisations. The author discusses how organisations can compete when competitors have also introduced the management innovations of recent years and become `lean'. He argues that success comes not from making business processes more efficient but from the contribution of people and he examines how companies can successfully motivate employees. This is an innovative book which puts forward a new approach for regional development in a global context. The author argues that the three elements of society, the firm and individual must work together to achieve economic growth in these competitive and changing times.

Minimize Injury Maximize Performance

Author : Dr. Tommy John
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Dr. Tommy John's unique program: a diet, lifestyle, and movement plan (Rethink. Rebuild. Replenish. Recover) for injury- and performance-proofing young athletes in every sport Beginning as early as age 6 and continuing through the teenage years and on into their twenties, both male and female athletes are more at risk of serious injuries at younger ages than ever before. Dr. Tommy John, son of lefty pitcher Tommy John and also a sports performance and healing specialist, offers an invaluable diet, lifestyle, and movement plan (Rethink. Rebuild. Replenish. Recover) for injury- and performance-proofing young athletes in every sport. Dr. John explores the sudden rise of Tommy John surgeries being performed on young athletes today, as well as the many injuries--and the surgeries required to fix them--increasing at an alarming rate in baseball and all youth sports. Dr. John's book outlines the three top causes behind this "injury epidemic": The American lifestyle, the business of youth sports (from coaches to corporations), and the decisions we believe as parents are truly benefiting our children. Minimize Injury, Maximize Performance focuses on prevention, and also offers tips on how to tailor the advice for athletes coming back from an injury, with over 120 black and white photographs.

Leading the Board

Author : A. Kakabadse
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This book provides unique and powerful insights into what it takes to succeed as a chairman leading a modern organization. Based on global research, the authors unveil the six disciplines of world-class chairmen. Leading the Board will become the standard work of reference and inspiration for the world's chairmen and would-be chairmen alike.

5 Steps to Board Success

Author : Mark Daly
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"Want to Lead Your Business to Greatness?" Wouldn't you like to earn more money, outsmart competition, and gain more control over your business's destiny? This book is your complete “how to” resource for small and midsize business boards. Whether you want to create a peak performing advisory board, improve an existing board of directors, or be a great board member, you will refer to this easy-to-read guide again and again. You will discover how easy it is to: Identify and attract great board members who will infuse expertise and wisdom into your business. Stay focused on winning strategies. The 15 Key Strategic Questions every board should help you answer will be revealed. Run lively, highly effective board meetings that generate fresh ideas and help you make the right decisions. Evaluate and compensate your board so that it is genuinely motivated to grow and improve your business. Recruit special board members that can jump-start family and entrepreneurial businesses. Become a peak-performing board member. The Appendix has 30+ pages of useful examples and valuable resources. "No book helps small and mid-sized business owners better in putting together an effective board – probably the most valuable step they can take to strengthen their company” John L. Ward – Professor of Family Enterprises at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management. Mark Daly has created four successful companies. He has served on many boards and is a top rated YPO resource on effective boards.

Performance Management in Nonprofit Organizations

Author : Zahirul Hoque
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With increased competition for external funding, technological advancement, and public expectations for transparency, not-for-profit and non-governmental organizations are facing new challenges and pressures. While research has explored the roles of accounting, accountability, and performance management in nonprofit organizations, we still lack evidence on the best practices these organizations implement in the areas of accountability and performance management. This book collects and presents that evidence for the first time, offering insights to help nonprofits face these new challenges head-on. Performance Management in Nonprofit Organizations focuses on both conventional and contemporary issues facing nonprofits, presenting evidence-based insights from leading scholars in the field. Chapters examine the design, implementation, and working of accounting, accountability, governance, and performance management measures, providing both retrospective and contemporary views, as well as critical commentaries on accounting and performance related issues in nonprofit organizations The book's contributors also offer critical commentaries on the changing role of accounting and performance management in this sector. This research-based collection is an interesting and useful read for academics, practitioners, students, and consultants in nonprofit organizations, and is highly accessible to accounting and non-accounting audiences alike.

Boardroom Realities

Author : Jay A. Conger
File Size : 87.9 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Praise for Boardroom Realities "Authored by a 'who's who' roster of governance experts, Boardroom Realities covers the latest trends in board leadership and performance as well as talent management for the board and the C-suite—all critical topics for any director serious about board service today." —Kenneth Daly, president and CEO, National Association of Corporate Directors "If leadership and effectiveness in the boardroom were important in a more benign environment, they're absolutely vital in today's tumultuous times. Boardroom Realities provides a modern and detailed road map to help steer chairmen, CEOs, and boards through these uncharted governance waters." —Peter Weinberg, partner, Perella Weinberg Partners "Jay Conger's Boardroom Realities offers a unique perspective on governance through leadership, rather than compliance, and should compel all directors to revisit the focus of board deliberations, especially at this time of unprecedented economic and financial turmoil." —Alison A. Winter, cofounder, WomenCorporateDirectors, and a corporate director for Nordstrom, Inc. "Boardroom Realities is a very comprehensive compilation of useful insights on key issues that boards must deal with every day. It's an excellent resource for board members as well as members of management who must work together to ensure good governance on behalf of shareholders." —Ronald D. Sugar, chairman of the board and CEO, Northrop Grumman Corporation "Jay Conger has collected critical insights and the latest thinking on board leadership from many of today's foremost governance thinkers. Boardroom Realities is a must for your board and for any comprehensive corporate governance library." —Ralph D. Ward, publisher, Boardroom INSIDER, and author, The New Boardroom Leaders

Jonas and Kovner s Health Care Delivery in the United States

Author :
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How do we understand and also assess the health care of America? Where is health care provided? What are the characteristics of those institutions which provide it? Over the short term, how are changes in health care provisions affecting the health of the population, the cost of care, and access to care?. Health Care Delivery in the United States, now in a thoroughly updated and revised 9th edition, discusses these and other core issues in the field. Under the editorship of Dr. Kovner and with the addition of Dr. James Knickman, Senior VP of Evaluation, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, leading thinkers and practitioners in the field examine how medical knowledge creates new healthcare services. Emerging and recurrent issues from wide perspectives of health policy and public health are also discussed. With an easy to understand format and a focus on the major core challenges of the delivery of health care, this is the textbook of choice for course work in health care, the reference for administrators and policy makers, and the standard for in-service training programs.;chapter