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How to Moot

Author : John Snape
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How to Moot contains everything you need to know about preparing for and participating in moots. Whether you are just starting out and in need of a confidence boost, or a more experienced mooter looking for tips to hone your skills, this popular and trusted book will be an invaluable guide.

Preparing to Moot

Author : Sarah L. Cooper
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Mooting is an increasingly important activity in UK law schools. This is because mooting offers students the opportunity to develop advanced analytical, research, drafting and advocacy based skills, which help to improve their general academic achievement and employability profiles. Tangible evidence of these skills is invaluable in a progressively competitive job market. The ideal guide for the first-time mooter, Preparing to Moot provides an accessible, systematic and pragmatic approach which demystifies the process. It focuses on analysis, research and argument construction as the foundations for successful advocacy and provides students with a working guide to use alongside moot problems in five popular topic areas: criminal law, contract law, tort law, human rights and the law of equity. Through careful use of annotated examples generated by real students, and expert tips and advice from the authors, the book shows students how to individually analyse, research and construct arguments for various advocate positions, providing a practical and easy-to-follow overview of how to tackle a moot from analysing a problem initially, right up to beginning to advocate.


Author : Akiva Stern
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"This book provides missing pieces to mooting for students. In part one, it breaks down the essential components of rhetoric, focusing on substantive arguments. Each chapter builds on the next by offering a principle, discussing the generic logic behind the principle, applying it to the legal/mooting setting and then finishes with a case analysis. Part two compiles qualitative research from over 30 competitive mooting students from the faculty of law at the University of Windsor to share their insights on mooting culture and how they have learnt and grown from their experiences. It covers topics including confirmation bias and developing a mooting identity."--

The Cavendish Guide to Mooting

Author : John Snape
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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This text aims to provide positive and practical guidance at every stage of the mooting exercise with hints and tips on how to research legal points, marshal arguments and present them clearly and confidently. Short chapters deal with each of the 100 questions students are most likely to ask.

The Art of Argument

Author : Christopher Kee
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The Art of Argument guides readers through the process of developing, defending and presenting a compelling argument. Primarily aimed at students who are about to undertake or participate in an international mooting competition, The Art of Argument explains in a step-by-step process what to do when you first get the moot problem, how to begin researching the subject matter, the emotional highs and lows, why practice makes perfect, how to handle yourself at the competition, and most importantly to have fun. Through the process of mooting you learn how to construct analytical arguments, to present your point logically and soundly and to consider and address the queries and concerns of your opponent and the Moot Master. For a law student there is no greater skill than constructing a logical and compelling argument.

How to Please the Court

Author : Paul I. Weizer
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Designed for anyone who has an interest in using moot court simulations as an educational exercise, How to Please the Court brings together prominent moot court faculty who share their collective years of experience in building a successful moot court program. Touching on all aspects of the moot court experience, this book guides the reader through conducting legal research, the structure of an oral argument, the tournament experience, and the successes and rewards of competition.

Mooting to Win

Author : Harald Sippel
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Mastering the Art of International Mooting

Author : Timothy A. Affonso
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Mastering the Art of International Mooting: The structure, technique and rules of international mooting is a book that can be used by all levels of law students regardless of their background with international mooting. As law schools around the world develop courses that deal with international mooting, a practical technique-based mooting book will greatly add to the resources for this type of course. This book sets out the nature of the mooting exercise; the rationale for the exercise; how to analyse the fact-patterns; how to research and write skeleton arguments; and how to prepare for oral submissions. This book is unique, in that it provides strategies for moot students on how to deal with situations which may arise at international competitions. Examples of possible addresses to the Court are provided in the book, giving students options of what to say and do in specific situations. While this book also speaks about how to prepare for competitions, it also speaks to coaches of mooting teams. Strategies and tips are provided to present and future coaches in respect of selection of moot teams and judging mooting competitions. It is hoped that this book will increase the standard of mooting and eventual advocacy of law students and eventually lawyers.

The Moot Court Book

Author : John T. Gaubatz
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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How to Moot Things with Audit

Author : Damien Bright
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Mooting to Win

Author : Sippel Harald
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Moot Court Workbook

Author : Sue Painter-Thorne
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The Moot Court Workbook offers an opportunity to participate a range of lawyerly skills, such as collaborating, scheduling, and managing stress, in addition to honing the skills of legal analysis, research, persuasive writing, and oral advocacy. This workbook enhances the educational and practical experience of moot court, including the development of professional identity, and offers basic information students need to perform well in Moot Court and to cultivate professional skills that will make them successful after graduation. Professors and students will benefit from: A focus on active learning—with annotated examples drawn from filed briefs and oral arguments, exercises, tip sheets, rubrics, and checklists—to engage students and to help them learn and retain core content. The authors' experience as professors who teach legal writing (including persuasive writing and oral argument), coach moot court teams, and judge moot court competitions. Clear organization and descriptive headings that ensure easy access to relevant topics Workbook topics that are designed to advance students’ understanding and use of persuasive advocacy skills without limitation to a particular competition problem. Examples and exercises (with suggested answers) that are drawn from a variety of subject areas.

The Essential Guide to Mooting

Author : Emir Aly Crowne-Mohammed
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Mooting is an important step in the development of one's advocacy and communication skills. This thorough "how-to" guide provides students with a road-map to crafting a successful career as a mooter and future advocate in many different arenas. Using this book as a guide, students will be better prepared to step into their "courtrooms" and present credible and persuasive arguments in a manner corresponding to the finest of advocacy skills.

ILSA Guide to International Moot Court Competition

Author : Cecilie Elisabeth Schjatvet
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Art of Oral Advocacy

Author : David C. Frederick
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Chapters include beginning preparation, answering questions, advanced preparation techniques, basic approaches to presenting argument, common mistakes, and attributes of the best advocates. Throughout, the author illustrates points with examples from real cases. It is ideal for first-year writing and advocacy programs, upper-level appellate advocacy courses and clinics, moot court competitions, and as a review resource for attorneys.

Make Your Argument

Author : John Korzen
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For many law school students, moot court and mock trial are rites of passage. Whether it’s an advocacy class or extracurricular competition, these activities are often one’s fi rst glimpse into courtroom life. Make Your Argument provides students with an advantage as they prepare for moot court and mock trial, complete with practical tips from winning lawyers who’ve participated. The guide includes trial advocacy strategies specifi c to moot court and mock trial; tips on writing briefs and preparing for court; details about competitive moot court and mock trial programs; and comparisons between the two. Advice about joining the programs, working with teammates, and trial advocacy are also useful to first- and second-year law students.


Author : Eric Baskind
File Size : 42.44 MB
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Mooting offers an excellent opportunity to develop your skills in an enjoyable, interactive and challenging way. Participation in mooting can lead to improved academic performance, enhancing your knowledge and your ability to handle complex legal materials as well as improving the power of your persuasive argument and vital skills, which will enhance your profile for prospective employers. In this book, Eric Baskind provides a seamless and comprehensive examination of the various areas involved in mooting and advocacy, combining both theoretical and practical aspects as well as the organisation of and participation in mooting competitions. Online video footage of an actual moot brings the practical nature of mooting alive and will give you expert advice and analysis of successful mooting technique as well as tips for improvement. Each moot video is highlighted at various points of interest to provide expert commentary and analysis of the mooters’ presentation, identifying the mooters’ strengths and weaknesses and how successfully they use cases and other materials to support their argument. These sections will then be re-enacted, incorporating the suggestions for improvements to help you to see how the overall performance could have been improved. This definitive guide will equip you with a complete grasp of mooting from the initial preparatory stages through to advocacy in the moot itself.

Surviving the First Year of Law School

Author : Ralph Canada
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Moot Court Casebook

Author :
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National Moot Court Competition

Author :
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