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How to Raise a Wild Child

Author : Scott D. Sampson
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“This timely, significant work carries a far-reaching message for families and the planet.”—Publishers Weekly “In a time when the connection between humans and the rest of nature is most vulnerable, Scott offers parents and teachers a book of encouragement and knowledge, and to children, the priceless gift of wonder.”—Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods and The Nature Principle The average North American child now spends about seven hours a day staring at screens and mere minutes engaged in unstructured play outdoors. Yet recent research indicates that experiences in nature are essential for healthy growth. Regular exposure to nature can help relieve stress, depression, and attention deficits. It can reduce bullying, combat obesity, and boost academic scores. Most critical of all, abundant time in natural settings seems to yield long-term benefits in kids’ cognitive, emotional, and social development. How to Raise a Wild Child is a timely and engaging antidote, offering teachers, parents, and other caregivers the necessary tools to engender a meaningful, lasting connection between children and the natural world. “With wisdom, intellect, and empathy, [Sampson] provides us with a bounty of simple yet profound ways we can enter this natural world, oftentimes starting in our very own backyards.”—Lili Taylor, actor, mom, and board member of the American Birding Association “[Sampson] makes a cogent case for the importance of cultivating a ‘nature connection’ in children and offers thoughtful guidance on how to do so amid today's pressures of hectic, high-tech, increasingly urbanized life.”—Scientific American MIND

Wild Child

Author : Patrick Barkham
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'Entrancing... If ever there was a book to fuel the ecological interest of future generations, this is it. An inspiration for parents, grandparents and teachers, it is equally about showing adults how to recover their own joie de vivre' Isabella Tree, author of Wilding From climbing trees and making dens, to building sandcastles and pond-dipping, many of the activities we associate with a happy childhood take place outdoors. And yet, the reality for many contemporary children is very different. The studies tell us that we are raising a generation who are so alienated from nature that they can't identify the commonest birds or plants, they don't know where their food comes from, they are shuttled between home, school and the shops and spend very little time in green spaces - let alone roaming free. In this timely and personal book, celebrated nature writer Patrick Barkham draws on his own experience as a parent and a forest school volunteer to explore the relationship between children and nature. Unfolding over the course of a year of snowsuits, muddy wellies, and sunhats, Wild Child is both an intimate story of children finding their place in natural world, and a celebration of the delight we can all find in even modest patches of green.

The Wild Child

Author : Judith Bowen
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A man with a wild child. A secret child… When Eva Haines first comes to remote (and supposedly deserted) Liberty Island, she has the uncanny feeling that someone's watching her—and she's right. A small wild-looking child with a huge black dog has been following her around. Eva, who's spending a few weeks on the island to deal with an elderly relative's estate, is puzzled. Who is this little girl? Where did she come from? Eva finds out soon enough. Fanny is the daughter of the reclusive Silas Lord. But once she learns this, Eva only has more questions. Why are Silas and his daughter hiding out on Liberty Island? What secret is Silas keeping about this child he obviously adores? And why is Eva falling in love with such a mysterious man?

Confessions of a Wild Child

Author : Jackie Collins
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Lucky Santangelo. A fifteen-year-old wild child ready to discover life, love and independence. Daughter of the notorious Gino, Lucky discovers her mother's murdered body floating in the family swimming pool at the tender age of four. Since then Gino has kept her protected from life closeted in their Bel Air mansion. But in Jackie Collins' Confessions of a Wild Child, Lucky finally breaks free, and running away from boarding school the adventures begin. Boys, sex, drugs and rock n' roll - Lucky explores it all in preparation for the strong, kick-ass woman she eventually becomes. Delve into the world that Lucky rules!

Wild Child

Author : B. Park-Dixon
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'Wild Child' is set between the wars in Clewer newtown Windsor, and follows the life of Albert and his baby daughter Kathy. Albert had been shocked to learn that at the age of fifty one he was to become a father again for the fifth time, but when Kathy was born he and his wife Emily considered the birth of a healthy baby girl a blessing. But life dealt Albert a cruel hand when his wife died suddenly, leaving him to bring up a nine month old baby, while struggling to work a twelve hour day six days a week. At first his many relatives promised they would help, but it soon became clear that they could not be relied upon. When Albert discovered Kathy was being left on her own he realised he had wallowed in his own grief for too long and he vowed to do something about it. He did the only thing he could think of and that was to bring Edith, his eldest daughter, out of service to look after her sister. Edith, still only seventeen years old, had been in service since she was fourteen. She had already forged a new life for herself with the emphasis on fun. She loved to go out dancing with her friend every night. She was distraught when her father came for her, this was something she had been dreading since her mother died. Edie loved her life she didn't want to look after a baby, let alone her three brothers and her father. It quickly became apparent that only Edith's life had changed dramatically, the others all carried on as before, she was expected to take over her mother's role, cooking, washing and caring for them. It all got too much for her and feeling full of resentment she left home following a blazing row with her dad. Kathy was only three years old... 'Wild Child' is the true story of my own mother's early years, modified from all the tales she told me and the parts of her story that she wrote down.

Taming the Wild Child

Author : Aaron Lederer
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Is your child impossible to control? Have you tried time-out, behavior modification, therapy, medication, all to no avail? If so, you need to read Taming the Wild Child. Psychoanalyst Aaron Lederer has devoted his entire professional life to developing ways for mothers to rescue their out-of-control children. He calls his method "corrective communication" and says, "If you want to change a child, just change the way you communicate with him." In Taming the Wild Child, you will discover how mothers use Lederer's corrective communication to bring about dramatic improvement in their children within just four to six weeks. After a few months, their children typically turn completely around. When you apply these techniques, you will see: Why your child needs some time free of pressure to change. Why punishing backfires and rewarding fails. How to talk to your child in ways that make him want to cooperate. How to get your child to assist in his own recovery. Inspiring and motivating, Taming the Wild Child is filled with real-life examples of harrowing experiences and amazing transformations that will give you the hope and the confidence you need to bring your own lost child home.

Wild Child Mills Boon Blaze Sex on the Beach Book 3

Author : Cindi Myers
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Sassy heroines and irresistible heroes embark on sizzling sexual adventures as they play the game of modern love and lust. Expect fast paced reads with plenty of steamy encounters. Riding the waves has never been so tempting!

Parenting the Wild Child

Author : Miles McPherson
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Provides help for desperate parents trying to raise rebellious teens. Helps overcome disobedience and offers effective healing for struggling families.

Restraining the Wild Child

Author : Diane Elizabeth Young
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A Whistling Woman Is Up to No Good

Author : Laurel King
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The author of Women of Power shows women of the '90s how to express their wildness, describing how they can get in touch with their true natures and express themselves in a sometimes-disapproving society. Original.

Savage Girls and Wild Boys

Author : Michael Newton
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Savage Girls and Wild Boys is a fascinating history of extraordinary children---brought up by animals, raised in the wilderness, or locked up for long years in solitary confinement. Wild or feral children have fascinated us through the centuries, and continue to do so today. In a haunting and hugely readable study, Michael Newton deftly investigates a number of infamous cases. He looks at Peter the Wild Boy, who gripped the attention of Swift and Defoe, and at Victor of Aveyron, who roamed wild in the forests of revolutionary France. He tells the story of a savage girl lost on the streets of Paris, of two children brought up by wolves in the jungles of India, and of a Los Angeles girl who emerged from thirteen years locked in a room to international celebrity. He describes, too, a boy brought up among monkeys in Uganda; and in Moscow, the child found living with a pack of wild dogs. Savage Girls and Wild Boys examines the lives of these children and of the adults who "rescued" them, looked after them, educated, or abused them. How can we explain the mixture of disgust and envy that such children can provoke? And what can they teach us about our notions of education, civilization, and man's true nature?

Wild Child

Author : Suzanne Forster
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Returning to her hometown to become a counselor at the community center, former juvenile delinquent Cat D'Angelo is surprised to encounter Blake Wheeler, the young assistant district attorney who sent her to the reformatory years before, but who is now in

Marcos Wild Child of the Sierra Morena

Author : Gabriel Janer Manila
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Saints Sinners and Soldiers

Author : Jeffrey A. Keshen
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The first-ever synthesis of both the patriotic and the problematic in wartime Canada, Saints, Sinners, and Soldiers shows how moral and social changes, and the fears they generated, precipitated numerous, and often contradictory, legacies in law and society. From labour conflicts, to the black market, to prostitution, and beyond, Keshen acknowledges the underbelly of Canada's Second World War, and demonstrates that the "Good War" was a complex tapestry of social forces � not all of which were above reproach.

Mothers Raising Sons

Author : Nigel Latta
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Is your son driving you crazy? Are you constantly accused of nagging? Ever wondered why boys make so much mess? This new book by bestselling author and clinical psychologist Nigel Latta is the essential guide for stressed-out mums with sons. With refreshingly down-to-earth advice and new parenting ideas, this book shows how to bring up boys of all ages, from tantrum-prone toddlers to troublesome teens. Tackling common concerns such as behaviour, communication and learning, you’ll learn simple methods for raising happy, healthy and confident sons.

The Wild Boy of Burundi

Author : Harlan L. Lane
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Story of a boy found, June 1974, living with a troop of "grey enkende monkeys."

Childhood and Cinema

Author : Vicky Lebeau
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From Lolita to The Sixth Sense, the figure of the child in cinematic works has been a contested site of symbolism and controversy. Childhood and Cinema examines how the child in film has ultimately been used to embody the anxieties and aspirations of modern life. Vicky Lebeau investigates how films use children to probe such themes as sexuality, death, imagination, the terrors of childhood, and hope. The book ranges over the whole history of Western cinema, from the Lumière brothers’ 1895 Feeding the Baby to Walt Disney’s animation classics to Truffaut’s L’enfant sauvage and recent works such as Capturing the Friedmans and Kids. The figure of the child in film, Lebeau argues, is fundamentally ambivalent—always hovering on the edge between hope and despair, vulnerability and violence, or pleasure and trauma—and it ultimately offers a unique way of thinking about the significance of cinema itself. By turns engaging, thought-provoking, and informative, Childhood and the Cinema challenges us to reconsider the child figure as a conduit for critical reflection on what it means to be human.

The Wild Boy of Aveyron

Author : Jean Marc Gaspard Itard
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An eighteenth-century physician describes the methods in which a wild, deaf-mute child was tranformed intellectually and emotionally

Principles and Practice of Child Psychiatry

Author : Stella Chess
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Stella Chess's many admirers throughout the world have long looked forward to the day when she would produce her own textbook of child psychiatry. They will not be disappointed in this thoughtful and per ceptive account of the principles and practices of the subject, written in collaboration with Dr. Hassibi. It has all the hallmarks we have come to recognize as distinctive of the Chess approach to child psychiatry-gentle yet subtle and penetrating, always appreciative of the feelings and concerns of both the children and their parents, well informed and critically aware of research findings but far from over awed by the contributions of science, and above all immensely practi cal. Anyone who wants to know how one of the world's outstanding clinicians appraises what child psychiatry has to offer could do no bet ter than to read this book. Child psychiatry differs from general psychiatry in being con cerned with a developing organism, and it is entirely appropriate that the book begins with an account of child development and of the prin cipal theories put forward to explain it. Chess and Hassibi recognize the importance of theory in organizing ideas and in suggesting expla nations, but they remain skeptical of how far existing theories do in fact account for the outstanding issues in development. They note the limitations of all theories in explaining how development takes place and why individual differences occur in the way they do.

Author : גיא בן נר
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