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How to Teach Art to Children

Author : Evan-Moor
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How to Teach Art to Children helps adults and children alike learn about the elements of art. Easy to follow directions, simple materials lists, and examples of completed projects provide guidance and support to inspire creativity. --

Learning to Teach Art and Design in the Secondary School

Author : Nicholas Addison
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Learning to Teach Art and Design in the Secondary School is established as the key text for all those preparing to become art and design teachers in the secondary school. It explores a range of approaches to teaching and learning and provides a conceptual and practical framework for understanding the diverse nature of art and design in the secondary school curriculum. Written by experts in the field, it aims to inform and inspire, to challenge orthodoxies and encourage a freshness of vision. It provides support and guidance for learning and teaching in art and design, suggesting strategies to motivate and engage pupils in making, discussing and evaluating visual and material culture. The third edition has been comprehensively updated and re-structured in light of the latest theory, research and policy in the field and includes new chapters surveying assessment and examinations, and exploring identity and diversity in art and design. Essential topics include: Ways of learning in art and design Planning for teaching and learning Critical studies and methods for investigating art and design Inclusion Assessment Issues in craft and design education Drawing & sculpture Your own continuing professional development. Including suggestions for further reading and a range of tasks designed to encourage you to reflect critically on your practice, Learning to Teach Art and Design in the Secondary School addresses issues for student teachers and mentors on all initial teacher education courses in Art and Design. It will also be of relevance and value to teachers in school with designated responsibility for supervision.

How to Teach Art to Children

Author : Joy Evans
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How to Teach Art to Children is designed to increase pupil awareness of the different kinds of art. It gives pupils a wide range of experiences and helps them to appreciate the art around them. Most importantly, it lets them know that there is no wrong way to do art. The activities in Part 1 introduce the seven basic elements of art - line, shape, colour, value (tones), texture and form. Each section begins with a definition of the element and provides a series of art experiences that allow young artists to experiment with the element. Experiences are labelled as large-group, small-group, partner or individual activities. Each element is introduced with a large-group experience and then pupils' understanding is extended with small-group and independent projects. All the experiences are designed to encourage pupils to explore materials and techniques, rather than to simply complete projects. There are 96 projects to undertake with step-by-step directions and full-colour examples. Part 2 of How to Teach Art to Children focuses on 24 famous artists and cultures and shows how they use the seven elements of art in different ways in their art. The accompanying activities allow pupils to experience the style of each artist.

How to Teach Art to Children

Author : Joy Evans
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Create a wow factor in your classroom with fantastic displays of children's art. * Cover all aspects of the art and design curriculum. * See how it's done with colour photos of children's work. * A range of ideas that fit into any time slot. * Save time with clear, simple, concise instructions. * Ideal for the non-artist with templates and patterns to photocopy.

Using Art to Teach Reading Comprehension Strategies

Author : Jennifer Klein
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Art can be a critical tool in helping students develop and refine reading strategies. This book provides classroom and art teachers with an overview of six different reading strategies and integrated reading and art lessons that they can implement in their own classrooms and schools.

The Art of Teaching Art to Children

Author : Nancy Beal
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Section specifically for parents on helping their children create art at home. The book is extensively illustrated with the art of Beal's students, visual proof of her gifts as an educator and art enthusiast. Book jacket.

How to Teach Art Craft

Author : Trish Goodfield
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Earn Money by Teaching Your Craft Skills to Others.Do you want to: Have the confidence to share your passion? Know how to tailor your classes for different venues, technologies and personality types? Avoid all the legal and business pitfalls? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you need to read this book. With over 25 years experience teaching art & craft, Trish Goodfield, explores the fundamental concepts, tips and techniques of teaching art & craft. Learn how to: Value yourself and price your classes accordingly, Identify your teaching style and personality Identify and develop strategies for dealing with difficult participants Teach different generations, attitudes & values Develop handouts; write instructions, and use questions & answers Write and use learning objectives and lesson plans Identify safety and risk management issues And much more

Teaching Art in a Postmodern World

Author : Lee Emery
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Collection of essays by Australian and English art educators discussing the transition from modernist to postmodernist art education. Teachers reflect on changes in their own teaching, and discuss how they introduce students to contemporary art and plan a curriculum. Includes photos and references. Simultaneously published in PDF and paperback formats. Editor is Associate Professor in arts education at the University of Melbourne and is an honorary life member of the Australian Institute for Art Education.

Creating Vibrant Art Lesson Plans

Author : Kristin Baxter
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Writing lesson plans is often considered busywork, but it can be a useful path for discovering what’s important about artmaking and teaching. This book shows teachers how to slow down, breathe, and linger over the process of unit and lesson plan writing to uncover how much this process can support them professionally, creatively, and personally. The user-friendly text offers guidance for selecting an art project for the unit and then zooms into the nitty-gritty of specific lesson plans, including how to identify materials for a project and how to construct classroom dialogue to help students develop ideas for their artwork. The text also considers standards, assessments, and extensions to other subject areas. Featuring accessible language, clear definitions, practical examples, and self-reflection prompts, this unique resource will help pre- and inservice teachers create lesson plans that are useful to their specific contexts and methods of teaching. “If you happen to be feeling weary, frustrated, or uninspired, this book sparks imagination, fuels hope, and gives you theories to support what you know needs to be done.” —From the Foreword by P. Bruce Uhrmacher, Christy McConnell Moroye, and Bradley Conrad, educational researchers “Baxter invites us to slow down and consider the lesson plan as a creative catalyst to inspire our own artmaking, as well as a space to examine why and what we teach.” —Lisa Hochtritt, Maryland Institute College of Art “An inspiring and playful resource that is much more rewarding than typical lesson planning. It will surely spark your imagination with every flip of the page.” —Hailey Adlard, art educator, Parkland School District, PA

The Art Teacher s Survival Guide for Elementary and Middle Schools

Author : Helen D. Hume
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This guide offers everything a teacher needs to know for conducting an effective arts instruction and appreciation program.

Art in Education

Author : D. Atkinson
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Distinctive and unique in its approach, this book opens up art education to the broader field of social enquiry into practice, subjectivity and identity. It draws upon important developments in contemporary philosophy and the social sciences and applies this to the professional field of art in education. It opens new perspectives for teachers, teacher educators and student teachers.

Teaching Art with Books Kids Love

Author : Darcie Clark Frohardt
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Easy-to-use art lessons with award-winning books.

Art Education 11 18

Author : Richard Hickman
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The second edition of the fascinating collection of essays on teaching art in secondary schools, boasting a new chapter on visual culture as well as extensive material on the changes that have occurred in this area since 2000. What kind of art would we like school and college students to produce? What kind of art do we want them to engage with? What is the process of this engagement? How should we organize the processes? By asking fundamental questions such as these, Richard Hickman and his team of contributors illustrate the new possibilities for art education in the twenty-first century and draw out the implications for classroom practice - making Art Education 11-18 the definitive guide to the subject in the postmodern era.

How to Teach Art for the Non Artistic Elementary School Teachers

Author : Stephen M. Drakes
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Art in the Primary School

Author : Jean Edwards
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Art in the Primary School is an introductory textbook, and a second edition to Teaching Primary Art, exploring the underpinning philosophy and pedagogy of teaching and learning art, including how and why digital tools and technologies can be integrated. This book considers practical aspects of teaching art, focusing on the key processes of drawing, painting, printmaking, collage and textiles, working in three dimensions and making digital art. It is based around the idea that digital tools and technologies can and should be integrated into the learning and teaching of art, exploring: What art is like in the primary school, why it should be taught and what is included in the curriculum How learning is planned, assessed, taught and supported in the classroom Learning about and from artists and how digital technology can be part of the art curriculum Key processes such as drawing, painting, printmaking, collage and textiles, working in three dimensions and making digital art Uniquely incorporating the use of digital devices, tools and technologies into the subject of art, this book will be essential reading for those training to teach and support learning in art in the primary school.

Teaching Dance as Art in Education

Author : Brenda Pugh McCutchen
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Brenda McCutchen provides an integrated approach to dance education, using four cornerstones: dancing and performing, creating and composing, historical and cultural inquiry and analysing and critiquing. She also illustrates the main developmental aspects of dance.

The Art Of Drama Teaching

Author : Fleming
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book provides a multitude of practical ideas for teachers and student teachers of drama and for those who are interested in using drama to teach other subjects. It takes the form of a detailed discussion of twenty-five drama techniques, each accompanied by practical examples of lessons and illustrated by an extract from a play.

Teaching Art in the Primary Grades

Author : Jerry E. Twitchell
File Size : 27.14 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Everything needed to structure and teach an effective art program for grades one to three is made simple for the home-school parent or teacher. This step-by-step process for teaching art is perfect for home-school teachers or parents with limited art skills or time to create their own programs. This system of insight, responses to judgments, ideas, and feelings aligns with public school and state visual arts requirements. Teaching Art in the Primary Grades is designed to foster lifelong interest in the arts, provide a gauge of what can be expected of children at various ages and grade levels, and present a baseline for measuring growth and skill. Lesson plans with goals, objects, time frames, techniques, steps, illustrated examples, and assessment of growth are included.

Art is Fundamental

Author : Eileen S. Prince
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Art Is Fundamental can be used by teachers with extensive art training who must explain complicated concepts to first graders, or by teachers or home-schoolers with no such background who suddenly find they will be teaching art. Eileen Prince has developed a comprehensive art curriculum that can be integrated into any teacher's existing instruction. Though written for elementary school teachers, these lessons can be easily condensed and adapted for middle or even high school students.--[book cover]

How to Teach Art to Children

Author :
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