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How to Use Differentiation in the Classroom

Author : Mike Gershon
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How to use Differentiation in the Classroom: The Complete Guide is the bestselling teacher toolkit giving classroom teachers everything they need to ensure their pupils make superb progress, no matter their starting point or ability level. It provides everything needed to create inclusive, personalised lessons in which everybody is able to learn and achieve. The book is written by a practising teacher and is unashamedly practical. It contains a wide range of activities, strategies and techniques which teachers can use to differentiate their teaching, planning and assessment. Everything in the book is generic, meaning it can be applied across the curriculum. Sections include: Activities; Questioning; Things you can ask students to do or use; Things the teacher can do; and Words and writing. All in all, the book contains 100 differentiation strategies, activities and techniques. Mike Gershon's teaching resources have been viewed and downloaded more than 2.7 million times in over 180 countries and territories. His books expand and develop his electronic materials, such as the Starter Generator, the Plenary Producer and the Assessment for Learning Toolkit. The 'How to...' series developed out of Mike's desire to share great classroom practice with teachers around the world. He wanted to put together a collection of books which would help professionals no matter what age group or subject they were teaching. Each volume focuses on a different element of classroom practice and each is overflowing with brilliant, practical strategies, techniques and activities - all of which are clearly explained and ready-to-use. In most cases, the ideas can be applied immediately, helping teachers not only to teach better but to save time as well. Each one goes out of its way to make teachers' lives easier and their lessons even more engaging, inspiring and successful then they already are. The 'How to...' series is great teaching made easy.

How to Differentiate Instruction in Mixed ability Classrooms

Author : Carol A. Tomlinson
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Offers proven ideas for how to match instructional approaches to the readiness, interests, and talents of all students.

Successful Teaching in the Differentiated Classroom

Author : Carolyn Coil
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Differentiating Instruction in the Regular Classroom

Author : Diane Heacox
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This updated edition presents a practical introduction to differentiation and explains how to differentiate instruction in a wide range of settings to provide variety and challenge. Chapters focus on evaluation in a differentiated classroom and how to manage both behavior and work tasks. The book includes connections to Common Core State Standards. Digital content includes a PowerPoint presentation for professional development, customizable forms from the book, and curriculum maps, workcards, and matrix plans.

Differentiation in the Elementary Grades

Author : Kristina J. Doubet
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In this comprehensive resource for elementary school teachers, Kristina J. Doubet and Jessica A. Hockett explore how to use differentiated instruction to help students be more successful learners--regardless of background, native language, learning preference, or motivation. They explain how to * Create a healthy classroom community in which students' unique qualities and needs are as important as the ones they have in common. * Translate curriculum into manageable and meaningful learning goals that are fit to be differentiated. * Use pre-assessment and formative assessment to uncover students' learning needs, tailor tasks accordingly, and ensure that students are "getting it." * Provide interactive learning experiences that encourage students to engage with both the content and one another. * Present students with avenues to take in, process, and produce knowledge that appeal to their varied interests and learning preferences. * Navigate potential roadblocks to differentiation. Each chapter provides a plethora of practical tools, templates, and strategies for a variety of subject areas developed by and for real teachers. Whether you're new to differentiated instruction or looking to expand your repertoire of DI strategies, Differentiation in the Elementary Grades will show you classroom-tested ways to better engage students and help them succeed every day. Includes URL and password for free downloadable forms.

How to Differentiate Instruction in Mixed Ability Classrooms 2nd Edition

Author : Carol Ann Tomlinson
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Curiosity and inspiration are powerful catalysts for learning. In this 2nd edition of a book that has provided inspiration to countless teachers, Carol Ann Tomlinson offers three new chapters, extended examples and information in every chapter, and field-tested strategies that teachers can use in today's increasingly diverse classrooms. Tomlinson shows how to use students' readiness levels, interests, and learning profiles to address student diversity. In addition, the author shows teachers how to differentiate, or structure, lessons at every grade level and content area to provide scaffolds--as well as high-speed elevators--for * The content of lessons, * The processes used in learning, and * The products of learning. Teachers can draw on the book's practical examples as they begin to differentiate instruction in their own classrooms. Strategies include curriculum, compacting, sidebar investigations, entry points, graphic organizers, contracts, and portfolios. As Tomlinson says, Differentiation challenges us to draw on our best knowledge of teaching and learning. It suggests that there is room for both equity and excellence in our classrooms. How is this book different from the 1st edition? * 3 new chapters, focusing on teacher responses to student differences, providing new examples and strategies, addressing parent involvement, and discussing grading and assessment. * 16 new illustrations, showing examples of differentiated content, products, and processes. * New foreword. * More references and resources. * New, larger format and design

Outstanding Differentiation for Learning in the Classroom

Author : Jayne Bartlett
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One of the key features of an outstanding lesson is that all learners make progress. All learners are different and teachers must differentiate according to the individual pupil and their individual learning needs to achieve outstanding progress. Outstanding Differentiation for Learning in the Classroom is written with the class teacher in mind and demonstrates how differentiation can be used to enhance and support all aspects of the learning process. Including chapters on embedding differentiation during each phase of the lesson, assessment and questioning techniques, this book will help you to use differentiation effectively to produce outstanding results. With a strong focus on practical strategies to help you meaningfully apply differentiation in the classroom, this book covers: what differentiation actually means and why it should be applied in the classroom; sequencing and planning for learning with an overview of the learning cycle; practical teaching strategies and effective techniques to use in the classroom; how to structure and apply differentiation practices in your classroom, department and school. A vital starting point and effective guide for outstanding differentiation, this timely new book is packed full of practical exercises that are easy to implement in the classroom and it is essential reading for newly qualified and experienced teachers alike.

Rigor and Differentiation in the Classroom

Author : Barbara Blackburn
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Learn how to differentiate instruction while maintaining a rigorous learning environment. In this practical book, rigor expert Barbara R. Blackburn shows that the differentiated classroom doesn't mean extra work for top students and easy work for others; instead, you can have high expectations for all students and provide scaffolding so that everyone can reach success. She also addresses many of the greatest concerns teachers have about implementing differentiated instruction, including: How to manage your time so that you can create lessons, find resources, and grade assignments for students working at different levels; How to balance differentiated instruction and teaching standards; How to ensure rigor at all tiers of instruction How to collaborate with teachers and other faculty members; How to differentiate homework and other out-of-class assignments; How to explain differentiated instruction to parents and families; And more... Each chapter includes practical tools and activities that you can use immediately to bring all students to higher levels of achievement. Many of these tools are available as eResources and can be downloaded for free from the book's product page:

Beyond Differentiated Instruction

Author : Jodi O'Meara
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Going beyond the theory of differentiation to actual classroom practice, this book presents a 10-step framework, examples, and classroom-ready tools for putting differentiation into action.

Differentiated Instruction

Author : Amy Benjamin
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This book demonstrates how to make your classroom more responsive to the needs of individual students with a wide variety of learning styles, interests, goals, cultural backgrounds, and prior knowledge. Focusing on grades 6 through 12, this book showcases classroom-tested activities and strategies. Differentiated Instruction: A Guide for Middle and High School Teachers shows you how to vary your instruction so you can respond to the needs of individual learners. The concrete examples in this book demonstrate how you can use differentiated instruction to clarify: - the content (what you want students to know and be able to do) - the process (how students are going to go about learning the content) - and the product (how they will show you what they know.) This book is uniquely interactive. It features "Reflections" to help you understand your teaching style and guide you towards developing habits of mind which result in effective differentiated instruction. Also included is a chapter on teaching students whose native language is not English.