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Walking with God

Author : Good News Publishers
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In the Arms of a Real God

Author : Nancy Betz
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Some people have the impression that no one can really know who God is, but we can know Him in all of His beauty. In fact, it is His desire for us to pursue this knowledge. He is exceedingly generous and more compassionate than we could ever imagine. He longs for us to dive deeply into His refreshing presence and find rest and peace and restoration for our souls. Nancy Betz believes that each person has the ability to know God by experiencing His beauty, closeness, power, and redemption. In her book, In the Arms of a Real God, she does not shy away from truth. She calls the church to an awakening, back to Biblical Christianity, while always reminding the reader that God is there to forgive and restore. You will encounter a greater understanding of God's personal love for you as you unlock your heart and open yourself up to God. She shows how God has used both men and women, young and old, throughout the generations. Nancy stresses the fact that God longs to know you intimately and wants you to share a vibrant and power-filled personal journey with Him. Through her thought-provoking work, you will see how God can also use you in a mighty way. You will be challenged to draw closer to God through communion with His Word, and this encounter will allow you to experience new and more abundant life. You can take hold of the Lord's hand today and write your own story that will continue on for eternity with the only real and living God.

You Can Know Not Just Believe There is a God

Author : John Walsh
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How is it that a person will know that Jesus's teaching is from God the Father? Jesus promised, through the Holy Spirit, to give that knowledge to those that do the will of God the Father, at least are desirous to do it. This book offers all the details.

How You Can Know for Certain That God Exists

Author : Dwayne James
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James's work provides doubters with proof that God exists. (Practical Life)

How to Know the Will of God

Author : Knofel Staton
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The God You Can Know

Author : Dan DeHaan
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In "The God You Can Know", DeHaan puts God the Father back into the Christian perspective of what it means to live the way of life called Christianity. He helps readers become intimate with God by providing an in-depth, inspiring study of His character and attributes.


Author : Ginger Hurta
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Do you have a friend in your life with whom you just love to spend time—someone with whom you can pour out your heart and who will understand because he or she loves you? After your visit you feel as if all your problems are solved, and the weight of the world has been lifted off your shoulders. You have such a friend. He is your Father in heaven, and He wants to spend time with you and hear the desires of your heart. He wants to comfort and guide you. Good Morning, God! is a wonderful way to begin your day. By spending just a few minutes each morning, you’ll embark on your day filled with the Word of God and prayer. You will feel a closeness to the Lord that will linger throughout the day. As trials and temptation appear, you will have the strength of the Lord to overcome whatever the world throws at you. Instead of letting the daily grind and craziness get you down, your day will be overflowing with the Holy Spirit and the joy of the Lord. Your heart will be lifted, and you will experience a feeling of exuberance like never before. The Lord wants a close, personal relationship with you. He wants to shower you with His blessings. He wants to be there for you in every circumstance. Spend time alone with Him today, and see what blessings He has in store for you. God bless you on your journey in His Word and prayer.

New Believer s Bible NLT

Author : Tyndale
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The New Believer’s Bible is uniquely designed to help the new Christian read, study, and understand the Bible. It includes features that help Christians develop and deepen their faith, while providing a foundation for their new life in Christ. This expanded edition has been newly typeset and includes all of the original New Believer’s Bible notes and features plus an expansion to the existing topics and some new ones from the Start! Bible. All content has been refreshed for today’s language and needs. The New Believer’s Bible contains a number of special features to give you the biblical knowledge you need to grow as a Christian: “Cornerstones” notes cover the basics of Christian belief. Here you will learn about the Trinity, angels, Satan, Heaven, hell, forgiveness, peace, joy, love, and other essential teachings of the Bible. “First Steps” notes help you know God and his plan for you. Discover how to know you are saved, find the right church, study the Bible, resist temptation, talk with God, and much more. “Off & Running notes” show you how you can enjoy God’s blessings and direction in all areas of your life: career, marriage, family, finances, and relationships. “Big Questions” notes tackle those difficult issues you may be dealing with right now as a new believer. How You Can Know God: Discover how to be saved and how to be assured of your salvation. Glossary of Christian Terms: An explanation of key biblical and doctrinal terms in language you can easily understand. Special Charts: A resource that highlights key biblical information. Fifty-two Great Bible Stories: A brief summary, Scripture reference, and page number for the best-loved stories from God’s Word. Prophecies about Jesus: A list of Old Testament prophecies about Jesus and how they were fulfilled in the New Testament. Memory Verses: Effective steps for memorizing God’s Word; highlights over 130 of the most important verses to commit to memory. How to Study the Bible: An easy-to-follow strategy for getting the most out of your Bible reading. It also includes two simple reading plans. Overview of the Bible: A concise overview of each book of the Bible, including author, date, style, and summary of contents.

Do You Know God

Author : Kenneth E Dobbin
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Jesus Is Coming Soon

Author : Guillermo Maldonado
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Shakings, Signs, and the Return of Christ You are mentioned in biblical prophecy. You may not be mentioned by name, but you are included there. End-times prophecies speak of faithful followers of Jesus—called the “remnant”—who are ready for the last days and His return, but they also speak of those who are unprepared or fall away before His appearing. Which prophecy will you fulfill? Jesus Is Coming Soon: Discern the End-Time Signs and Prepare for His Return will help you be certain you are part of God’s remnant. The signs of the end of the age and Jesus’s appearing are evident in the physical and spiritual worlds. But most people, including Christians, have not recognized them. What signs has God given to announce the culmination of His purposes for the world? How can we discern them? How can we prepare? This book will unfold: The reason for the unprecedented natural and spiritual shakings in our world What the signs tell us, including unusual signs such as blood moons How God works according to seasons, eras, and the fullness of time How Jewish feasts point to the ages of man, accurately showing us God’s time clock Which imminent biblical signs and promises have yet to be fulfilled The judgments God is bringing to the earth God has given prophecies concerning Israel, the church, and the world. And His Spirit is disclosing His last-days purposes right now. We need to know how to receive the vital revelation and prophetic knowledge He wants to share with His people. When we have this foreknowledge, we can understand the times and prepare for His final plans for the earth. God intends the church to be a community of hope, revival, and supernatural power in the midst of dark times. There is a spirit of confusion in the world today. People must turn to God for the answers only He can give, and the church needs to be ready to provide those answers. In these end times, you do not need to be fearful, discouraged, or distracted. Instead, you can know your true position in God before Christ’s appearing. You can be joyfully prepared, watching and waiting in expectation, with your spiritual eyes open. Live in God’s perfect will for your life and participate in His supernatural, last-days purposes!