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You Can Know Not Just Believe There is a God

Author : John Walsh
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How is it that a person will know that Jesus's teaching is from God the Father? Jesus promised, through the Holy Spirit, to give that knowledge to those that do the will of God the Father, at least are desirous to do it. This book offers all the details.

How You Can Know for Certain That God Exists

Author : Dwayne James
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James's work provides doubters with proof that God exists. (Practical Life)

How to Know the Will of God

Author : Knofel Staton
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Do You Know God

Author : Kenneth E Dobbin
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The God We Can Know

Author : David R. Wasmuth
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Bound in mythology, superstition, and idolatry, first-century Athens appears as an impenetrable fortress, guarding her traditions. Yet beneath the marble crust of temples and shrines in honor of her gods, she has already given birth to democracy, the arts, science, and education. And in the heart of the fair city, a tribute to free speech assures the populace that new ideas will be heard. It is Areopagus, the Rock of Ares, where people came often either to tell or to hear something new. It is here that Athens philosophers escort the apostle Paul to tell the people about his foreign gods. It is here that the people suddenly find themselves at the intersection of time and eternity.

Ephesians A Bible Study

Author : Frederick Widdowson
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This is a Bible Study on the book of Ephesians in the New Testament of the Christian Bible designed to encourage you to compare verses and consider the letter verse by verse and as a whole.

How to Know the Will of God

Author : Wayne ODonnell
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This book is about how to know God's will through the scriptures and wisdom instead of by supposedly hearing God's voice. All my books can be read online for free at “Freely you have received, freely give” (Mt. 10:8). This booklet is included in and comprises several sections in my book “Paul’s Decision Making in Acts: Anti-Charismatic Pro-Jewish Commentary on Acts.” In 1980, Garry Friesen wrote "Decision Making and the Will of God," a book that debunked the traditional view that God leads by inward impressions into His perfect, specific will. But Bible teachers continue teach prayer is a two-way conversation; churches continue to question pastoral candidates about their ‘call’ to the ministry; and Christians continue to try to discern God’s inner voice to make decisions. Maybe it would help if we had more scholarly journal articles on the topic. Grudem. I ... categorized the articles published in three refereed evangelical journals for the last five years [before 2000]: Westminster Theological Journal, … Trinity Journal, … and … the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society. Not counting book reviews, there were 257 scholarly articles [on all topics]. … [But regarding] God’s guidance in our daily lives. Zero articles. Yet some understanding of God’s guidance affects every Christian every day of his or her life! … Either Garry Friesen is right on that topic, or he’s wrong. … We should expect to see many more scholars contributing articles and books supporting and developing their viewpoints. Christians in the book of Acts made their decisions by the Word and Wisdom, not by listening for inward impressions. I would love to read an exposition of the Book of Acts that showed Paul, the other apostles, and their co-workers, making most of their decisions by listening for inward impressions, but it would require reading that doctrine into the text, rather than expositing it out of the text. Friesen. In order to arrive at the conclusion of the traditional approach [to decision-making], it is necessary to water down the biblical examples and spice up the biblical teaching. Examples [like in Acts] are watered down to be less miraculous than they really are [so we can think we’re doing them too]. Biblical teaching [like in the epistles] must be spiced up to be more specific than it really is [for example, a promise to Israel to “guide you continually” (Is. 58:11), doesn’t actually say anything about Christians being guided by ‘inward impressions’]. Paul made most of his decisions by the Word and Wisdom, not by inward impressions, and only rarely by direct revelation, even though he was the apostle on the cutting-edge of Jesus’ mission to bring the gospel to the Gentiles. Most of Paul’s decisions in Acts can be explained 17 principles he followed.

Commentary on the Gospel of John Bible Study Notes and Comments

Author : David Pratte
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Bible study notes and commentary on the New Testament Gospel of John. Emphasizes understanding the text with practical applications. Intended to be helpful to all Christians, including teachers and preachers, while avoiding an emphasis on technical issues. Written from the conservative viewpoint of faith in the Bible as the absolute, inerrant, verbally inspired word of God. Comments include discussion of these topics: * Evidence for faith in the Deity of Jesus * Testimony of miracles and fulfilled prophecy * Jesus' public ministry and teaching * Work of John the Baptist and of Jesus' apostles * Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection

Dear God I want to know You Love A Believer

Author : Pastor Joey Rogers, D. Div.
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This book takes the reader into the deep waters of Christian Theology, and does so without lofty theological jargon, strange Latin phrases, and hard to understand philosophical constructs. In Pastor Joey Rogers latest work he takes us on a journey into the Being and attributes of God, and does so with clarity and simplicity. A must read for both the novice and the more learned believer!

Fasting to know God and Make Him Known

Author : Elmer Towns
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Fasting begins in the heart with a passion to know God. Fasting is not just a spiritual exercise when you are in trouble or face a crisis. And fasting is not just getting things from God. Fasting is about your relationship with God, when you sacrificially put aside food to spend quality time with your Savior. You magnify Him by making a statement of praise that God is more important than eating. Deepen your desire to fast through Elmer Towns comprehensive teaching on how, when, and why to fast. You will be challenged by Dr. Towns personal interviews with other Christian leaders. Also included in the book are 50 days of devotional readings that will guide you into encountering God with faith and expectancy. Reach out to God through fasting and prayer to Break the bonds of sin and enter into freedom in Christ. Undo heavy burdens and receive solutions. Empower fruitful ministry and evangelism. Receive clearer perspective and insight to make crucial decisions. Bring about health, well-being, and protection from evil. The power to fast comes from a thirst to be in Gods presence and a hunger for answered prayer.