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Human Behavior from a Spiritual Perspective

Author : Dwayne D Williams
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"Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in good health." 3 John: 2, NKJV In this groundbreaking book, school psychologist Dwayne D. Williams explains human behavior from a spiritual perspective. He reveals that God intends for you to experience success in every area of your life-that's right, every area! He pairs psychological principles and Scripture to show the role your mind plays in spiritual development and achieving success. In this book, Dwayne shares exactly what you must do to overcome anxiety, fear, and other social and emotional challenges that interfere with success! From this book, you will learn -how to use thoughts to develop spiritually -how to use your mind to create Godly habits -why memory is key to accessing the blessings of God -why meditation is critical to spiritual development -why God places emphasis on learning accurate information -how to use mental abilities to experience success God's way Human Behavior from a Spiritual Perspective is a two-book series. This book's (Book 2) theme is "mental tools" and focuses on using mental abilities, including thoughts, memory, and meditation, to renew your mind and experience success in every area of your life. It is recommended that readers read Book 1 prior to reading Book 2.

Dimensions of Human Behavior

Author : Elizabeth D. Hutchison
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In this text, you will meet social workers and clients from a variety of work settings and situations who bring the passion and power of social work to life through engaging case studies found throughout the text. These case studies help apply the latest theory and research to real life practice situations. The Third Edition offers new case studies and is thoroughly updated and revised to reflect recent census data, developing trends, and cutting-edge research on human behavior.

Human Behavior and the Social Environment Macro Level

Author : Katherine Van Wormer
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A timely revision in this global age, Human Behavior and the Social Environment, Macro Level develops a sophisticated and original view of the cultural, global, spiritual, and natural worlds that people inhabit, and explores the impact of these worlds on human behavior. An ecosystems/sustainability framework emerges as a key characteristic of contemporary practice. What is sustainable social work? What are the characteristics of a sustainable community? How is the present exploitation of environmental resources unsustainable for future generations? In accordance with the 2015 Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) standards, attention is paid to environmental justice as well as diversity and difference.

Human Behavior in the Social Environment

Author : Anissa Taun Rogers
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This addition to Anissa Rogers' bestselling Human Behavior in the Social Environment expands the original text with new chapters on spirituality, families and groups, organizations, and communities. Written in the compact, concise manner of the original text, the new chapters cover mezzo and macro contexts, and offer additional material valuable to two- and three-semester HBSE courses.

Dimensions of Human Behavior

Author : Elizabeth Hutchison
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Person and Environment is the first of two paperback volumes comprising Dimensions of Human Behaviour. Elizabeth Hutchinson creates an understanding of person, environment and time which is richly sensitive to difference, diversity and the mission of social work. She provides: an integrated, micro/macro perspective on human behavior, insights into human behaviour from biological psychological and spiritual perspectives, an examination of various human environments, from families to social movements and institutions, narrative chapter openings which give the research a "human face", and implications for social work practice integrated into each chapter. An Instructor's Resource Guide is available for both volumes to adopters who request it on their department's or organization's letterhead.

Transpersonal Perspectives on Spirituality in Social Work

Author : Edward R Canda
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Use these ideas in your social work practice to help the whole person--including your client's spiritual side! Transpersonal Perspectives on Spirituality in Social Work brings to light the fact that spiritual well-being is an essential part of the health of every individual. It will show you how to facilitate and encourage growth in the transpersonal dimension for your clients and help you to address the full range of human potential--from material and psychological well-being to spiritual fulfillment. Beginning with conceptual and theoretical frameworks for understanding transpersonal theory, Transpersonal Perspectives on Spirituality in Social Work goes on to deliver empirical and clinical studies that center on true-life experiences and their social work practice implications. In this well-researched book you will find: a comparative analysis of various models of spirituality and spiritual development a study of chronically ill adults that shows how people can draw upon transpersonal experiences and beliefs to increase their resiliency suggestions for alleviating death-related anxiety with a transpersonal/social constructionist approach theoretical, empirical, and practical insights into transpersonally oriented hospice work a model for transpersonal couples work that promotes compatibility and intimacy ways to differentiate between delusions, hallucinations, and real spiritual breakthroughs an examination of the different styles of spirituality of African Americans and European Americans and how they relate to the expression of violence In this well-referenced volume, practical techniques and suggestions combine with ways to work for justice and empowerment for marginalized and oppressed populations as well as insights about the fundamental connectedness between people and nature. Helpful diagrams, charts, and tables make the information user-friendly. Transpersonal Perspectives on Spirituality in Social Work will help you expand the horizons of your practice and provide more effective services to your clients.

Dimensions of Human Behavior

Author :
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This EPAS-ready text is an in-depth, comprehensive examination of what shapes human behavior across all major developmental stages. Containing potent case studies and the most current theory and research, the book includes greater emphasis on more stages than any other text. This core text is designed for advanced undergraduate and graduate Human Behavior and the Social Environment courses in departments of social work and psychology.

Psychology Christianity Integration

Author : Daryl H. Stevenson
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Counseling and Psychotherapy Theories in Context and Practice

Author : John Sommers-Flanagan
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"Student-friendly and comprehensive, Counseling and Psychotherapy Theories in Context and Practice, Second Edition provides an in-depth understanding of the origins, development, and key figures of each major theory and strongly emphasizes the application of these theories in real-world practice. Pedagogical features include opening chapter outlines, "Putting It In Practice" boxes, practitioner reflections, ethical highlights, case examples, as well as chapter summaries, chapter glossaries, and recommended readings and resources. The Second Edition includes a new section on treatment planning in each chapter and increased coverage of multicultural issues. A Study Guide for students is also available (978-0-470-90437-4)"--

Controversial Issues in Human Behavior in the Social Environment

Author : Martin Bloom
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Part of the popular "Controversial Issues" series, this paperback book presents a series of debates on the most current issues and topics in the area of HBSE (human behavior in the social environment). This book will help readers to think through current issues in HBSE, including the validity of various theories, different methods of teaching HBSE, how sensitive topics such as race and gender can best be addressed, and more. The book will help readers appreciate the complexity of both learning and teaching in the field of HBSE.

Spirituality in Social Work Practice

Author : Ronald K. Bullis
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First published in 1996. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor and Francis, an informa company.

Understanding Religious and Spiritual Aspects of Human Service Practice

Author : James W. Ellor
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This guide offers advice on direct practice concerns, including spiritual assessment, positive and pathological uses of religious practice, and the need for spiritual self-awareness among human service workers.

Health of the Human Spirit

Author : Brian Luke Seaward
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Health of the Human Spirit, Second Edition: Spiritual Dimensions for Personal Health is a thoughtful examination of the ageless topic of human spirituality. It addresses the need to acknowledge spiritual wellness as a vital dimension of the general health and well-being of the individual and examines the dynamic balance between mind-body-spirit health and the roadblocks and distractions on the spiritual path. Dr. Seaward includes many behavioral suggestions to enhance the health of the human spirit. He presents the material in an approachable, user-friendly manner by engaging the reader and carefully distinguishing the differences between spirituality and religion.

Evolutionary Psychology Neuroscience Perspectives concerning Human Behavior and Experience

Author : William J. Ray
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This book brings together current perspectives concerning the manner in which human mind, behavior and experience evolved. In addition to the traditional psychological literature, it draws from work in the cognitive and affective neurosciences, ethology, and genetics. The focus will be on a unification and integration of evolutionary understandings within a broader consideration.

Human Development and the Spiritual Life

Author : Ronald R. Irwin
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The author proposes a theory of the development of consciousness in which ego is the central agent of socialization and culture and the driving force behind individual self-control and self-regulation. He reviews the literature on identity and narrative; outlines the fields of intellectual, self, moral, and consciousness development; and discusses the evidence indicating that the development of consciousness trancends the limitations of conventional ego development.

Existential Phenomenological Perspectives in Psychology

Author : Ronald S. Valle
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When I began to study psychology a half century ago, it was defined as "the study of behavior and experience." By the time I completed my doctorate, shortly after the end of World War II, the last two words were fading rapidly. In one of my first graduate classes, a course in statistics, the professor announced on the first day, "Whatever exists, exists in some number." We dutifully wrote that into our notes and did not pause to recognize that thereby all that makes life meaningful was being consigned to oblivion. This bland restructuring-perhaps more accurately, destruction-of the world was typical of its time, 1940. The influence of a narrow scientistic attitude was already spreading throughout the learned disciplines. In the next two decades it would invade and tyrannize the "social sciences," education, and even philosophy. To be sure, quantification is a powerful tool, selectively employed, but too often it has been made into an executioner's axe to deny actuality to all that does not yield to its procrustean demands.

Human Behavior and the Social Environment Micro Level

Author : Katherine van Wormer
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While social work policy can be considered the what, and practice, the how, the study of human behavior is concerned with why. Why do people do the things they do? Why do individuals behave differently in groups than when alone? Why do some people become the victims of their lives while others who have endured tragedy become life's heroes? Resilience across the life span is a new major theme of the second edition of the bestselling Human Behavior and the Social Environment, Micro Level. In an elegant and accessible manner, Katherine van Wormer explores the nuances of the biological, psychological, cultural, and spiritual dimensions of our social lives from an ecosystems and empowerment-based perspective. Drawing on examples from social work, psychology, literature, philosophy, and current events, vignettes highlight the turning points in our lives and invite students to explore the contradictions between how we mean to be and how others view us. The result is an essential book that bridges theory and practice, providing extraordinary insight into our drives and motivations, and revealing the myriad patterns and paradoxes of our behavior in the social context. * Integrates new research findings and recent census and global health data * Revised with augmented discussions of multiculturalism, Latino/Latina identity issues, and late adulthood to reflect demographic changes in the United States * Outlines theoretical concepts and practice implications in each chapter * Places unique emphasis on biology's influence on human behavior, employing the latest empirical data in discussions of matters such as gender differences, genetics, and mental disorders * Focuses on evidence-based theory and research * Teaches from a global, cross-cultural, perspective, highlighting themes of empowerment and social justice * Features dynamic readings, personal narratives, and photographs that highlight each chapter's topic * Accompanied by an online instructor's manual with lecture presentations, chapter summaries, key terms, suggested classroom activities, and a test bank with essay and multiple choice questions at Don't miss the companion volume, Human Behavior and the Social Environment, Macro Level, Second Edition written with Fred H. Besthorn, which develops a sophisticated and original view of the cultural, global, spiritual, and natural worlds that people inhabit, and the impact of these worlds on human behavior.

Human Behavior and the Social Environment

Author : Joe M. Schriver
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Intended for graduate- and advanced college-level students of social work, this text covers traditional and alternative paradigms of social work knowledge and practice and of individuals; and perspectives on families, groups, organizations, and community. This update (previous, 1995) includes illust

Human Behavior and the Social Environment

Author : Joan Granucci Lesser
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This comprehensive text integrates multiple dimensions of the human experience in a reader-friendly style and provides the interface between developmental theory and practice. Human Behavior and the Social Environment, 1/e, introduces and incorporates current research on the biological, psychological, socio-cultural, and spiritual dimensions of human behavior throughout the life-cycle. The authors provide an appropriate focus on contemporary perspectives that are central to the practice of social work, such as trauma, neurobiological underpinnings of behavior, chronic illness and disability. They pay particular attention to models of racial, ethnic, class, gender and gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender identity development; to the influences of gender, sexual orientation, social class, race and culture on family structure and function, and to issues pertinent to a variety of post-modern family forms. The text explores macro influences of groups, communities and organizations in individual chapters. It also contains a chapter on social welfare policy that examines the impact of specific policies at each stage of the life-cycle and paves the way for new directions in research and future directions in policy and practice. Any market interested in a comprehensive text that integrates the multiple dimensions of the human experience in a reader-friendly style and provides the interface between developmental theory and practice.

Contemporary Human Behavior Theory

Author : Susan P. Robbins
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This covers both the traditional and the most current and contemporary theories from a comparative theory perspective. Intended to be a source for comparison purposes, it is organized to include contemporary developments in traditional lifespan of the theory, coverage of the research that supports it, an analysis of the validity of that research and a discussion of updated contemporary issues. It also includes new content on ecofeminism; neurobiology, neurotransmission and behavior ; feminist standpoint theory; theories of bisexual and transgender identity development; the role of shame in women's development ; ethnic/cultural identity development and cultural competence; theories of political economy, and transpersonal theory.