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Human Factors in Aviation

Author : Earl L. Wiener
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Since the 1950s, a number of specialized books dealing with human factors has been published, but very little in aviation. Human Factors in Aviation is the first comprehensive review of contemporary applications of human factors research to aviation. A "must" for aviation professionals, equipment and systems designers, pilots, and managers--with emphasis on definition and solution of specific problems. General areas of human cognition and perception, systems theory, and safety are approached through specific topics in aviation--behavioral analysis of pilot performance, cockpit automation, advancing display and control technology, and training methods.

Human Factors in Aviation

Author : Eduardo Salas
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This edited textbook is a fully updated and expanded version of the highly successful first edition of Human Factors in Aviation. Written for the widespread aviation community - students, engineers, scientists, pilots, managers, government personnel, etc., HFA offers a comprehensive overview of the topic, taking readers from the general to the specific, first covering broad issues, then the more specific topics of pilot performance, human factors in aircraft design, and vehicles and systems. The new editors offer essential breath of experience on aviation human factors from multiple perspectives (i.e. scientific research, regulation, funding agencies, technology, and implementation) as well as knowledge about the science. The contributors are experts in their fields. Topics carried over from the first edition are fully updated, several by new authors who are now at the fore of the field. New material - which represents 50% of the volume - focuses on the challenges facing aviation specialists today. One of the most significant developments in this decade has been NextGen, the Federal Aviation Administration's plan to modernize national airspace and to address the impact of air traffic growth by increasing airspace capacity and efficiency while simultaneously improving safety, environmental impacts and user access. NextGen issues are covered in full. Other new topics include: High Reliability Organizational Perspective, Situation Awareness & Workload in Aviation, Human Error Analysis, Human-System Risk Management, LOSA, NOSS and Unmanned Aircraft System. Comprehensive text with up-to-date synthesis of primary source material that does not need to be supplemented New edition thoroughly updated with 50% new material and full coverage of NexGen and other modern issues Instructor website with test bank and image collection makes this the only text offering ancillary support Liberal use of case examples exposes readers to real-world examples of dangers and solutions

Human Factors for Pilots

Author : Roger G. Green
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This book has two functions. The first is to provide a comprehensive and concise outline of the available human factors knowledge for the practicing pilot. The second function is to provide this knowledge in a way that follows very closely the syllabus of the UK Civil Aviation Authority's (CAA) Human Performance and Limitations examinations for both professional and private pilots. Although the private pilot's syllabus requires a narrower range of subjects to be studied, and in less detail, than the professional syllabus, this handbook covers both requirements, with syllabus variations being indicated in the contents page. The book is divided into four major sections containing material from psychology, physiology and medicine.

Aviation Medicine and Other Human Factors for Pilots

Author : Ross Ewing
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Aviation medicine and other human factors for pilots: with assessment modules.

Human Factors for General Aviation

Author : Stanley R. Trollip
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Human Factors for General Aviation helps pilots analyze why accidents happen by covering such topics as how to identify cockpit design problems, how your eyes and ears gather information, what factors affect your decision making, how to use cockpit resources effectively, plus much more.

The Air Pilot s Manual

Author : Trevor Thom
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Practical Human Factors for Pilots

Author : Capt. David Moriarty
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Practical Human Factors for Pilots bridges the divide between human factors research and one of the key industries that this research is meant to benefit—civil aviation. Human factors are now recognized as being at the core of aviation safety and the training syllabus that flight crew trainees have to follow reflects that. This book will help student pilots pass exams in human performance and limitations, successfully undergo multi-crew cooperation training and crew resource management (CRM) training, and prepare them for assessment in non-technical skills during operator and license proficiency checks in the simulator, and during line checks when operating flights. Each chapter begins with an explanation of the relevant science behind that particular subject, along with mini-case studies that demonstrate its relevance to commercial flight operations. Of particular focus are practical tools and techniques that students can learn in order to improve their performance as well as "training tips" for the instructor. Provides practical, evidence-based guidance on issues often at the root of aircraft accidents Uses international regulatory material Includes concepts and theories that have practical relevance to flight operations Covers relevant topics in a step-by-step manner, describing how they apply to flight operations Demonstrates how human decision-making has been implicated in air accidents and equips the reader with tools to mitigate these risks Gives instructors a reliable knowledge base on which to design and deliver effective training Summarizes the current state of human factors, training, and assessment

Human Factors in the Training of Pilots

Author : Jefferson M. Koonce
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In this educational yet entertaining text, Jeff Koonce draws on his 44 years of pilot experience and 31 years as a professor of psychology and human factors engineering in addressing the questions of how to apply sound human factors principles to the training of pilots and to one's personal flying. The author discusses principles of human f

Aviation Psychology and Human Factors

Author : Monica Martinussen
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This book covers the application of psychological principles and techniques to situations and problems of aviation. It offers an overview of the role psychology plays in aviation, system design, selection and training of pilots, characteristics of pilots, safety, and passenger behavior. It covers concepts of psychological research and data analysis and shows how these tools are used in the development of new psychological knowledge. The new edition offers material on physiological effects on pilot performance, a new chapter on aviation physiology, more material on fatigue, safety culture, mental health and safety, as well as practical examples and exercises after each chapter.

Pilot Medical Handbook

Author : Federal Aviation Administration
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Indispensable for pilots and other aviation workers, this comprehensive guide contains the authoritative word on pilot health and flight safety. Being a safe pilot involves more than checking the weather, filing a flight plan, and performing a preflight inspection. It also requires that pilots assess their physical and mental health and evaluate a slew of situational factors. This valuable reference contains detailed FAA-approved recommendations for determining when a flight is a “no-go” and details the variables that go into such a weighty decision—including medications, fatigue, trapped gases, vision impediments, spatial disorientation, hypoxia, and carbon monoxide. Pilots will learn how to determine their personal minimums in flying, evaluate the benefits of LASIK surgery, and confidently handle in-air situations that could quickly become emergencies, such as smoke in the cabin and altitude-induced decompression sickness.

Pilot Error

Author : Ronald Hurst
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Human Factors in Flight

Author : Frank H. Hawkins
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The late Captain Frank H Hawkins FRAes, M Phil, was Human Factors Consultant to KLM, for whom he had flown for over 30 years as line captain and R & D pilot, designing the flight decks for all KLM aircraft from the Viscount to the Boeing 747. In this period he developed and applied his specialization in Human Factors. His perception of lack of knowledge of Human Factors and its disastrous consequences led him to initiate both an annual course on Human Factors in Transport Aircraft Operation at Loughborough and Aston Universities, and the KLM Human Factors Awareness Course (KHUFAC). A consultant member of SAE S-7 committee, he was also a member of the Human Factors Society and a Liveryman of the Guild of Air Pilots. He was keynote speaker at the ICAO Human Factors Seminar held in St Petersburg, Russia in April 1990. About the Editor The late Captain Harry W Orlady was an Aviation Human Factors Consultant and a former Senior Research Scientist for the Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS); he also worked with NASA/Ames, with private research firms and the FAA in its certification of the Boeing 747-400 and the McDonnell-Douglas MK-11. As a pilot with United Airlines he flew 10 types of aircraft ranging from the DC-3 to the Boeing 747. He conducted studies in ground and flight training, Human Factors, aviation safety and aeromedical fields, and received several major awards and presented nearly 100 papers or lectures. He was an elected fellow of the Aerospace Medical Association; a member of the Human Factors Society, of ICE Flight Safety and Human Factors Study Group, and the SAE Human Behavioural Technology and G-10 Committees.

Human Factors for Flight Crews

Author : Dale Wilson
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Drawing upon the latest scientific research, aviation safety studies, and accident findings, Human Factors: Enhancing Pilot Performance thoroughly explores the nature of these human limitations and how they affect flight. Most importantly, this book provides best-practice countermeasures designed to help pilots minimize their influence on their flight performance.

Human Factors in Multi Crew Flight Operations

Author : HarryW. Orlady
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With the pace of ongoing technological and teamwork evolution across air transport, there has never been a greater need to master the application and effective implementation of leading edge human factors knowledge. Human Factors in Multi-Crew Flight Operations does just that. Written from the perspective of the well-informed pilot it provides a vivid, practical context for the appreciation of Human Factors, pitched at a level for those studying or engaged in current air transport operations. Features Include: - A unique seamless text, intensively reviewed by subject specialists. - Contemporary regulatory requirements from ICAO and references to FAA and JAA. - Comprehensive detail on the evolutionary development of air transport Human Factors. - Key statistics and analysis on the size and scope of the industry. - In-depth demonstration of the essential contribution of human factors in solving current aviation problems, air transport safety and certification. - Future developments in human factors as a 'core technology'. - Extensive appendices, glossary and indexes for ease of reference. The only book available to map the evolution, growth and future expansion of human factors in aviation, it will be the text for pilots and flight attendants and an essential resource for engineers, scientists, managers, air traffic controllers, regulators, educators, researchers and serious students.

Human Factors in Air Traffic Control

Author : Mark W. Smolensky
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The study of human factors has progressed greatly in the past 10 years, particularly with regard to the literature available in applied areas. The authors of this text focus on the most important aspects of this literature--the increasing concern over the deregulation of airlines and the increase in aviation accidents. The book covers general system safety, human perception, information processing, and cognitive load capacity during air traffic control performance, as well as team coordination, selection and training of personnel, work station and software design, and communication issues.

Human Factors in Air Transport

Author : Erik Seedhouse
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This textbook provides students and the broader aviation community with a complete, accessible guide to the subject of human factors in aviation. It covers the history of the field before breaking down the physical and psychological factors, organizational levels, technology, training, and other pivotal components of a pilot and crew's routine work in the field. The information is organized into easy-to-digest chapters with summaries and exercises based on key concepts covered, and it is supported by more than 100 full-color illustrations and photographs. All knowledge of human factors required in aviation university studies is conveyed in a concise and casual manner, through the use of helpful margin notes and anecdotes that appear throughout the text.


Author : Dédale
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Aviation Visual Perception

Author : Randy Gibb
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Vision is the dominant sense used by pilots and visual misperception has been identified as the primary contributing factor in numerous aviation mishaps, resulting in hundreds of fatalities and major resource loss. Despite physiological limitations for sensing and perceiving their aviation environment, pilots can often make the required visual judgments with a high degree of accuracy and precision. At the same time, however, visual illusions and misjudgments have been cited as the probable cause of numerous aviation accidents, and in spite of technological and instructional efforts to remedy some of the problems associated with visual perception in aviation, mishaps of this type continue to occur. Clearly, understanding the role of visual perception in aviation is key to improving pilot performance and reducing aviation mishaps. This book is the first dedicated to the role of visual perception in aviation, and it provides a comprehensive, single-source document encompassing all aspects of aviation visual perception. Thus, this book includes the foundations of visual and vestibular sensation and perception; how visual perceptual abilities are assessed in pilots; the pilot's perspective of visual flying; a summary of human factors research on the visual guidance of flying; examples of specific visual and vestibular illusions and misperceptions; mishap analyses from military, commercial and general aviation; and, finally, how this knowledge is being used to better understand visual perception in aviation's next generation. Aviation Visual Perception: Research, Misperception and Mishaps is intended to be used for instruction in academia, as a resource for human factors researchers, design engineers, and for instruction and training in the pilot community.

Human Factors for the Professional Pilot

Author :
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The Pilot s Burden

Author : Robert N. Buck
File Size : 89.94 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Addressing the growing complexities of aviation technology and regulations, this book takes a look at the human factors of flying.