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Human Specialization in Design and Technology

Author : Patricia A. Young
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Human Specialization in Design and Technology explores emerging trends in learning and training—standardization, personalization, customization, and specialization—with a unique focus on innovations specific to human needs and conditions. Analyzing evidence from current academic research as well as the popular press, this concise volume defines and examines the trajectory of instructional design and technologies toward more human-centered and specialized products, services, processes, environments, and systems. Examples from education, healthcare, business, and other sectors offer real-world demonstrations for scholars and graduate students of educational technology, instructional design, and business development. The book features insights into the future of professors, public schools, equity and access, extended technologies, open educational resources, and more, concluding with a set of concrete solutions.

Handbook of Research on Human Computer Interfaces and New Modes of Interactivity

Author : Blashki, Katherine
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Due to its versatility and accessibility, individuals all around the world routinely use various forms of technology to interact with one another. Over the years, the design and development of technologies and interfaces have increasingly aimed to improve the human-computer interactive experience in unimaginable ways. The Handbook of Research on Human-Computer Interfaces and New Modes of Interactivity is a collection of innovative research on the methods and applications of interactive technologies in the modern age. Highlighting topics including digital environments, sensory applications, and transmedia applications, this book is ideally designed for academicians, researchers, HCI developers, programmers, IT consultants, and media specialists seeking current research on the design, application, and advancement of different media technologies and interfaces that can support interaction across a wide range of users.

Daily Graphic

Author : Ransford Tetteh
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Encyclopedia of Organizational Knowledge Administration and Technology

Author : Khosrow-Pour D.B.A., Mehdi
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For any organization to be successful, it must operate in such a manner that knowledge and information, human resources, and technology are continually taken into consideration and managed effectively. Business concepts are always present regardless of the field or industry – in education, government, healthcare, not-for-profit, engineering, hospitality/tourism, among others. Maintaining organizational awareness and a strategic frame of mind is critical to meeting goals, gaining competitive advantage, and ultimately ensuring sustainability. The Encyclopedia of Organizational Knowledge, Administration, and Technology is an inaugural five-volume publication that offers 193 completely new and previously unpublished articles authored by leading experts on the latest concepts, issues, challenges, innovations, and opportunities covering all aspects of modern organizations. Moreover, it is comprised of content that highlights major breakthroughs, discoveries, and authoritative research results as they pertain to all aspects of organizational growth and development including methodologies that can help companies thrive and analytical tools that assess an organization’s internal health and performance. Insights are offered in key topics such as organizational structure, strategic leadership, information technology management, and business analytics, among others. The knowledge compiled in this publication is designed for entrepreneurs, managers, executives, investors, economic analysts, computer engineers, software programmers, human resource departments, and other industry professionals seeking to understand the latest tools to emerge from this field and who are looking to incorporate them in their practice. Additionally, academicians, researchers, and students in fields that include but are not limited to business, management science, organizational development, entrepreneurship, sociology, corporate psychology, computer science, and information technology will benefit from the research compiled within this publication.

Anarchist by Design Technology and Human Nature

Author : Mark Seely
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Technology lies at the heart of the issue. The technological order—the expanding web of physical technologies and bureaucratic systems of control that we call global civilization—exists despite our evolutionary preparation for a distinctly different kind of society: a society of near equals in which participation is voluntary. Anarchy—society founded on organic and direct relations with others, unmediated by artificial systems of power and authority—is the natural and preferred social state for human beings. Anarchist by Design promotes the intentional dismantling of technological society, not merely to provide relief from the corrosive effects it has on individual freedom, and not to be replaced by something else, but in order to allow natural modes of social organization—underwritten by evolved psychological systems that continue to limp along beneath the surface, deformed, repressed, and misdirected—to have healthy and unfettered expression.

Educational Media and Technology Yearbook

Author : Michael Orey
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Designing for Emerging Technologies

Author : Jonathan Follett
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The recent digital and mobile revolutions are a minor blip compared to the next wave of technological change, as everything from robot swarms to skin-top embeddable computers and bio printable organs start appearing in coming years. In this collection of inspiring essays, designers, engineers, and researchers discuss their approaches to experience design for groundbreaking technologies. Design not only provides the framework for how technology works and how it’s used, but also places it in a broader context that includes the total ecosystem with which it interacts and the possibility of unintended consequences. If you’re a UX designer or engineer open to complexity and dissonant ideas, this book is a revelation. Contributors include: Stephen Anderson, PoetPainter, LLC Lisa Caldwell, Brazen UX Martin Charlier, Independent Design Consultant Jeff Faneuff, Carbonite Andy Goodman, Fjord US Camille Goudeseune, Beckman Institute, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Bill Hartman, Essential Design Steven Keating, MIT Media Lab, Mediated Matter Group Brook Kennedy, Virginia Tech Dirk Knemeyer, Involution Studios Barry Kudrowitz, University of Minnesota Gershom Kutliroff, Omek Studio at Intel Michal Levin, Google Matt Nish-Lapidus, Normative Erin Rae Hoffer, Autodesk Marco Righetto, SumAll Juhan Sonin, Involution Studios Scott Stropkay, Essential Design Scott Sullivan, Adaptive Path Hunter Whitney, Hunter Whitney and Associates, Inc. Yaron Yanai, Omek Studio at Intel

Historical Instructional Design Cases

Author : Elizabeth Boling
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Historical Instructional Design Cases presents a collection of design cases which are historical precedents for the field with utility for practicing designers and implications for contemporary design and delivery. Featuring concrete and detailed views of instructional design materials, programs, and environments, this book’s unique curatorial approach situates these cases in the field’s broader timeline while facilitating readings from a variety of perspectives and stages of design work. Students, faculty, and researchers will be prepared to build their lexicon of observed designs, understand the real-world outcomes of theory application, and develop cases that are fully accessible to future generations and contexts.

The Profession of Modeling and Simulation

Author : Andreas Tolk
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The definite guide to the theory, knowledge, technical expertise, and ethical considerations that define the M&S profession From traffic control to disaster management, supply chain analysis to military logistics, healthcare management to new drug discovery, modeling and simulation (M&S) has become an essential tool for solving countless real-world problems. M&S professionals are now indispensable to how things get done across virtually every aspect of modern life. This makes it all the more surprising that, until now, no effort has been made to systematically codify the core theory, knowledge, and technical expertise needed to succeed as an M&S professional. This book brings together contributions from experts at the leading edge of the modeling and simulation profession, worldwide, who share their priceless insights into issues which are fundamental to professional success and career development in this critically important field. Running as a common thread throughout the book is an emphasis on several key aspects of the profession, including the essential body of knowledge underlying the M&S profession; the technical discipline of M&S; the ethical standards that should guide professional conduct; and the economic and commercial challenges today’s M&S professionals face. • Demonstrates applications of M&S tools and techniques in a variety of fields—such as engineering, operations research, and cyber environments—with over 500 types of simulations • Highlights professional and academic aspects of the field, including preferred programming languages, professional academic and certification programs, and key international societies • Shows why M&S professionals must be fully versed in the theory, concepts, and tools needed to address the challenges of cyber environments The Profession of Modeling and Simulation is a valuable resource for M&S practitioners, developers, and researchers working in industry and government. Simulation professionals, including administrators, managers, technologists, faculty members, and scholars within the physical sciences, life sciences, and engineering fields will find it highly useful, as will students planning to pursue a career in the M&S profession. “ …nearly three dozen experts in Modeling and Simulation (M&S) come together to make a compelling case for the recognition of M&S as a profession… Important reading for anyone seeking to elevate the standing of this vital field.” Alfred (Al) Grasso, President & CEO, The MITRE Corporation Andreas Tolk, PhD, is Technology Integrator for the Modeling, Simulation, Experimentation, and Analytics Division of The MITRE Corporation, an adjunct professor in the Department of Engineering Management and Systems Engineering and the Department for Modeling, Simulation, and Visualization Engineering at Old Dominion University, and an SCS fellow. Tuncer Ören, PhD, is Professor Emeritus of Computer Science at the University of Ottawa. He is an SCS fellow and an inductee to SCS Modeling and Simulation Hall of Fame. His research interests include advancing methodologies, ethics, body of knowledge, and terminology of modeling and simulation.

Handbook of Human Factors and Ergonomics

Author : Gavriel Salvendy
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"This is the fourth edition of the market-leading reference for human factors and ergonomics researchers, academics, and professionals. Editor Gavriel Salvendy, a well-known and respected authority, has assembled the top thinkers and practitioners from throughout the world to update this volume. It features new coverage of voice communication, multi-modal design, human-robot communication, call center design and operation, design of electronic games, and much more.Plus new and expanded coverage of Human Error and Human Reliability Analysis"--Provided by publisher.