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Hunting With The Bow And Arrow Legacy Edition

Author : Saxton Pope
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This deluxe unabridged reprint Legacy Edition of Saxton Pope's historic Hunting With The Bow And Arrow is full of classic tips and methods for making and using your very own archery equipment, from long bows and recurve bows to arrows and arrowheads of all types, as well as vintage accessories for making your hand-made archery experience the best it can be. And, of course, Pope shares many old hunting stories from his bow-and-arrow tracking trips with deer, bears, and mountain lions! Originally published in 1923, this vintage classic book is an essential text for the study of traditional hunting and outdoors skills.

A Study Of Bows And Arrows Legacy Edition

Author : Saxton T. Pope
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The Timeless Study of Ancient Archery and Bow and Arrow Lore This deluxe unabridged reprint Legacy Edition of Saxton Pope's historic A Study Of Bows And Arrows is the ultimate analysis of ancient archery equipment. Originally published in 1923, this vintage classic book is an essential text for the study of traditional hunting and shooting sports lore. Drawing from his experience with American Indians and making his own bows and arrows, Pope examines the ancient bow and shooting methods with meticulous detail and extensive testing. In this book, he examines long bows, recurve bows, short bows, and everything in between. With many illustrations and photograph plates, this study examines the effects of each kind of bow and shares these results with readers in an engaging way. Pope's study of bows and arrows throughout history is unparalleled. Drawing on his time with the Yana Indians and having published at least three books on archery, this present book focuses on the specific composition of bows and arrows and how well each works. He also provides specifics on how to make your own bows, including discussions on the best types of wood. Arrow making is also included, with detailed instructions on wood, feathers, bindings, and arrowheads. This vintage book includes timeless knowledge archery topics. It makes a perfect gift for archery enthusiasts and hunters, young and old! This is the classic manual of archery, preserved for almost a century! It also makes a great gift for outsoorspeople, bushcrafters, survivalists, campers, and scouts. Although this book represents thought from a former time, it also reveals much about the rich history of archery, and many of the tips, tricks, and discussions are still relevant for study today! A part of The Library of Traditional Archery: Book 2 This Doublebit Legacy Edition reprint of A Study Of Bows And Arrows is professionally restored and presented from the original source, including inspiration from the book's original cover, with the highest degree of fidelity possible. Readers can enjoy this Legacy Edition for generations to come and learn from its timeless knowledge. About the Doublebit Press Legacy Edition Reprints Sometimes we need to remember our history to move forward. Sometimes, remembering our heritage is just fun or inspirational. With technology playing a major role in everyday life, sometimes we need to take a step back in time to find those basic building blocks used for gaining mastery - the things that we have luckily not completely lost and has been recorded in books over the last two centuries. These skills aren't forgotten, they've just been shelved. It's time to unshelve them once again and reclaim the lost knowledge of self-sufficiency! As a part of the Doublebit Press Legacy Edition reprints collection, this unabridged volume is reprinted in the exact form as it was presented in the original publication. Both important and minor details have equally both been accounted for by our publishing staff, down to the cover, font, layout, and images. It is the goal of Doublebit Legacy Edition series to preserve American handcraft and outdoors heritage, but also be cherished as collectible pieces, worthy of collection in any home library that can be passed to future generations.

Field Stream

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FIELD & STREAM, America’s largest outdoor sports magazine, celebrates the outdoor experience with great stories, compelling photography, and sound advice while honoring the traditions hunters and fishermen have passed down for generations.

Pennsylvania Game News

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Nora Roberts Donovan Legacy Collection

Author : Nora Roberts
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Experience the bewitching Donovan Legacy in this collection of novels from #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts. Their family shares the Donovan Gift. Each cousin has special powers that set them apart from ordinary mortals. But while their gifts bring great responsibilities, they bring even greater rewards... CAPTIVATED Nash Kirkalnd only intends to ask self-proclaimed witch Morgana Donovan for her help in researching his new screenplay. But before long, he finds himself falling under Morgana's spell. ENTRANCED Private investigator Mary Ellen Sutherland is desperate to find her friend's missing baby. Sebastian Donovan’s extraordinary gifts might be able to help, but only if skeptical Mel can put her faith in the sexy psychic. CHARMED Though she comes from a family with extraordinary “talents,” empath and healer Anastasia Donovan experiences a different kind of magic when widowed father Boone Sawyer and his six-year-old daughter move in next door. ENCHANTED Liam Donovan finds himself drawn to lovely, guileless schoolteacher Rowan Murray. But before he trusts her with his heart, he must trust her with the truth about his family—and his own incredible ability.

Legacy of Tutankhamun

Author : Mey Zaki
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The spectacular treasures from the tomb of Tutankhamun have been admired by millions of visitors to museum exhibitions around the world; this book places these masterpieces in the context of Egyptian art history. In this book, the author shed the light on the history, the art and the Aton religion in Egypt during the period proceeding the reign of Tutankhamun, as well as the impressive discovery of his tomb. This work offers a historical, symbolic and artistic study covering a considerable number of artifacts and masterpieces from the collection of Tutankhamun, the child King.

Vintage Bows II

Author : Rick Rappe
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The Silver State 3rd Edition

Author : James W. Hulse
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Nevada has changed dramatically over the past quarter century, and in this third edition of The Silver State, renowned historian James W. Hulse recounts the major events—historical, political, and social—that have shaped our state. Hulse’s cohesive approach offers students and general readers an accessible account of Nevada’s colorful history. The new edition highlights the social and political changes that have occurred since the original publication of The Silver State in 1991. Hulse discusses the impact of a growing population; changes in the economy and education system; expanding roles of women; recent developments in state politics, including the 2003 legislative session; the influence of Nevada’s growing ethnic population and increasingly divergent demographic groups; and the impact of federal policies, including President George W. Bush’s 2002 decision to authorize the opening of a nuclear-waste depository at Yucca Mountain. In addition, all the recommended reading lists have been updated. The Silver State explores many dimensions of the Nevada experience and its peoples. This book will inspire readers to take another look at the rich cultural heritage and eventful history of Nevada, the Silver State.

Paul Mellon s Legacy

Author : John Baskett
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Paul Mellon (1907--1999) was an unparalleled collector of British art. His collection, now at Yale in the museum and study center he founded to house it, rivals those in Britain’s national museums and is unquestionably the most comprehensive representation of British art held outside of the United Kingdom. This book and the exhibition that it accompanies celebrate the centenary of his birth. Five introductory essays examine Mellon’s extraordinary collecting activity, as well as his role in creating both the Yale Center for British Art and the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art in London as gifts to his alma mater (Yale 1929). A lavishly illustrated catalogue section showcases 148 of the most exquisite and important paintings, watercolors, drawings, prints, sculpture, rare books, and manuscript material in the Yale Center’s collection, including major works by Thomas Gainsborough, Joshua Reynolds, George Stubbs, John Constable, and J. M. W. Turner.


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Orion s Legacy

Author : Charles Bergman
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Examines the myth and metaphor of Orion, the cultural archetype of the great hunter, as it has evolved through the centuries and in terms of the ways in which men understand and assert their masculine identities


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Heritage Comics Auctions Dallas Signature Auction Catalog 819

Author : Ivy Press
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The Art Heritage of India Comprising

Author : Ernest Binfield Havell
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Field and Stream

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AB Bookman s Weekly

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Video Source Book

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A guide to programs currently available on video in the areas of movies/entertainment, general interest/education, sports/recreation, fine arts, health/science, business/industry, children/juvenile, how-to/instruction.

Played in Manchester

Author : Simon Inglis
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Britain's sporting heritage is unrivalled. Most of the sports played at international level today - including football, cricket, rugby, hockey, tennis, bowls and snooker - were developed and codified in this country. But what of sport's architectural heritage? Played in Manchester is the first of a series of titles celebrating this significant, yet often overlooked aspect of our social and cultural history. Over the last two hundred years the Manchester area has, at one time or another, been a leading centre for archery, athletics, cycling, lacrosse and water polo. The city can claim Britain's first purpose built ice rink, the first greyhound stadium and the earliest known examples of Lads' Clubs, the forerunners of today's youth centres. Until the 1960s Manchester was also the centre of the turnstile manufacturing industry. Adopting a completely new approach to the study of sporting and urban history, Played in Manchester leads readers along a trail of fascinating locations; a Victorian real tennis club hidden in the backstreets of Salford, an Edwardian billiard room, the training ground where Manchester United's Bobby Chariton and David Beckham honed their skills, a former racecourse grandstand now used as a student union and, not least, the opulent Victoria Baths, winner of 2003's BBC Restoration series.

A Basic Book Collection for Junior High Schools

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Bowker s Complete Video Directory 2000

Author : Bowker
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