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Author : Susan Baur
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Writing with grace, humor, and an expert's eye for revealing detail, Susan Baur illuminates the processes by which hypochondriacs come to adopt and maintain illness as a way of life.


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Revival Hypochondria 1929

Author : E. D. Gillespie
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The Age of Hypochondria

Author : G. Grinnell
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Examining the ways in which hypochondria forms both a malady and a metaphor for a range of British Romantic writers, Grinnell contends that this is not one illness amongst many, but a disorder of the very ability to distinguish between illness and health, a malady of interpretation that mediates a broad spectrum of pressing cultural questions.

Stop Hypochondria

Author : Lutz Schneider
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Stop Hypochondria – Hypochondriacs – understand your fear of diseases and free yourself from it Is a shaking hand a sign of a nervous disorder? Belly pain a symptom of colon cancer? And is the cold you had recently perhaps the first sign of a serious immune disorder? Have you also asked yourself these questions when you have noticed such symptoms? I have thought a lot about these questions in the past. I would like to tell you my story and show you how I managed to free myself from my fears. In this book I will explain the background of hypochondria (health anxiety), its symptoms, causes and diagnosis. After that I will give you a lot of important tips how you can get over your hypochondria on your own and ban it forever, in four easy steps. About the author of this book, Lutz Schneider: Ever since he studied the biology of evolution, over 20 years ago, he has been interested in marginal health subjects, which are often hidden from the main stream, but which are scientifically well accepted. He teaches this knowledge, not only to his students, but also reaches a wider audience in Germany with his various publications. In his books, he speaks about subjects which are very close to his heart and on which he can pass on his own experiences. All of his publications, therefore, are based on indisputable scientific facts, but also encompass his own very personal experiences and knowledge. Read about fascinating background information, scientific findings, experience reports and secret tips which are tailor-made for your hypochondria and will help you to live healthily, without fear, and how to win back your quality of life. Get your copy of this book today and discover ... ... what hypochondria is, ... what causes it and how it is recognized, ... what you can do about it to become free from fear, permanently. Content of this book: Preface What is hypochondria? How does hypochondria manifest itself? What are the causes of hypochondria? How do you recognise hypochondria Effects of hypochondria Treatment of hypochondria Liberate yourself from your fears in four stages Relaxation techniques with instructions Tips for relatives Summary

Towards a Psychosomatic Conception of Hypochondria

Author : Martine Derzelle
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A rigorous and groundbreaking study. Martine Derzelle is the first researcher to approach hypochondria as a relational pathology. Martine Derzelle is the first researcher to approach hypochondria as a relational pathology. The author tackles a subject that has puzzled care professionals for decades: hypochondria. Martine Derzelle confronts all specialists (psychotherapists, psychiatrists, doctors, psychosomaticians) with the paradox of this pathology and the theoretical void on which the approach to those patients who express a suffering of various kinds has stood for more than a century. In the first part, the author highlights the lack of theoretical elaboration on hypochondria in the existent literature; in the second part, on the basis of clinical examples, she analyzes the nature of the disease, and then offers a completely innovative theoretical elaboration. Finally, in the third part, she proposes a new and specific approach to treating this pathology at both the theoretical and clinical levels within the framework of psychoanalysis and implementing key concepts from relational psychosomatics.

Health Hedonism and Hypochondria

Author : Ian Bradley
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From Romans to royalty and hypochondriacs to holiday-makers, natural water spas have been a common feature in society since the first century. Even today, we periodically abandon the cities to 'take the waters'. In their heyday, Europe's spas were the main meeting places for aristocracy, politicians and cultural elites. They were the centres of political and diplomatic intrigue, and were fertile sources of artistic, literary and musical inspiration. The spas epitomised style and were renowned for their cosmopolitan atmosphere in a glittering whirl of balls, gambling and affairs, as much as for their healing waters. Health, Hedonism & Hypochondria reveals the hidden histories of traditional spas of Europe, including such well-known resorts as the original Spa in Belgium; Bath, Buxton & Harrogate in Britain; Baden-Baden & Bad Ems in Germany; Vichy & Aix-les-Bains in France; Bad Ragaz in Switzerland; Bad Ischl & Baden bei Wien in Austria and Karlovy Vary & Mariánské Lázne in the Czech Republic. At once luxurious sanctuaries of relaxation and resorts of the upper classes, they were also the haunts of melancholics, scoundrels and those seeking escape and excitement.


Author : Vladan Starcevic
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Hypochondriasis is an ancient term, evoking much controversy. This is reflected in sharp disagreements about conceptualization of hypochondriasis and its etiology, pathogenesis, and treatment. Written by world experts and from different perspectives, this volume fills the need for a modern, balanced, in-depth and integrative overview of hypochondriasis as a mental disorder with diverse manifestations. The book is state-of-the-art on the topic and is mainly intended for both practising clinicians and researchers.


Author : Robert Meister
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A Repertory of Hering s Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica

Author : Calvin Brobst Knerr
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