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It Matters

Author : Amy Lynne
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An inspiring book filled with prayers and stories that help us stand strong against despair—and build a trusting relationship with God. Written to help readers look at the positive side of life, It Matters helps us refocus on what matters, get rid of negative baggage and negative emotions, and in turn, experience the freedom of forgiveness. Amy Lynne shares her own experiences with all their ups and downs—and guides us in developing a trusting relationship with God through stories, Positive Word Confessions, and a prayer with every chapter. Emphasizing the importance of wearing spiritual armor every day, It Matters can be used both individually or as a group Bible study to understand spiritual warfare and realize God’s faithfulness in the journey of overcoming past hurts.

The Psychology of Selling and Advertising

Author : Edward Kellogg Strong
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My Father s Kampung A History Of Aukang And Punggol

Author : Shawn Li Song Seah
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Written by author and speaker Shawn Seah, My Father's Kampung delves into the social history of Aukang and Punggol as it traces a son's journey to better understand and appreciate the kampung life his father lived. The book is rich in personal stories and oral histories of those who lived there from the 1940s to 1970s, brought to life by Seah's passionate narrative as well as illustrations and photos.This book is supported by the National Heritage Board, with Forewords by Robert Yeo and Montfort Alumni.

The Helpmate

Author : Gwendolyn O. Hinton
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The HelpMate is a book that can assist you in the trials of your marriage. Most of us are always looking for a way to support or end our marriages. The author has written this book in faith hoping that it will be advice to those who are seeking refuge for their marriage. Also, the book describes the role of The HelpMate so that we can understand what position we uphold in our marriages as women who are wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts and friends. The book is an easy read and can possibly be helpful to you in sustaining your marriage. Whether your marriage is in the beginning, struggling or attempting to survive, The HelpMate can help. If youre seeking encouragement for your marriage The HelpMate is a wonderful motivating tool that you can benefit from. A lot of the authors life in a long-term marriage has been disclosed through various trials and tribulations in her own marriage. The disclosure is to serve as a weapon to help husbands and wives recognize where they may need help to survive in a marriage that they both want. As the author of this book I dont believe that we should wait until the marriage is at a dead end and then try and look for the help, but look for help when the life of the marriage is in the beginning or surviving stage so that you will never have to worry about your end being a dead one. Read the HelpMate and be open and receptive for life changing words that may fulfill your palate, knowing that others go through similar struggles in an attempt to keep a good and strong marriage. Remember to become selfless because when we marry 2 Shall Become 1 and only God can explain to us what it means, but we have to be able and willing to walk in our roles with love. Be Blessed and May Grace and Peace Abound With You as You Expose Yourself to The HelpMate.

On a Pedestal

Author : Bessie M. David
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A provocative fusion of truth and fiction fill the pages of this memoir. Annie Mae relives her life from innocence to a world of poverty, abuse, neglect, and alcoholism. On a not-so-pretty trip down memory lane, she travels across Texas panning for love, food, and shelter. The characters that come in and out of her life resemble members from a museum of oddities. She leaves no stone unturned with raw dialogue about her clandestine encounters, her unscrupulous family, and the faith that pulls her through.

Planning and Organizing Personal and Professional Development

Author : Chris Sangster
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Chris Sangster’s book is a practical, step-by-step guide to personal and professional development that covers the strategy, techniques and philosophy behind the process. Lifelong learning, the shift from trainer-centred delivery to learner-centred development and the opportunities provided by new technologies, place considerable onus on individuals to take responsibility for their own learning. This guide will help trainers and facilitators to enable learners to do just that. There are, at least, three different participants involved in any meaningful and sustainable process of personal development at work - the learner, his or her line manager and mentor(s), and the training (or development support) function. Chris Sangster provides a route map for each of these three roles. He offers a simple, compelling triangular model to illustrate the interaction of each and places particular emphasis on ’learning outcomes’ - as opposed to inputs, focusing attention and objective measurement on learning that manifests itself through application, achievement and changes in behaviour. Whether you are looking for a complete and holistic process for developing your people or a highly readable guide to unravelling the myths of development - such as the confusion between personal and professional development - this book has it all.

Secret Lover

Author : Shawna Delacorte
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A mysterious and sexy stranger Andrea Sinclair found herself inexplicably drawn to Jim Richards—mind and body—as if she already knew him. His hair and face were wrong, but there was something about the man… Was he the one she'd been searching for ever since he left the Witness Protection Program with a price on his head? Jim had been alone for too long—alone and lonely. He couldn't help fantasizing about Andi, though she represented life-threatening danger to him. She knew everything about him—everything he'd carefully tried to erase. Could he trust her to help him find the killer who pursued him…? He didn't have a choice. His heart wouldn't let him leave her.

The Great Outdoors A User s Guide

Author : Brendan Leonard
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“Leonard’s durable tome (seriously, the cover is rubber) is stuffed with so many tips about surviving in the wild, you’ll be able to leave your smartphone behind.” —Entertainment Weekly, Best New Books This easy introduction to outdoor life will ensure that even a novice won’t get lost in the woods while finding an activity he loves to do in the great outdoors--whether it’s hiking a 14er or camping on ice. With 400 strategies for engaging in the outdoors, and expert tips and tricks, The Great Outdoors: A User’s Guide makes Mother Nature easier to understand than ever before. Brendan Leonard, writer, filmmaker, and outdoor adventurer, shows the reader how rewarding it can be to live life away from the computer and get outside. From mountain climbing, to skiing, sledding, and sailing, Leonard shows that you don’t need to be a risk taker to enjoy the outdoors. And if the reader does find himself at the point of man vs. nature, Leonard shares survival skills from how to bandage a wound and read a topographical map, to how to drive on sand and remove a tick from your skin—all organized thematically and written in short takeaway entries with helpful line drawings. Bound in a uniquely rugged (and waterproof!) PVC cover material, The Great Outdoors: A User’s Guide is a friendly way into the outdoor lifestyle, whether you're looking to dabble or go all in.

Saving the White Lions

Author : Linda Tucker
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In this captivating, suspenseful memoir, white lion conservationist Linda Tucker describes her perilous struggle to protect the sacred white lion from the merciless and mafia-like trophy-hunting industry, armed only with her indomitable spirit and total devotion. Her story begins in 1991 with a heart-stopping misadventure in the Timbavati Reserve of South Africa. Tucker—then a successful advertising executive—and a group of fellow travelers found themselves surrounded by a pride of angry lions. There was no way out, night had fallen, and the battery in their only flashlight was beginning to flicker. Miraculously, a local medicine woman, with two youngsters in tow, passed, trancelike and fearless, through the lions and escorted them all to safety. For Tucker, that life-threatening experience became a life-changing one. She abandoned her career, left Europe, and returned to Timbavati to track down the medicine woman who had saved her: Maria Khosa. Upon seeing Tucker again, Khosa only smiled and said, “What took you so long?” She had been expecting her, and there was so much to do. Under Khosa’s shamanic tutelage, Tucker learned of her sacred destiny: to be the “keeper of the white lions,” believed to be angelic beings sent to Earth to save humanity at a time of crisis. Khosa also prophesized that the queen of the white lions—the embodiment of the mother of Ra, the sun god—would soon be born, on a day and in a place considered holy by Westerners. On December 25, 2000, in the little South Africa town of Bethlehem, a snowy white lion cub, Marah, was born. From the moment of her first meeting with Marah, Tucker’s story immediately takes off into battle, as she dedicates her every waking moment to prying Marah and her siblings from the grips of the trophy-hunting industry. Compellingly written in the intimate style of a journal, Tucker describes with unflinching honesty her fears, doubts, hopes, and dreams, all the while unfolding for us an unforgettable tale of adventure, romance, spirituality, and most of all, justice.

Peterson s Magazine

Author :
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