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I Heard It Through the Grapevine

Author : Patricia A. Turner
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This book divides into two basic parts. In Chapters 1 and 2 I discuss historical examples of "rumor" discourse and suggest whey many blacks have--for good reason--channeled beliefs about race relations into familiar formulae, ones developed as early as the time of the first contact between sub-Saharan Africans and European white. Then in Chapters 3-7 it explores the continuation of these issues in late-twentieth-century African-American rumors and contemporary legends, using examples collected in the field. Because Turner was able to monitor these contemporary legends as they unfolded and played themselves out, rigorous analysis was possible. What follows, then, is an examination of the themes common to these contemporary items and related historical ones, and an explanation for their persistence. Concerns about conspiracy, contamination, cannibalism, and castration--perceived threats to individual black bodies, which are then translated into animosity toward the race as a whole--run through nearly four hundred years of black contemporary legend material and prove remarkable tenacious.

Heard It Through the Grapevine

Author : Teresa Hill
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THE STICK TURNED BLUE! Preacher's daughter and wholesome "good girl" Cathie Baldwin knew better than to find herself unwed and pregnant. But what miracle could save her and her family from the ultimate shame now? MARRY ME…SORT OF As if in answer to a prayer, in walked Matt Monroe, former bad-boy turned millionaire businessman. Dark, dangerous, yet blessedly familiar, Matt proposed a temporary marriage of convenience. The brooding loner had always tugged Cathie's heart by invisible strings, yet even now her elusive husband could not be tamed. Would her greatest moment of need reveal the true depths of Matt's feelings for his beloved family?

Heard It Through the Grapevine

Author : Pamela Browning
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Can She Overcome The Fear Factor? Gina Angelini never wants to see Josh Corbett again, and everyone knows why. Two years ago he romanced her in front of millions of TV viewers—then surprised the world by picking another contestant to share his life. She's still smarting from his public rejection when he tracks her down to the Napa Valley in California and tries to rewrite their unhappy ending. But a little voice in her head keeps whispering, Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me…. The longer Josh is around Gina, the more he regrets having listened to the show's producers instead of his heart. In fact, he can't really blame the blond, dark-eyed beauty for not giving him the time of day. What he needs now is forgiveness. Maybe that and a few allies in the large and boisterous Angelini clan will be enough to buy him a fresh start. In The Family: The bigger the family, the greater the love

Case Studies in Organizational Communication 2

Author : Beverly Davenport Sypher
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Spotlighting the central role of communication in today's varied workplace, this up-to-date collection of new case studies will succeed its highly acclaimed predecessor as a valued reference and teaching text. The studies both highlight creative and positive uses of communication and demonstrate how communication practices can hinder organizational functioning. Topics addressed include new communication technologies; the dynamics of teamwork; cross-cultural communication; sexual harassment; and stress and burnout. - Back cover.

1000 Mal geh rt 1000 Mal fast nix kapiert

Author : Fritz Gruber
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Fasziniert stellen wir fest, dass die Songs unserer Jugend wie Lesezeichen und blitzende Überschriften in der Chronik unserer persönlichen Geschichte wirken. Songs, deren Stimmung und Texte unser Lebensgefühl manchmal besser ausdrückten, als wir selbst es je gekonnt hätten. Songs, von denen wir uns verstanden fühlten; Songs, die wir verstanden! Wirklich? Diese wilde Mischung aus englischen und amerikanischen Jugendslangs, anspruchsvollen Lyrikstücken, Insiderbegriffen aus der Sex- und Drogenszene, Anspielungen auf soziales, zeitgenössisches oder historisches Geschehen – war sie für uns damals überhaupt völlig zu entschlüsseln? Kaum möglich. Dieses Buch ist eine wahre Fundgrube zum richtigen sprachlichen und inhaltlichen Verständnis von mehr als 300 legendären Pop-, Folk- und Rocksongs der 60er- und 70er Jahre. Berücksichtigt wurden sowohl Songs, die es in diesen Jahren bis weit nach oben in die Charts schafften, ebenso wie Folk- und Rocksongs, die auch ohne großen Charts-Erfolg zu Legenden ihrer Musik-Ära wurden. Wenn in diesem Buch Titel wie "Imagine" oder "Yesterday" nicht erwähnt werden, dann liegt das ausschließlich daran, dass diese wunderbaren Lieder gar keine erklärungsbedürftigen Textpassagen aufweisen.

Talking at the Gates

Author : James Campbell
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Follows the life of James Baldwin, drawing on interviews with his friends, correspondence, and the file compiled by the FBI on the author known for works such as "The Fire Next Time" and "Giovanni's Room."

Don t Just Hear it Through the Grapevine

Author : Mary Becker
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Motown The Golden Years

Author : Bill Dahl
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This is the book for lovers of Motown! Author and Motown historian Bill Dahl has expertly compiled this comprehensive guide to the musical combination of pop and gospel, known as Motown. This new compilation features an A-to-Z listing and biography of nearly every Motown group since its beginning in 1959. Also included are never-before-published photos from former Motown promotions guru Weldon A. McDougal III. Enthusiasts will now have a chance to own a complete encyclopedia of groups and artists, along with information about their music, including a discography and price guide. • 32-page color section containing many never-before-published photos • Complete encyclopedia of groups, artists, plus discography and price guide for all Motown acts

1 000 UK Number One Hits

Author : Jon Kutner
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The official UK charts started in November 1952 with Al Martin's Here's In My Heart at the top. Since then, there have been over 50 years of changes and we have now reached the 1,000 number one.

Hazel s Little Bud

Author : Zach Cooley
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Born with cerebral palsy, Zach Cooley tells the story of his life with bits of historical information on the town of Austinville, Virginia intermingled throughout his work, which was also home to Hazel Stoots, his great-great aunt who served as the family matriarch despite having no children of her own, thanks to her undying sense of family. Hazel was also well-known as a worker for the local recreation center for more than 25 years, making her a popular citizen of the community. Later, to Zach, she was the center of his world. Her passing nearly led him down a destructive path. It would be years before he would find his purpose in life through a young woman named Emily, who would become the love of his life. In HAZEL'S LITTLE BUD, an autobiographical account with historical flavor, discover his story, which pays tribute to these two women and the community, which holds a history he is driven to protect.