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I Love ish New York City

Author : Ali Solomon
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A humorous and relatable look into the joys and pitfalls of living in New York City. There is no city quite like New York City, for better or worse. I Love(ish) New York is a hilarious relatable collection of essays, illustrations, and cartoons about the always interesting, sometimes frustrating, and endlessly entertaining quirks of living in the Big Apple. Despite the notorious six-floor walk-ups and unrequited love found in all the wrong dive bars, the city's unique charm and irresistible allure keeps millions of residents—and starry-eyed millions more on their way—walking fast and talking faster. New Yorker magazine contributor Ali Solomon offers an absurdist's eye and a satirist's pen, crafting a love letter to the greatest (or great-ish?) city in the world. I Love(ish) New York is the perfect gift for anyone who lives, left, loved, or dreamed of living in New York City. A PERFECT GIFT: This is great gift or self-purchase for anyone who lives in, has left, or is moving to New York City. Whether given as a graduation, housewarming, or moving present, I Love(ish) New York is a relatable laugh for the millions who love (and love to hate) New York. EVERGREEN TOPIC: New York will always be absurd and wonderful to those who live or who have lived there. This book will resonate with its millions of residents. A LOVE LETTER TO NYC: Ali Solomon shares the ups and downs of living in New York as only a lifelong New Yorker can. From finding your first apartment to landing a job, romantic partner, and then facing the decision to hang tough or flee to the suburbs, Ali tackles the full lifecycle of the city dweller with heart and wit. New Yorkers of all ages and stages will be able to relate. Perfect for: New Yorkers, past and present, and transplants Recent college graduates

I Heart Design

Author : Steven Heller
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I Heart Design is a collection of “favorite” designs as selected by 80 prominent graphic designers, typographers, teachers, scholars, writers and design impresarios. Designers have preferences, like modern over postmodern, serif over sans serif, decorative over minimal, but designers could not be engaged in design practice if they did not love design. The reasons for such a charged emotion varies from individual to individual, but there are certain commonalities regarding form, function, outcome, and more. Design triggers something in all of us that may be solely aesthetic or decidedly content-driven, but in the final analysis, we are drawn to it through the heart. Designs featured include the iconic CBS eye, the stark Kodak identity, the Coca-Cola bottle, and, of course, The Rolling Stones’ Sticky Fingers album cover.

I Heart Art

Author : The Metropolitan Museum of Art
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A charming, chunky book filled with more than 150 works we love from The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The book is divided into different themes for readers to explore, including people, animals, transportation, and places. Accompanying text provides readers with insight into each piece without distracting from the beauty of the work. From paintings to collages to sculptures to photographs, I (Heart) Art helps readers discover the best that the museum has to offer. Among the artists included are Jennifer Bartlett, Romare Bearden, Rosa Bonheur, Canaletto, Mary Cassatt, Marc Chagall, Jean-Honoré Fragonard, Hokusai, Winslow Homer, Edmonia Lewis, Claude Monet, Georgia O’Keeffe, Alfred Stieglitz, and Andy Warhol.

I Heart You

Author : Meg Fleming
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This tender, rhyming Classic Board Book is a lively celebration of love. Little ones adore being independent and trying new things. But they also need Mom and Dad’s reassurance and snuggles. With her spare, lyrical text, Meg Fleming captures the exuberance, the affection, and the tender push-and-pull of life with a child. And illustrator Sarah Jane Wright’s evocative illustrations infuse the story with generous helpings of warmth and love.

I Heart Francis

Author : Donna Schaper
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Everyone is paying attention to Pope Francis, and that includes the most unlikely of admirers: a female Baptist pastor. Veteran minister and social justice advocate Donna Schaper has become a fan of the pope, covering him for Religion Dispatches, traveling to see him speak, and taking up many of his issues. Schaper says that Francis is a pope for all of us, and she has written him a series of letters—love letters, of a sort. She agrees with him on the environment, climate change, love of animals, and concern for the poor. But she has a lovers’ quarrel with him on the issues of women’s ordination and GLBT rights. Schaper’s letters to Pope Francis are intimate and ornery, affirming and challenging. She has high hopes that he can heal the church and the globe, and she prods him to be even more inclusive than he already is. In the end, in spite of their disagreements, Pastor Donna loves Pope Francis, and she calls us all to join him in loving the world.

The Wayward Writer

Author : Ariel Gore
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When your dream and creative passion is to write, how do you succeed without selling out or selling yourself short? Ariel Gore has spent her life trying to solve this puzzle, writing and organizing her way towards a creative utopian vision, where storytelling is a form of resistance and writing is an outsider art. In this follow-up to her national bestseller How to Become a Famous Writer Before You're Dead, Gore offers a lyrical call to literary revolution paired with practical exercises. Through her own experiences and interviews with other authors, publishers, and agents, she shows you how to chart your own creative education, vanquish shame and imposter syndrome, cast off oppression, cast a spell on your readers, step into your unique powers, and build your own literary community where respect and honesty reign and where you can be a writer and survive. Gore presents an alternative narrative structure to the patriarchal hero's journey, with a focus on tapping into myths and hidden places. She urges us to not be precious about where or when we write, or to apologize for who and what we are, or to stop short of telling the truth about our lives. The result is an impossible to ignore rallying cry for writing dangerously to create a liberatory literary utopia and a helpful guide through the thorny landscape of publishing your work.

Sand Sawdust and Scotch

Author : Bob Christenson
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A group of preteens walking home from a movie matinee discover a body. A grandfather with a pirate hook for a right hand works his con games on the unsuspecting. A monitor lizard is rescued from an air conditioner. A family trapped in a runaway Model A careen down a dangerous mountain road. Writing what he calls "memory sketches," Bob Christenson proves a captivating storyteller in his new book, Sand, Sawdust, and Scotch A Life Loosely based upon the Truth.

The I love NY Diet

Author : Bess Myerson
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Presents an easy, safe, and fast weight-loss program developed by the Bureau of Nutrition of New York's Health Department, with menus, practical tips, complete weekly and monthly regimens, and more

The Accidental New Yorker

Author : Stephanie Wahlstrom
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Paige Crawford, former accidental socialite, has managed to shed her Z-list celebrity status and pull her life into a semblance of normalcy. But more importantly, she's close to proving to her family and herself that she can make it on her own . . . That is, until she's laid off from her job and left with no choice but to leave London behind for good. She hops on a plane headed home to Canada, only to decide to give herself one more chance to make it before hers becomes a life of "I told you so's." So instead of walking onto her connecting flight, she leaves JFK Airport and steps into the wilds of New York City, where she soon learns her misadventures have only just begun. And while she juggles writing a popular blog, locating a missing male model, and a sexy new boss who reminds her a little too much of home, Paige is about to learn that "making it" has nothing to do with where you end up, but everything to do with how you get there. Sharp, witty and entertaining, Paige's adventures are perfect for fans of Lucy Diamond, Tracey Bloom, Sophie Ranald and Samantha Tonge

City Dog

Author : Alison Pace
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New from Alison Pace, the author of Pug Hill. After her divorce, Amy Dodge thought she?d finally write the next Great American Novel. Instead she?s written a bestselling children?s book series, Run, Carlie, Run! starring her adorable and spirited West Highland White terrier and a dashing (but fictional) Scottish explorer. When Carlie is offered a starring role in her own television show, and the explorer begins to take on a life of his own, Amy?s world takes a surreal turn. But just when Amy starts thinking it?s a dog?s life after all, she figures out a way to make everything change. And though life in New York isn?t always a walk in the park, it might just take her exactly where she needs to be.