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I Love The Smell Of Chlorine In The Morning Notebook Journal

Author : Hab Publication
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Hurry Up Get your Copy Now... I make you sure, that you will Love It! Perfect gift for swimmer, Coach, friend or relative! A great inexpensive gift idea.This Notebook is multi-purpose, has a lot of space to fill pages by writing notes or scribbing down thoughts. Details: Dimensions: 6" x 9" Pages: 120 Blanked Lined Pages Cover: Glossy Cover Quality High-Quality paper

Social Sense

Author : Tara Delaney, MS, OTR/L
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The Social Sense® Program combines the viewpoints and experiences of an occupational therapy and speech pathology team. During the last decade the team has created and implemented lesson plans that utilize sensory based activities for teaching complex social skills. This step-by-step program can be used when working with social groups or performing therapy sessions in both the school and clinical setting. This practical book addresses social communication and pragmatic language goals as well as adaptations for sessions with students from kindergarten through high school. Can be utilized by professionals from all backgroundsLessons are designed to easily fit within a school calendarCapitalizes on current brain research as the foundation for the activitiesTargets experiential learningUtilizes knowledge of sensory processing to take advantage of the primitive brainTeaches visualization strategies to prepare for future social interactionsIncreases executive functioning capabilities

See You In The Morning

Author : Mairead Case
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See You In the Morning is a book about three 17-year-olds, Rosie, John, and the narrator, who take care of each other one summer in a small Midwestern town. Rosie is a mystic romantic whose dad earned so much money writing screenplays that she doesn’t need an after-school job. John, Rosie’s ex, works at the roller rink in a rabbit costume and takes care of his mom when she's tired after a day cutting hair. The narrator works at a bookstore and sometimes focuses so hard on their reading that they see polka dots take over the room. John is the narrator's best and oldest friend, so now the two of them must be in love, right? Because if they aren't, why stay in town? But if they aren't, who else will ever understand? What is love and how does it work? See You In the Morning happens at diners and house shows, in paragraph-shaped poems, and the narrator's angry, tender, colorful voice.

Frommer s Chicago 2000

Author : Craig Keller
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Life is short. Vacations are shorter. Relax! Trust your trip to Frommer's. Choose the Only Guide That Gives You: Exact prices, so you can plan the perfect trip no matter what your budget. The latest, most reliable information—completely updated every year! Lots of easy-to-read color maps. The widest and best selection of hotels and restaurants in every price range, with candid, in-depth reviews. All the practical details you need to make the most of your time and money. One-of-a-kind experiences and undiscovered gems, plus a new take on all the top attractions. Outspoken opinions on what's worth your time and what's not. A fresh, personal approach that puts the fun and excitement back into travel! It's a Whole New World with Frommer's. Find us online at

The Soul Survivor

Author : Joe Townsend
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This book is inspirational and serious because it is about a real life accident and overcoming adversity. Even though those are heavy topics- it is also important for us to capture Joe’s unique personality and sense of humor. It adds to the message we are trying to deliver. Overview – and how this book is different! The purpose of Soul Survivor is to tell the real life story of Joe Townsend, who was flying one day with his family and due to mechanical failure – the small plane he was piloting crashed- killing Joe’s wife and two small daughters. Joe was critically injured and survived brain injury, a stroke, hours of surgery and months of physical and emotional pain to survive and then to thrive. Through grit and determination, he then began to rebuild a new life. This inspirational real life tale of overcoming adversity will get people to realize their own true potential. When they read this story, they will understand that if one man can overcome this kind of horrific adversity, then anything in life is possible. There are no limits.

A Daily Walk The Gospels and Acts

Author : Mark Whitehead
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What does it look like spending a year with Jesus, writing what He teaches you daily? In 2015, He led me on an amazing journey through the New Testament. Each morning, I would read a chapter of Scripture and write down what the Lord taught me. The pages in this book are the result of an incredible adventure at the feet of Jesus.

Perfectly Imperfect

Author : Lee Woodruff
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On the heels of her acclaimed book In an Instant, the #1 New York Times bestseller she wrote with her husband, ABC News anchor Bob Woodruff, and with the same candor and charm, Lee Woodruff now chronicles her life as wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. Woodruff’s deeply personal and, at times, uproariously funny stories highlight such universal topics as family, marriage, friends, and how life never seems to go as planned. From raising teenagers (“Now with a boy and girl on the precipice of serious adolescence, the bathroom door is sealed tighter than a government nuclear testing ground”) to how she copes with tragedy (“Swimming surrounds me in the velvet wet of a bluish green world where I can dive deep down and sob with no trace”), Perfectly Imperfect: A Life in Progress is the testimonial of a woman who embraces the chaos of her surroundings, discovers the splendor of life’s flaws, and accepts that perfection is as impossible to achieve as a spotless kitchen floor.

No Second Chance

Author : Harlan Coben
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When his child is taken, a father will stop at nothing to get her back in this explosive, white-knuckle thriller from #1 New York Times bestselling author Harlan Coben. When the first bullet hit my chest, I thought of my daughter... Shot twice by an unseen assailant, Dr. Marc Seidman lies in a hospital bed. His wife has been killed. His six-month-old daughter has vanished. But just when his world seems forever shattered, the ransom note arrives: We are watching. If you contact the authorities, you will never see your daughter again. There will be no second chance. With no one to trust, and mired in a deepening quicksand of deception and deadly secrets, Marc clings to one unwavering vow: bring home his daughter, at any cost.

The Deathday Cake

Author : Jennifer Curtiss Gage
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A Funny Thing About Love

Author : Rebecca Farnworth
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The funny thing about love is that just when you think you've got it sorted, it turns round and bites you on the behind. Which is exactly what's happened to Carmen Miller. Her ex husband's girlfriend is pregnant, her career as a comedy agent is going down the pan, she's made a fool of herself with fellow agent Will Hunter, a man she's fancied for ages, and to cap it all she has to move out of her flat. Surely things can't get any worse. Moving down to Brighton to write the TV comedy series that she's always dreamed about, Carmen meets the divine Daniel. A man so gorgeous, she doesn't even mind that he's got long hair. It seems that Carmen's life is on the up again. Until, that is... love bites again. Looks like Carmen's back where she started. But could it be that love isn't the problem? Maybe she's just been choosing the wrong men.

Love Hunger

Author : Vickery Turner
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Set in a famine-plagued Africa, this subtle comedy of modern urban manners sees Lili, an out-of-work actress, and Dartey, a disillusioned fundraiser for famine relief, fall in love

The Sportswriter

Author : Richard Ford
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As a sportswriter, Frank Bascombe makes his living studying people--men, mostly--who live entirely within themselves. This is a condition that Frank himself aspires to. But at thirty-eight, he suffers from incurable dreaminess, occasional pounding of the heart, and the not-too-distant losses of a career, a son, and a marriage. In the course of the Easter week in which Ford's moving novel transpires, Bascombe will end up losing the remnants of his familiar life, though with his spirits soaring. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Per Chance To Dream

Author : Michael Reisman
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Sometimes we just daydream about wishing what we want out of life. Other times it comes in an episode as our heads sleep on a pillow. Maybe one of those realistic dreams is a sight into a future event. Let us see what happens in these short stories where the variety and outcomes will have you amazed. Take your time, for it is now your turn Per Chance To Dream... This book is dedicated to all of the readers and fans of my novels. It is those people who fuel my desire to continue.

The Man from Beyond A Novel

Author : Gabriel Brownstein
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Format : PDF, ePub
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Attending to packed crowds during a spiritualist tour of New York in 1922, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle defends the powers of a famous medium in spite of the skepticism of his good friend, Harry Houdini, who takes umbrage to Doyle's claims that the medium's abilities surpass Houdini's. A first novel. 15,000 first printing.

The Last Detail Cinderella LIberty

Author :
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Attempts to Join Society

Author : Richard Thornley
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The Accomplice

Author : Darryl Ponicsan
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Japan Dreams

Author : Mark Peters
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A traveller comes to Japan and is slowly absorbed into a complex and increasingly unnerving interplay of reality, representation, substitution, the virtual, the artificial, the counterfeit and the unreal. In form, 'Japan Dreams' is loosely modelled on 'Pillow Book' by Sei Shonagon and 'As I crossed a bridge of dreams' by Lady Sarashina, both written c. 1000 AD. The narrative moves between travelogue, meditation, exploration of ideas, discourse on various subjects, dreams, lists, and introspection. Fact and fiction become harder to separate as the story unfolds. What starts as straightforward documentary metamorphoses into chaotic self-absorption, and the reader is left examining the very same question examined by the narrator: is this real? A very personal first-person account, 'Japan Dreams' touches on numerous aspects of Japanese culture: arts and heritage, attitudes to time and space, sexuality, language, technology, media, entertainment, identity and self, values, family, city and country life, and religion.


Author : Gen S. Tanabe
File Size : 56.90 MB
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A step-by-step guide to writing powerful college admission essays that provides information on different writing strategies, the most common writing mistakes, and the best topics to write on.

Summer Horror

Author : R. L. Stine
File Size : 86.69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Presents three horror novels set in the summertime, the first about a camp reunion that turns deadly, the second about a stalker killing lifeguards at a country club, and the third about an evil babysitter.