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Augusta Gone

Author : Martha Tod Dudman
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"I'm not telling you where I am. Don't try to find me." Remember Go Ask Alice? Augusta, Gone is the memoir Alice's mother never wrote. A single parent, Martha Tod Dudman is sure she is giving her two children the perfect life, sheltering them from the wild tumult of her own youth. But when Augusta turns fifteen, things start to happen: first the cigarette, then the blue pipe and the little bag Augusta says is aspirin. Just talking to her is like sticking your hand in the garbage disposal. Martha doesn't know if she's confronting adolescent behavior, craziness, her own failures as a parent -- or all three. Augusta, Gone is the story of a girl who is doing everything to hurt herself and a mother who would try anything to save her. It is a sorrowful tale, but not a tragic one. Though the book charts a harrowing course through the troubled waters of adolescence, hope -- that mother and daughter will be reunited and will learn to love one another again -- steers them toward a shore of forgiveness and redemption. Written with darkly seductive grace, Augusta, Gone conjures the dangerous thrill of being drawn into the heart of a whirling vortex. This daring book will be admired for its lyricism, applauded for its courage, and remembered for its power. It demands to be read from start to finish, in one breathless sitting.

Augusta Mother of Salt Transparent Ones Book 3

Author : Chang Terhune
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AUGUSTA REYES WAS DOING JUST FINE, THANK YOU. Supporting two kds and a mother-in-law pulling salvage from the waters off old Connecticut’s Gold Coast was no picnic. Most days she came back empty-handed. People came to Hollow Point to escape debt, war, or the law. The Coastal cops didn’t ask many questions. And that suited Augusta just fine. The last thing she wanted was questions about her age, past, her scars and where she learned to fight. One day a yacht arrived, owned by a handsome and “retired” gangster eager to hang up his past and make a new life with someone special that just happens to be Augusta. She can’t believe her luck; of all the women in Hollow Point he wants her? Then a salvage crew goes missing near the the quarantined ruins of Strong Island and Augusta’s carefully manicured life is about to fall apart.

An Augusta Scrapbook

Author : Vicki H. Greene
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Communities rallying in the name of history have become a common phenomenon. Typically, the potential loss of a historic building or site serves as the catalyst. In the case of An Augusta Scrapbook: Twentieth-Century Memories, a book brought Augustans together in the name of history. The community participation created a historical collage, representing a spectrum of photographic recollections. It is a glimpse at the significant, the uncommon, and the ordinary. The compilation of images, nevertheless, captures Augusta's community fabric.

Augusta Locke

Author : William Haywood Henderson
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An indelible portrait of a woman who through great toughness of character blazes her own trail Novelist William Haywod Henderson has won acclaim for his depictions of land and nature and his ability to bring the American West to vivid life. Of his most recent novel, The Rest of the Earth, Annie Proulx remarked that Henderson “writes some of the most evocative and transcendently beautiful prose in contemporary American literature.” Redolent with myth, humor, strange landscapes, and stark reality, Henderson’s new novel tells the story of Augusta Locke, a troubled yet spirited woman, as she raises her daughter in the deserts of Wyoming. Spanning the twentieth century, Augusta’s extraordinary challenges play out themes of love and loss, home and family, redemption and reconciliation.

Augusta s Journal

Author : Ralph Crump
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This volume brings to a close our four volumes on the chronicled life of Augusta during a very turbulent and pivotal period in the History of the United States: the opening-up of the West, the question of whether slavery would prevail nationally with political attempts to legitimize it in the new territories, starting with Kansas; a serious depression brought on by over expansion of our then growth industry, the railroads; the explosive discoveries of gold in most of the Western Territories; one of the worst wars in our history to settle once and for all whether we were to be "one nation indivisible" with slavery or not. Augusta's original three bound journals, which I inherited, with some 2,000 entries, beginning before she was seventeen, records not only her personal and occasionally tragic involvement in all of these events, but the influence these events had on her life at the time. Her journal entries from 1857 to 1860 present a record of the founding (by her father and a few other abolitionists) the town of Eldorado, Kansas that is better and more authentic than any professional early history of the city we've seen. She described in detail these two or three-dozen mostly young pioneers that were willing to go far beyond the Frontier to establish a voting district free of proslavery domination.

United States Congressional Serial Set

Author :
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Augusta Nights

Author : David K. Drew II
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Senator Armstrong Prentice revels in his supremacy as the most powerful black man in Augusta, Georgia and the Southeast for that matter. His family is revered as well. His three sons all have successful careers; however, his daughter, Tammy, seems to suffer from psychological problems stemming from the aftermath of the murder of her fiancé Anthony Leakes. What worries Senator Prentice is the lack of an heir that meets the stipulations dictated by his ancestors, both black and white, and slave and slave master.

My Love

Author : Elizabeth Lynn Linton
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A Memoir of Mother Francis Raphael O S D Augusta Theodosia Drane with Some of Her Spiritual Notes and Letters

Author : Augusta Theodosia Drane
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I Remember Pete Maravich

Author : Mike Towle
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Basketball legend Pete Maravich is remembered in this collection of of memorials written by his fellow players, coaches, friends, fans, and relatives, who remember not only a great athlete, but a man who turned away from heavy drinking and turned toward God and became a born-again Christian.

Supreme Court

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Report of the Joint Select Committee to Inquire Into the Condition of the Election Returns of September 8th 1879 and the Expenditure of Public Moneys Under the Direction of Gov Garcelon and Council Together with the Evidence Taken Before the Committee Made to the 59th Legislature of Maine

Author : Maine. Legislature. Joint Select Committee on Election Returns
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History of Augusta County Virginia

Author : John Lewis Peyton
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Proceedings of the Parliament of South Australia

Author : South Australia. Parliament
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Fiftieth Anniversary of the Augusta Savings Bank September 29th 1898

Author : Augusta Savings Bank (Augusta, Me.)
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Reunions of the Nineteenth Maine Regiment Association at Portland Bath Belfast Augusta and Richmond

Author :
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Journal of an Experimental Trip by the Lady Augusta on the river Murray

Author : James ALLEN (of Adelaide.)
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Selections from the Verse of Augusta Webster

Author : Augusta Webster
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Littell s Living Age

Author : Eliakim Littell
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The Living Age

Author :
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