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My Life Is Real Vs Ideal

Author : Marvin Robert Wohlhueter Th.D.
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We all grow up with the mental picture of what our life should turn out like. We added brush strokes to this majestic tapestry as we moved through childhood, adolescence, and young adult life. Yet, as we arrive at our full-blown adult life, our expectations of life and our reality of life looks very different. In fact, there is a gap as wide as the Grand Canyon. What happened to the life I envisioned? If you are honest, you live with the tension of the ideal life you want and the real life you have. You are not alone if your expectations and reality do not match. Many wake up each day wondering what is going on with their daily agenda. Life is not working as they thought. Discover how to grow and even thrive in this “tension gap” life you are living. God meets you in the middle of your frustration. He comforts. He guides. He restores. You win! Your life is about to take a drastic turn upward as you learn how to go from your real to your ideal life.

Global Perspectives in Cross cultural and Cross national Consumer Research

Author : Lalita A. Manrai
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Global Perspectives in Cross-Cultural and Cross-National Consumer Research deals with several important issues crucial for greater understanding of international and cross-cultural consumer behavior. This understanding in turn can provide international marketers with valuable insights, such as conditions under which globalization may or may not work. The coverage in this book is interdisciplinary in nature, and the chapters discuss several constructs (intermediary variables, processes, and also other environmental influences) related to social, personal, and psychological components or consequences of culture. The book begins with a conceptual model of the effect of culture on consumer behavior, with the components and consequences of the cultural influences clearly identified in terms of social, personal, and psychological factors. The following chapters discuss general issues related to globalization and standardization, present conceptual approaches to propositions relating to multicultural contexts, and address consumer complaining behavior and responses to advertising. There are five chapters on empirical and methodological studies conducted in specific pairs of countries, with data obtained from Canada, Denmark, Japan, Germany, Poland, Romania, and the United States. In presenting readers with new information, Global Perspectives in Cross-Cultural and Cross-National Consumer Research spans these specific topics: the nature of cultural influence on consumer behavior globalization versus customization of international marketing strategy individualism versus collectivism right versus left symbolism product involvement consumer response to information technology interdependent versus independent cultures The contributors are well-known scholars in the international/cross-cultural marketing field; their chapters present state-of-the-art developments in this area. The coverage of the material is interdisciplinary in nature and is likely to benefit a broad audience, especially academic researchers in international or cross-cultural consumer research and librarians of research-oriented schools, universities, or organizations.

Ideal Life vs Real Life

Author : Tillie Lane
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Do you ever feel like you’re missing out on your ideal life? You know, the perfect life we all envision for ourselves? Let’s face it: life is not for sissies. It seems we are always striving for the perfect, ideal life, but missing the mark (sometimes by a mile). I contend that our lives are overcomplicated by our own expectations. Relax! Take the wins and forget about the times things didn’t go perfectly. Look for the humor in those times when things didn’t quite make an “A” rating. I was never an “A” student anyway; how am I gonna start now? We don’t all have the time or desire to grow organic orange trees, freshly squeeze the juice in non-plastic bottles, and make granola bars from scratch from nuts you foraged in the woods, and wheat grown in your backyard to take for soccer snacks. Grab that forty pack of water bottles, hack up those store-bought oranges, grab boxes of granola bars (one without nuts of course), and hand them out proudly. If little Johnny’s mom snubs you because little Johnny can’t eat or drink anything that contains gluten, sugar, artificial—anything and certainly not oranges that come in a bag from Walmart as anything that has touched plastic might irritate his precious skin—then let Johnny’s mom bring the snacks for the rest of the season. You’re off the hook and the problem is no longer on your plate. Your “failure” to provide the correct snacks is actually a win for you. You deserve a sticker! I have complied some short stories from my own life that seemed like epic failures, and sometimes were, and yet the earth still turned. Looking back, I can laugh at all the bumps in road, failed attempts at perfection, and botched or forgotten plans. I know you will be able to relate in one story or another, so feel free to laugh at my mistakes. Really, it won’t hurt my feelings at all. Laugh it up! Oh, and one last thing, tell that unattainable ideal life to take a flying leap, and enjoy your real life.

Real Life Marriage

Author : Dennis Guernsey
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The First Year

Author : Kay Zincus, Ph. D.
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THE FIRST YEAR: Conversations with a New ICU Nurse follows a newly hired nurse through his first year of practice in a metropolitan hospital. Through nine in-depth interviews, author Kay Zincus has the new nurse describe what he does to care for acutely ill patients, work with families, cultivate effective relationships with physicians and nurses, and grapple with the inevitable ethical issues that are part of the life and death situations in intensive care situations. Frank and reflective, this book offers new and future healthcare workers —and their friends and families — a rare window of insight into the challenging transition from nursing school to real-life nursing practice. It reminds educators of the big leap students must make from nursing school to effective nursing practice. And it offers insights to consumers of healthcare about the shortage of nurses affecting many hospitals. A troubling question emerges—how will we have an adequate supply of well-trained, acute-care nurses when so many leave in their early years of practice? To my knowledge no one has ever documented a new nurse’s first year through a series of interviews from the perspective of citizen-consumer curious about this type of transition! The narratives are very compelling and rich! —University professor, nursing Wow! I have never read anything like this. It is so insightful and rings totally true to this new nurse’s experience. There is an unmet need for this information and a place for it in the nursing and education literature. — Hospital social worker I found these first-year experiences and insights compelling all the way through. It could be an invaluable teaching tool as a case study and reading for the general public interested in occupational socialization. This new nurse demonstrates deep thinking, the ability to consider ethical issues, and is intelligently reflective and articulate in his learning of the role of the nurse in these intensive care situations. — University professor, education and sociology

Saffron Barker Vs Real Life

Author : Saffron Barker
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#SaffronBarkerVSRealLife In world of airbrushing and perfectly constructed social media lives, one girl is battling to make it through completely unfiltered (well, almost). Immerse yourself in Saffron Barker's wonderful, comical, and often challenging universe as she slays her teenage years with flair and enthusiasm (sometimes). Relationships! Confidence! Make-up fails! No tricky stone is left unturned as we follow Saffron over a year of her crazy life while she sets herself a series of goals, tries ever more elaborate ways to convince her brother to appear in a video, and tells the world she's coming to get it.

Catheterization and Interventional Cardiology in Adult Patients

Author : Petr Widimsky
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This pocket book is focused on the practical aspects of cardiac catheterization and interventions including indications, periprocedural medications and techniques, interpretation of results, and the prevention and treatment of periprocedural complications.

Man Real and Ideal

Author : Edwin Grant Conklin
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Psychology Applied to Modern Life Adjustment in the 21st Century

Author : Wayne Weiten
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Filled with comprehensive, balanced coverage of classic and contemporary research, relevant examples, and engaging applications, this book shows you how psychology helps you understand yourself and the world-and uses psychological principles to illuminate the variety of opportunities you have in your life and your future career. While professors cite this bestselling book for its academic credibility and the authors' ability to stay current with ''hot topics,'' students say it's one text they just don't want to stop reading. The book and associated workbook are highly readable, engaging, and visually appealing, providing you with a wealth of material you can put to use every day. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Theory of Cryptography

Author : Martin Hirt
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The two-volume set LNCS 9985 and LNCS 9986 constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Theory of Cryptography, TCC 2016-B, held in Beijing, China, in November 2016. The total of 45 revised full papers presented in the proceedings were carefully reviewed and selected from 113 submissions. The papers were organized in topical sections named: TCC test-of-time award; foundations; unconditional security; foundations of multi-party protocols; round complexity and efficiency of multi-party computation; differential privacy; delegation and IP; public-key encryption; obfuscation and multilinear maps; attribute-based encryption; functional encryption; secret sharing; new models.

On Compromise and Rotten Compromises

Author : Avishai Margalit
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When is political compromise acceptable--and when is it fundamentally rotten, something we should never accept, come what may? What if a rotten compromise is politically necessary? Compromise is a great political virtue, especially for the sake of peace. But, as Avishai Margalit argues, there are moral limits to acceptable compromise even for peace. But just what are those limits? At what point does peace secured with compromise become unjust? Focusing attention on vitally important questions that have received surprisingly little attention, Margalit argues that we should be concerned not only with what makes a just war, but also with what kind of compromise allows for a just peace. Examining a wide range of examples, including the Munich Agreement, the Yalta Conference, and Arab-Israeli peace negotiations, Margalit provides a searching examination of the nature of political compromise in its various forms. Combining philosophy, politics, and history, and written in a vivid and accessible style, On Compromise and Rotten Compromises is full of surprising new insights about war, peace, justice, and sectarianism.

Ideal Code Real World

Author : Brad Hooker
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Begins by explaining and arguing for certain criteria for assessing normative moral theories. Then argues that these criteria lead to a rule-consequentialist moral theory.

Ideology of Power and Power of Ideology in Early China

Author :
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Ideology of Power and Power of Ideology in Early China explores Chinese political thought during the centuries surrounding the formation of the empire in 221 BCE, examining devices of legitimation, views of rulers and ministers, economic thought, and administrative practices.


Author : V Janardhana
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It may not be possible to totally understand the mysteries of “Life”; however, we will try to go deep into what “Life” has to offer, the natural tendencies of human beings’ and the way universe present itself to us, which may throw some light on the mysteries of “Life”. We will make an attempt to decipher uncertainties of Life and why we are not at peace in spite of the material comfort. As one may realize the subject chosen is very vast and there is no single approach or many approaches that can tackle the subject, any attempt, however, exhaustive it may be will fall short of minimum and sufficient conditions to find meaningful answers. The humble request is to accept the approach taken to address the subject with the limitations that we all human beings’ have.

Abstract Objects Ideal Forms and Works of Art

Author : Robert Rose-Coutr
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Joining philosophy of language with phenomenological aesthetics, this book defines the epistemological status of abstract objects and works of art. Beginning with a provocative conversation between Socrates, Plato, Wittgenstein, and Jung, the book introduces the concept, and coins the term, "Platonic Inductive Fallacy," deriving from a cycle of language games. The author then invokes Robert Stalnaker to clarify the difference between real and actual objects, which gives new insight into the epistemology of abstract objects. Armed with defined abstract objects, the reader is taken through a fascinating journey from 1890s aestheticism to present-day phenomenological aesthetics. The book clearly establishes principles and methods for defining works of art, and applies them to two versions of a Henry James novella. The clear definitions and inventive methods, supported with impressive, detailed research, lead to compelling and well-taken conclusions. This journey pays off with important and exciting results.

A Philosophical Life

Author : William C. Gentry (Prof.)
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Socrates said that true philosophy could not be written down because it dies, lying sterile and static on the page. True philosophy takes place in conversation. Twentieth Century academic philosophy strays very much from this ancient insight and admonition and survives mainly through the journals, essays, books, and other written materials scrutinized by student and colleague alike. William C. Gentry was both an academic philosopher, perfectly willing to engage in the philosophical 'conversations' of the written word and, more importantly, a true philosopher, in the Platonic and Socratic style. Engaging with those around him in discourse, in live conversations, which are the vehicle of actual philosophical inquiry and discovery. These essays are the product of those conversations. Gentry's thoughts consisted of investigations into the deepest and most profound questions of human nature, ethics, and knowledge. This volume is a tribute both to his role as a teacher and philosopher. As a teacher, friend, and colleague, Gentry was the epitome of the philosopher: questioning, exploring, critiquing, discovering.

What it Means to be Daddy

Author : Jennifer Hamer
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Examines the lives of African American families, in which the father is separated from their children due to varying circumstances.


Author : G.J.P.,
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The universe is a closed room without windows, yet with movable shelves and boxes stuffed with anachronistic books and racks. Knowledge is always fragmentary, dynamic, only temporarily sedimentary and thus it lies on the racks. Someday, there'll be on the shelves, ours, the only virtual volume of truth with its multiple entries that makes up for the only truth of everything. Shelves, a conceptual dictionary, tries to define and entwine the many different concepts that, altogether, conform the ordered whole, opening at the same time, new perspective and consideration to everything that surrounds and contains us, notwithstanding preconceptions and the mainstream. We are on our way to master the universe. Let us be patient. Or not.

Critiques of Everyday Life

Author : Michael Gardiner
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Recent years have witnessed a burgeoning interest in the study of everyday life within the social sciences and humanities. In Critiques of Everyday Life Michael Gardiner proposes that there exists a counter-tradition within everyday life theorising. This counter-tradition has sought not merely to describe lived experience, but to transform it by elevating our understanding of the everyday to the status of a critical knowledge. In his analysis Gardiner engages with the work of a number of significant theorists and approaches that have been marginalized by mainstream academe, including: *The French tradition of everyday life theorising, from the surrealists to Henri Lefebvre, and from the Situationist International to Michel de Certeau *Agnes Heller and the relationship between the everyday, rationality and ethics *Carnival, prosaics and intersubjectivity in the work of Mikhail Bakhtin *Dorothy E. Smith's feminist perspective on everyday life. Critiques of Everyday Life demonstrates the importance of an alternative, multidisciplinary everyday life paradigm and offers a myriad of new possibilities for critical social and cultural theorising and empirical research.

Kant and the Reach of Reason

Author : Nicholas Rescher
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Introduction 1. On the status of 'things in themselves' in Kant's critical philosophy 2. Kant on noumenal causality 3. Kant's cognitive anthropocentrism: the 'special constitution' of the human mind in Kantian epistemology 4. Kant on cognitive systematization 5. Kant's teleological theology 6. Kant on the limits and prospects of philosophy 7. On the reach of pure reason in Kant's practical philosophy 8. On the rationale of Kant's categorical imperative 9. On the unity of Kant's categorical imperative Name index.