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Ideas issues

Author : Olivia Johnston
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Ideas & Issues Intermediate stimulates real discussion in the English-language classroom. Its Four Skills programme combines reading and listening practice with grammar and vocabulary revision and follow-up writing tasks. The book's integrated approach encourages Intermediate-level students to compare different points of view on a wide range of topical issues and guides them towards successful communication. Ideas & Issues Intermediate is suitable for students on general English courses, or those working towards the Cambridge First Certificate.

Ideas And Opinions

Author : Albert Einstein
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A new edition of the most definitive collection of Albert Einstein's popular writings, gathered under the supervision of Einstein himself. The selections range from his earliest days as a theoretical physicist to his death in 1955; from such subjects as relativity, nuclear war or peace, and religion and science, to human rights, economics, and government.

Ideas and Books

Author : Charlotte Mason
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A selection of Charlotte Mason's writings on the topic of the place of ideas and books in the education of children. Mason's teachings on the topic of education required six large volumes to cover. This book makes it simple for homeschooling parents to find exactly what they need to learn about Charlotte Mason's thoughts on ideas and books. The teachings and philosophies of Charlotte Mason, a British educator from the last century, are currently experiencing a revival, especially among American private and home schools. Mason's educational ideas were originally used by governesses in England to educate the children in their charge. Eventually, schools based on her philosophies sprung up throughout England, and her original training school became a college to supply teachers for the Parents' Union Schools throughout the world. Mason developed a lifetime love of learning in her students by actively engaging children firsthand with nature, literature, science, history, art, music, and avoiding dumbed-down materials-what she referred to as twaddle-as much as possible.

Ideas and Details

Author : M. Garrett Bauman
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Ideas and Images

Author : Kenneth L. Ames
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Ideas and Images presents eleven case studies, walking you through the process of developing interpretive history exhibits. Learn how to identify and build new audiences, work with consultants and experts, cope with institutional change, present temporary and permanent exhibitions, and experiment with new subjects, design techniques and media

Ideas and Integrities

Author : R. Buckminster Fuller
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In “Ideas and Integrities” Buckminster Fuller describes the revolutionary designs and concepts he has pioneered – among them the geodesic dome, the Dymaxion world map, the Dymaxion 4-D house, the Dymaxion 4-D automobile, and the countless other structures and creations that have changed the face of America and the world. And he sets forth his amazing and challenging ideas for the world of the future – ideas that would revolutionize everything from university education to bathroom design, ideas that, above all, demonstrate how we can and must make far more imaginative and efficient use of the resources now available to us to ensure a better standard of living for all men. Description by Lars Muller Publishers, courtesy of The Estate of Buckminster Fuller

Ideas and Music

Author : Martin Cooper
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Essays originally appeared as broadcast talks, lectures, articles, etc.

A Brief Guide to Ideas

Author : William Raeper
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A popular introduction to the history of Western religion and philosophy, this volume contains information on all familiar names in the fields as well as more obscure contributors to the broad scope of intellectual pursuit.

Creative Commerce

Author : Kerry Dent
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Collection of reproducible puzzles for teachers of commerce subjects at Years 7 to 10 levels. Word and number games at two different levels of difficulty are used to teach commercial and financial concepts in such areas as budgeting, earning, business, banks, the economy and keeping records. Includes answer section. The author is an experienced secondary teacher.

Ideas and Think Tanks in Contemporary Britain

Author : Michael Kandiah
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This study looks at the influence of ideas and think tanks in Britain, contemplating how ideas have shaped politics and society. The purveyors of ideas for change - the think tanks - are examined, and academics and participants vieww are recorded in a number of interviews.


Author :
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Ideas and Places

Author : Cyril Connolly
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Ideas and Weapons

Author : I. B. Holley, Jr.
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Given the enormous destructive capacity of precision weapons in the modern era and the inherent vulnerabilities of modern society to high technology attack, this book is more relevant today than when it was first written in the midst of the nuclear age, in 1953. Remaining one of the finest texts ever written on the history of warfare and weapons acquisition, this is a thorough and reliable work that should be a standard reference for acquisition managers and decision-makers, providing a guide to informed decision-making that reflects the experience and lessons of the past. Bibliographical notes. Index.

Chasing Ideas

Author : Christine Durham
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Shows how to encourage awareness and curiosity in children, and presents ways to improve their skills in concentration, listening, problem solving, and decision making.


Author : Laura Torres
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A rich selection of glass beads, in a wide variety of styles and colors, along with thread, findings, and flexible needle, accompany a colorfully photographed, step-by-step guide to nineteen creative bead projects.

Ideas issues advanced Student s book

Author : Martin Hunt
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30 interessante, provozierende Themen, die Lernende aus der Reserve locken werden. Großes Format, durchgehend vierfarbig.

Texts Ideas and the Classics

Author : S. J. Harrison
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This book aims to promote a simple idea: that, in the contemporary context of the study and interpretation of classical literature at universities, traditional classical scholarship and modern theoretical ideas need to work with each other in the common task of the interpretation of texts. Such dialogue and co-operation is not merely desirable; it is essential to ensure the survival and relevance of the study of classical literature in the twenty-first century. The topics selected were chosen by a panel of distinguished practitioners as traditional areas of classical literary studies where the importance of co-operation of theory and scholarship could be shown in different ways by scholars who ranged widely in their views: "literary language," "narrative," "genre," "historicism," and "reception and history of scholarship."

Ideas and Techniques

Author :
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War and Ideas

Author : John Mueller
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This book collects the key essays, together with updating notes and commentary, of Professor John Mueller on war and the role of ideas and opinions. Mueller has maintained that war (and peace) are, in essence, merely ideas, and that war has waned as the notion that 'peace' is a decidedly good idea has gained currency. The first part of the book extends this argument, noting that as ideas have spread, war is losing out not only in the developed world, but now in the developing one, and that even civil war is in marked decline. It also assesses and critiques theories arguing that this phenomenon is caused by the rising acceptance of democracy and/or capitalism. The second part argues that the Cold War was at base a clash of ideas that were seen to be threatening, not of arms balances, domestic systems, geography, or international structure. It also maintains that there has been a considerable tendency to exaggerate security threats—currently, in particular, the one presented by international terrorism—and to see them in excessively military terms. The third section deals with the role public opinion plays in foreign policy, and argues that many earlier conclusions about opinion during the Korean and Vietnam Wars, including especially ones concerning the importance of casualties in determining popular support for war, apply to more recent military ventures in the Persian Gulf, Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan. It also assesses the difficulties leaders and idea entrepreneurs often encounter when they try to manage or manipulate public opinion. This book will be of much interest to students of international relations, security studies, foreign policy and international history.

Participatory Workshops

Author : Robert Chambers
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This sourcebook is for all who work with others on participatory learning and change. Written in a spirit of critical reflection and serious fun, it provides 21 sets of ideas and options for facilitators, trainers, teachers and presenters, and anyone who organises and manages workshops, courses, classes and other events for sharing and learning ideas. It covers topics such as getting started, seating arrangements, forming groups, managing large numbers, helping each other learn, analysis and feedback, dealing with dominators, evaluation and ending, coping with horrors, and common mistakes.