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Idols for Destruction

Author : Herbert Schlossberg
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"The bookshelf next to my desk holds Christian classics and books I refer to often. Idols sits on that shelf, for Herb's lucid critique has been an invaluable reference for my own writings. It helps believers to understand the ideologies that undergird secular culture, and how they dramatically--and dangerously--differ from the Judeo-Christian view based on adherence to absolute truth." --Charles Colson, Prison Fellowship "Well-written and highly readable... discerning and critical analysis of our times; a stimulating contribution." --Carl F. H. Henry "This book has become a vade mecum for thousands of Christians who understand the cultural disaster of our time and are determined to do something about it." --Richard John Neuhaus, Editor-in-chief, First Things "Now that Francis Schaeffer is no longer with us, Schlossberg is just about the most provocative Christian thinker around." --Harold O. J. Brown, Professor of Theology, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School "Years before anyone talked about an American 'culture war,' Herb Schlossberg penned an acute description of the crisis of virtue that is the domestic issue of the 1990s. His diagnosis remains essential reading for everyone who believes that self-governing republic requires self-governing and morally serious citizens." --George Weigel, President, Ethics and Public Policy Center "Thorough, provocative and especially penetrating. If you want to think Christianly about culture Idols for Destruction is must reading!" --John H. White, President, Geneva College

Idols for Destruction

Author : Herbert Schlossberg
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Isaiah 40 66

Author : Mark W. Elliott
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No book of the Old Testament is more frequently quoted in the New than Isaiah. Isaiah 40-66 provides us with the closest thing the Old Testament has to offer us regarding a systematic theology. Mark W. Elliott edits ancient commentary on Isaiah 40-66, some of which is translated into English for the first time.

Seers Sybils and Sages in Hellenistic Roman Judaism

Author : John Joseph Collins
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A collection of essays dealing with apocalypticism, Daniel, the Sibylline oracles, Dead Sea Scrolls and wisdom and apocalypticism. Two of the essays appear here for the first time. This publication has also been published in paperback, please click here for details.

The Liberty Book

Author : John Bona
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News reports bring to our ears daily stories of further intrusion in our lives and increased regulations too many to number. America is losing its heritage of God-given freedoms, which were originally derived from biblical teaching. We sense that our well-sung liberties are being lost to a point of no return. The Liberty Book examines the Christian roots of liberty, idolatry, taxation, foundations for freedom, the right to bear arms, the great freedom documents in history, pro-life and liberty, land rights, social involvement, and more. With God’s help freedom can be revived. We must all work to pull America back from the cliffs-edge fall into tyranny. Our nation is again in search of genuine liberty under God. Discover what Bible-based liberty looks like and how it can be won for you and your children.

Eucharistic Reciprocity

Author : A. William DeJong
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This volume probes the nature of gratitude as a virtue and identifies its moral value in the Christian life in order to enhance pastoral effectiveness in ministering to those gripped by sins of desire. Such impulses are explored in terms of the seven deadly sins, which this inquiry regards as distorted desires for the good God provides. Utilizing a method of mutual critical correlation, this volume brings philosophical and psychological claims about gratitude into conversation with the Christian tradition. On the basis of an ontology of communion in which humans are inextricably situated in giving-and-receiving relationships with God, others, and the world, this inquiry defines gratitude as a social response involving asymmetrical, agapic reciprocity, whereby a recipient freely, joyfully, and fittingly salutes a giver for the gift received in order to establish, maintain, or restore a personal and peaceable relationship. Critiquing especially the reductions of gratitude by Aristotle and Jacques Derrida, this inquiry recommends gratitude as a virtue which, when embodied, practiced, and ritualized especially, though not exclusively, in the Eucharist, has potential to repel the destructive idolatries generated by the seven deadly sins and thus function as a crucial ingredient in human social flourishing. Familiarity with the virtue of gratitude as a vital ingredient in moral flourishing therefore equips pastors for greater ministerial effectiveness.

Tweetable Nietzsche

Author : C. Ivan Spencer
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Friedrich Nietzsche radically confronted Western culture, morality, and social mores, until his death in 1900. Occupying a first-rank position as a thinker, his thought later inspired numerous movements that weave the tapestries of contemporary culture: existentialism, theology, nihilistic culture, Nazism, twentieth century film and art, atheism, ethical egoism, deconstruction, the hermeneutics of suspicion, and the postmodern age. Nietzsche’s incalculable sway on our culture persists to this day. Even his acerbic criticism of Christianity has affected the religion. But many people remain unaware of the pervasive attitudes Nietzsche disseminated, attitudes they echo. His stark prophecy that “God is dead, and we killed him” thrives in this accelerating secular age where postmodernists lionized him as a prophetic voice of a new era. Tweetable Nietzsche introduces and analyzes the worldview of Friedrich Nietzsche. Nietzsche’s tweets, 140 characters or less, provide readers a distilled essence of every major aspect of his worldview. Each tweet illustrates some aspect of his worldview contributing toward a full-orbed understanding of Nietzsche’s thought.

Hebrew Bible Old Testament From the Renaissance to the Enlightenment 1300 1800

Author : Magne Sæbø (Hg.)
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This third volume of the comprehensive international reference work on the interpretation of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament deals with its reception within the time span of 1300-1800, from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment. Written by Jewish and Christian experts.

Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Author : American Scientific Affiliation
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New Cyclop dia of Prose Illustrations Embracing mythology analogies legends parables emblems metaphors similes allegories proverbs classic historic and religious anecdotes etc

Author : Elon Foster
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