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Postmillennial Trends in Anglophone Literatures Cultures and Media

Author : Soňa Šnircová
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The book offers a collection of papers that draw on contemporary developments in cultural studies in their discussions of postmillennial trends in works of Anglophone literature and media. The first section of the book, “Addressing the Theories of a New Cultural Paradigm”, comprises ten essays that present, respectively, performatist, metamodernist, digimodernist, and hypomodernist readings of selected texts in order to test the usefulness of recent theories in explorations of the new paradigm in literary, media and food studies. The papers cover a wide variety of genres, including the novel, the film, the documentary, the cookbook, the food magazine, and the food commercial, and present a number of themes which shed light on the nature of the new paradigm. The second part of the volume, “Mapping the Dynamics of a New Sensibility”, offers a wider perspective and presents seven papers that search for evidence of a new sensibility in selected examples of postmillennial texts. These contributions move beyond the frameworks of the theories explored in the first part in order to offer new perspectives in the contributors’ respective fields of interest.

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Fruits Vegetables and Herbs

Author : Deborah Madison
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"History - botany - cuisine"--Front cover.

Children s Illustrated Encyclopedia

Author : DK
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From dinosaurs to digital technology, DK's Children's Illustrated Encyclopedia is a must-have knowledge compendium exploring more than 380 topics. Help your child find out everything they need to know about anything with this fact-packed encyclopedia. Arranged from A-Z on subjects they need to know about, all illustrated with dramatic photos, cut-aways, charts and maps. DK's Children's Illustrated Encyclopedia is written in a clear and child-friendly style and has been fully updated to include recent space missions, scientific breakthroughs and the latest political, social and cultural events, so your child can keep fully up-to-date with what has been happening in the world. Perfect for projects or just for fun, this is the ultimate illustrated children's encyclopedia.

Subject Encyclopedias User guide review citations

Author : Allan Mirwis
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This useful two-volume set will provide buyers of subject encyclopedias with a substantial amount of valuable information they can use in making their purchasing decisions. It will also provide all types of librarians and their patrons with a quick, one-stop method for locating the appropriate subject encyclopedias for their needs and for locating articles in the 100 encyclopedias. Librarians who specialize in bibliographic instruction will also find it to be a useful tool for teaching students how to locate needed information.

Rodale s Illustrated Encyclopedia of Herbs

Author : Claire Kowalchik
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Provides information on the history, uses, range, and characteristics of more than one hundred herbs, and offers tips on growing them

Illustrated Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece

Author : Sean Sheehan
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Informs readers about aspects of ancient Greece, including lifestyles of the Greeks, history, art, culture, and mythology.

Appalachian Home Cooking

Author : Mark F. Sohn
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“The 80 recipes are important, but really, this is a food-studies book written for those who feel some nostalgia for, or connection to, Appalachia.” —Lexington Herald-Leader Mark F. Sohn’s classic book, Mountain Country Cooking, was a James Beard Award nominee in 1997. In Appalachian Home Cooking, Sohn expands and improves upon his earlier work by using his extensive knowledge of cooking to uncover the romantic secrets of Appalachian food, both within and beyond the kitchen. Shedding new light on Appalachia’s food, history, and culture, Sohn offers over eighty classic recipes, as well as photographs, poetry, mail-order sources, information on Appalachian food festivals, a glossary of Appalachian and cooking terms, menus for holidays and seasons, and lists of the top Appalachian foods. Appalachian Home Cooking celebrates mountain food at its best. “When you read these recipes for chicken and dumplings, country ham, fried trout, crackling bread, shuck beans, cheese grits casseroles, bean patties, and sweet potato pie your mouth will begin to water whether or not you have a connection to Appalachia.” —Loyal Jones, author of Appalachian Values “Offers everything you ever wanted to know about culinary mysteries like shucky beans, pawpaws, cushaw squash, and how to season cast-iron cookware.” —Our State “Tells how mountain people have taken what they had to work with, from livestock to produce, and provides more than recipes, but the stories behind the preparing of the food . . . The reading is almost as much fun as the eating, with fewer calories.” —Modern Mountain Magazine

The Marshall Cavendish Illustrated Encyclopedia of World War I

Author :
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The Oxford Companion to Italian Food

Author : Gillian Riley
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Here is an inspiring, wide-ranging A-Z guide to one of the world's best-loved cuisines. Designed for cooks and consumers alike, The Oxford Companion to Italian Food covers all aspects of the history and culture of Italian gastronomy, from dishes, ingredients, and delicacies to cooking methods and implements, regional specialties, the universal appeal of Italian cuisine, influences from outside Italy, and much more. Following in the footsteps of princes and popes, vagabond artists and cunning peasants, austere scholars and generations of unknown, unremembered women who shaped pasta, moulded cheeses and lovingly tended their cooking pots, Gillian Riley celebrates a heritage of amazing richness and delight. She brings equal measures of enthusiasm and expertise to her writing, and her entries read like mini-essays, laced with wit and gastronomical erudition, marked throughout by descriptive brilliance, and entirely free of the pompous tone that afflicts so much writing about food. The Companion is attentive to both tradition and innovation in Italian cooking, and covers an extraordinary range of information, from Anonimo Toscano, a medieval cookbook, to Bartolomeo Bimbi, a Florentine painter commissioned by Cosimo de Medici to paint portraits of vegetables, to Paglierina di Rifreddo, a young cheese made of unskimmed cows' milk, to zuppa inglese, a dessert invented by 19th century Neapolitan pastry chefs. Major topics receive extended treatment. The entry for Parmesan, for example, runs to more than 2,000 words and includes information on its remarkable nutritional value, the region where it is produced, the breed of cow used to produce it (the razza reggiana, or vacche rosse), the role of the cheese maker, the origin of its name, Molière's deathbed demand for it, its frequent and lustrous depiction in 16th and 17th century paintings, and the proper method of serving, where Riley admonishes: "One disdains the phallic peppermill, but must always appreciate the attentive grating, at the table, of parmesan over pasta or soup, as magical in its way as shavings of truffles." Such is the scope and flavor of The Oxford Companion to Italian Food. For anyone with a hunger to learn more about the history, culture and variety of Italian cuisine, The Oxford Companion to Italian Food offers endless satisfactions.

Early History of Soybeans and Soyfoods Worldwide 1900 1923

Author : William Shurtleff
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The world;s most comprehensive, we documented, and well illustrated book on this subject. With extensive index. 520 photographs and illustrations. Free of charge in digital format on Google Books.