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An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Uniforms of World War II

Author : Jonathan North
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This unique illustrated book charts the development in military uniform in relation to a shifting world, in an incredible visual directory with expert analysis and commentary.

Military Uniforms Visual Encyclopedia

Author : Sarah Uttridge
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"A highly illustrated guide to military uniforms from the end of the eighteenth century to today, including uniforms from the Seven Years' War, American Civil War, World War I, World War II, Tietnam, Afghanistan. Featuring uniforms from famous units suchs as the Waffen-SS, 101st Airborne, The British Royal Navy, French Foreign Legion, US Marine Corps, and the Luftwaffe. Hundreds of artworks with each uniform shown in detail. Each uniform is accomanied by a detailed caption and specification box listing the country, date, unit, rank, theater, location, and conflict in which the uniform was worn" -- p. [4] of cover.

The G I Collector s Guide U S Army Service Forces Catalog European Theater of Operations

Author : Henri-Paul Enjames
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A sumptuously illustrated encyclopedia of the uniforms and equipment assigned to US soldiers serving in Europe 1943-45.

The Marshall Cavendish Illustrated Encyclopedia of World War II

Author : Eddy Bauer
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A masterly account of the Second World War from the pen of a neutral, a Swiss author and professional soldier, Lt. Colonel Eddy Bauer, who reveals in this first class narrative an acute, analytical mind and broad, human sympathy to comprehend the problems faced by both sides. A deep study, free from bias, on the greatest war which the world has yet seen.

Warman s World War II Collectibles

Author : John Adams-Graf
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Collecting & Preserving WWII History Since the end of World War II, veterans, collectors, and history buffs have bought, sold, and traded the "spoils of war." Souvenir collecting began as soon as troops set foot on foreign soil. Soldiers looked for wartime trinkets and keepsakes to remind them of their time in the service, validate their presence during the making of history, and generate income when they returned home. Today these items help us understand and define a time when almost the entire world was at war. Newly expanded and completely updated, Warman's World War II Collectibles, 3rd edition, is a comprehensive full-color resource on World War II militaria. Illustrated with 1,800 all-new color images, the book is loaded with information and current values for uniforms, footwear, headgear, medals, firearms, bayonets, knives, personal items, accoutrements, and groupings--a new category--from the United States, Germany, England, Japan, the former Soviet Union, and other countries from 1939-1945. • 1,800 all-new color images and thousands of values • History and collector tips • Pros and cons of each collecting area • Availability and price ratings, as well as reproduction alerts • First-person accounts of the war

Battle Reenactments

Author : Monique Vescia
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This captivating title offers a rare view into the world of battle reenactors, actors who bring history to life by playing the roles of those from the past. Readers learn about the past, present, and future of the craft. The book then teaches readers how to get started in battle reenactments, including which groups to join and where to find the appropriate costumes. Finally, the book guides readers on how to turn reenactment from hobby to a job and make money from performances. For anyone interested in theater or the performing arts, battle reenactment is a great way to go.

The G I Collector s Guide U S Army Service Forces Catalog European Theater of Operations

Author : Henri-Paul Enjames
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Sumptuously illustrated, expanded encyclopedia of the uniforms and equipment assigned to U.S. soldiers serving in Europe, 1943-45.

The Last Thing You Surrender

Author : Leonard Pitts
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Three Americans in the Jim Crow South face enormous changed triggered by World War II in this epic novel by the Pulitzer-winning author of Freeman. Could you find the courage to do what’s right in a world on fire? An affluent white marine survives Pearl Harbor at the cost of a black messman’s life only to be sent, wracked with guilt, to the Pacific and taken prisoner by the Japanese. A young black woman, widowed by the same events at Pearl Harbor, finds unexpected opportunity and a dangerous friendship in a segregated Alabama shipyard feeding the war. Meanwhile, a black man, who as a child saw his parents brutally lynched, is conscripted to fight Nazis for a country he despises and discovers a new kind of patriotism in the all-black 761st Tank Battalion . . . Set against a backdrop of violent racial conflict on both the front lines and the home front, The Last Thing You Surrender explores the powerful moral struggles of individuals from a divided nation. What does it take to change someone’s mind about race? What does it take for a country and a people to move forward, transformed? Praise for The Last Thing You Surrender “A story of our nation at war, with itself as well as tyranny across the globe. It’s an American tapestry of hatred, compassion, fear, courage, and cruelties, leavened with the promise of triumph. A powerful story I will not soon forget.” —James R. Benn, author of the Billy Boyle WWII mysteries “Seamlessly integrates impressive research into a compelling tale of America at war—overseas, at home, and within ourselves, as we struggle to find the better angels of our nature. Pitts poignantly illustrates ongoing racial and class tensions, and offers hope that we can overcome hatred by refusing to sacrifice dignity.” —Booklist, starred review

The Western European and Mediterranean Theaters in World War II

Author : Donal Sexton
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The Western European and Mediterranean Theaters in World War II is a concise, comprehensive guide for students, teachers, and history buffs of the Second World War. With an emphasis on the American forces in these theaters, each entry is accompanied by a brief annotation that will allow researchers to navigate through the vast amount of literature on the campaigns fought in these regions with ease. Focusing on all aspects surrounding the U.S. involvement in the Western European and Mediterranean theaters, including politics, religion, biography, strategy, intelligence, and operations, this bibliography will be a welcome addition to the collection of any academic or research library. Routledge Research Guides to American Military Studies provide concise, annotated bibliographies to the major areas and events in American military history. With the inclusion of brief critical annotations after each entry, the student and researcher can easily assess the utility of each bibliographic source and evaluate the abundance of resources available with ease and efficiency. Comprehensive, concise, and current—Routledge Research Guides to American Military Studies are an essential research tool for any historian.

Encyclopedia of United States Army Insignia and Uniforms

Author : William K. Emerson
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army branches - infantry, artillery, cavalry, and engineers - as well as the service and support branches comprising doctors and nurses, chaplains, musicians, quartermasters, military police, and the many others who have made up the U.S. Army. Insignia worn by all soldiers, such as eagles, devices with the letters US, and other letters and numbers, are also described and illustrated. Historians, military collectors, military reenactors, antique dealers and collectors,