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Images of Europe

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Images of Europe

Author : Francesco Mangiapane
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This book deals with the fundamental semantics of images of Europe, which consist of valences, mirror beliefs and affectivities. This is why it relaunches the importance of the European discourse in its symbolic dimension. As such, it explores the many images of Europe, or rather the many images through which European discourse is actually constituted in daily life, in search of their enunciative responsibility in today's world for determining the current "state of the Union". The identity of the European continent is based on a millenary tension between universalism and particularism: images of Europe have in fact been alternately inspired, over the centuries, by a model of homogeneity--Roman and Carolingian imperial disposition--on the one hand, and by a model of fragmentation--a Europe of city-states, municipalities, regions and small fatherlands--on the other. In the European Union, a political and economic organism, this issue has recently been amplified to the point that it has reentered public debate, and political parties that are only recognizable for being Europeanists or anti-Europeanists are now ubiquitous. In this regard, one major bone of contention is how to portray the quintessential aspects of the European territory, which are either interpreted as thresholds to be overcome in the name of a model of United Europe's integral totality or are instead regarded as insurmountable obstacles for a Europe that is irreparably and perhaps, according to anti-Europeanists, fortunately fragmented partitive totality. Further, this is to be done without excluding the possibility of contradictory and complementary solutions to these binary visions. In this context the book analyzes various texts in order to obtain a more precise picture of the clash, reveal its semiotic forms, and by doing so, identify a way out of the crisis. With contributions by Maria Cristina Addis, Giuseppe Bettoni, Valeria Burgio, Simona Chiodo, Erik Gordy, Frank Jacob, Francesco Mangiapane, Tiziana Migliore, Federico Montanari, Claudio Paolucci, Paolo Peverini, Davide Puca, Monica Sassatelli, Franciscu Sedda, and Lucio Spaziante.

Encounter Images in the Meetings Between Africa and Europe

Author : Mai Palmberg
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Positive images of Africa contrast with negative images of misery, war and catastrophes often conveyed by the mass media. This selection of papers debate the images and stereotypes of Africa.


Author : Dieter Fuchs
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For some years now, European citizens and politicians have increasingly sceptical views towards the European Union. The book examines the degree of Euroscepticism in the different member states and detects possible sources for Euroscepticism. On this basis the perspectives for the further development of the European Union can be discussed. The analyses address four main issues. The first issue focuses on the question of a European identity and the relation between European and national identities. The second issue analyses euroscepticism among European citizens. The third issue refers to the construction of euroscepticism in the mass media and the fourth issue draws the connection between euroscepticism and the party systems of different European countries. As a result of these four perspectives, a differentiated view of euroscepticism can be attained and the extent and possible sources for euroscpeticism can be established. In this light, a concluding discussion on the perspectives for the development of the European Union finalises the book. From the Contents: Images of Europe and European Identity Developing Euroscepticism among European citizens The construction of Euroscepticism in the mass media Party-based Euroscepticism Discussion and perspectives

Pen Pictures of Europe

Author : Elizabeth Peake
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Images of Europe

Author : Yolanda Espiña
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Images of Immigrants and Refugees in Western Europe

Author : Leen d’Haenens
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Perception and representation of newcomers and immigrants The topic of migration has become particularly contentious in national and international debates. Media have a discernable impact on overall societal attitudes towards this phenomenon. Polls show time and again that immigration is one of the most important issues occupying people’s minds. This book examines the dynamic interplay between media representations of migrants and refugees on the one hand and the governmental and societal (re)actions to these on the other. Largely focusing on Belgium and Sweden, this collection of interdisciplinary research essays attempts to unravel the determinants of people’s preferences regarding migration policy, expectations towards newcomers, and economic, humanitarian and cultural concerns about immigration’s effect on the majority population’s life. Whilst migrants and refugees remain voiceless and highly underrepresented in the legacy media, this volume allows their voices to be heard. Contributors: Leen d’Haenens (KU Leuven), Willem Joris (KU Leuven), Paul Puschmann (KU Leuven/Radboud University Nijmegen), Ebba Sundin (Halmstad University), David De Coninck (KU Leuven), Rozane De Cock (KU Leuven), Valériane Mistiaen (Université libre de Bruxelles), Lutgard Lams (KU Leuven), Stefan Mertens (KU Leuven), Olivier Standaert (UC Louvain), Hanne Vandenberghe (KU Leuven), Koen Matthijs (KU Leuven), Kevin Smets (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), Jacinthe Mazzocchetti (UC Louvain), Lorraine Gerstmans (UC Louvain), Lien Mostmans (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), and François Heinderyckx (Université libre de Bruxelles) Ebook available in Open Access. This publication is GPRC-labeled (Guaranteed Peer-Reviewed Content). With thanks to the funding provided by Belspo (Belgian Science Policy Office), as part of the framework programme BRAIN-be (Belgian Research Action Through Interdisciplinary Networks), contract nr BR/165/A4/IM2MEDIATE.

Changing Indian Images of the European Union

Author : Rajendra K. Jain
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This book explores the images and perceptions of the European Union (EU) in the eyes of one of the EU’s three strategic partners in Asia in the context of its own distinct policies and identity. It fills a major gap in existing studies on how Asians perceive the EU. The book examines the perception, representation and visibility of the EU in the Indian media, among the ‘elites’ and in public opinion. It explores whether the Union’s self-proclaimed representation as a global actor, a normative power and a leader in environmental negotiations conforms to how it is actually perceived in Third World countries. The book asks questions such as, How have Indian images of Europe/European Union been changing from the 1940s to the present? What new narratives have emerged or are emerging about the EU in India? What does the rise of China mean for EU-India relations? Is the image of the EU changing in India or do old representations still persist even though the Union is acquiring a new personality in the world politics? How does India perceive Poland?

In Europe s Image

Author : O. R. Dathorne
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A major contribution to the new American studies, a work that shows that even radical Black and White thinkers and writers opt for Eurocentrism as the preferred ideal.

Constructing the Image of Muhammad in Europe

Author : Avinoam Shalem
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thevolume represents a significant contribution to the complex history of the conceptualization and pictorialization of the Prophet Muhammad in the West. It gives a rapid and though deep overview of the history of the making of an image of the Prophet Muhammad in Europe and thus reflects the whole history of the making of the image of Islam in the Latin West, from the early medieval times till the 19th century. The book also provides the reader with ready access to the most recent scholarship concerning the image of Muhammad in Europe, in the form of comprehensive footnotes provided throughout the text and an extensive bibliography.