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Imagination and a Pile of Junk

Author : Trevor Norton
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'In his whistle-stop tour of inventions large and small, the scientist Trevor Norton shares the Gershwins' view that invention is fundamentally comic.' The Sunday Times Trevor Norton, who has been compared to Gerard Durrell and Bill Bryson, weaves an entertaining history with a seductive mix of eureka moments, disasters and dirty tricks. Although inventors were often scientists or engineers, many were not: Samuel Morse (Morse code) was a painter, Lazlow Biro (ballpoint) was a sculptor and hypnotist, and Logie Baird (TV) sold boot polish. The inventor of the automatic telephone switchboard was an undertaker who believed the operator was diverting his calls to rival morticians so he decided to make all telephone operators redundant. Inventors are mavericks indifferent to conventional wisdom so critics were dismissive of even their best ideas: radio had 'no future,' electric light was 'an idiotic idea' and X-rays were 'a hoax.' Even so, the state of New Jersey moved to ban X-ray opera glasses. The head of the General Post Office rejected telephones as unneccesary as there were 'plenty of small boys to run messages.' Inventomania is a magical place where eccentrics are always in season and their stories are usually unbelievable - but rest assured, nothing has been invented.

Go Invent You Need a Good Imagination And A Pile Of Junk

Author : Esther Harris
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Only $6.99! Perfect Journal, Diary, Notebook - Amazing design and high quality cover and paper. - Matte Cover. - Perfect size 6x9" - No Spiral - Use it as a journal, note taking, composition notebook, makes a great gift!

The Exposome

Author : Gary W. Miller
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The Exposome: A New Paradigm for the Environment and Health, Second Edition, is a thoroughly expanded and updated edition of The Exposome: A Primer, the first book dedicated to the topic. This new release outlines the purpose and scope of this emerging field of study, its practical applications, and how it complements a broad range of disciplines. The book contains sections on -omics-based technologies, newer detection methods, managing and integrating exposome data (including maps, models, computation and systems biology), and more. Both students and scientists in toxicology, environmental health, epidemiology and public health will benefit from this rigorous, yet readable, overview. This updated edition includes a more in-depth examination of the exposome, including full references, further reading and thought questions. Addresses an emerging field that connects with other exciting disciplines Written by a single author who is a leader in the field Includes new content that widely expands on the first edition

The Daily Grind

Author : Susan Ward Diamond
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How do you begin your day? All of us have our daily rituals, which have a way of influencing the rest of our day. In her book, The Daily Grind: GOD With Your Coffee, author Susan Ward Diamond shares stories and reflections gleaned from years of praying and meditating early each morning over a cup of coffee. Begun as a personal spiritual discipline, Diamond began sharing her Thoughts for the Day with her congregation by email. Before long, her meditations had made their way around the globe, encouraging others on their life journey to experience Gods joyful, unconditional love each day. Sometimes painful, sometimes humorous, always honest, you will find yourself in the stories this pastor has to share. Story is the common thread that binds us to one another. As the great novelist Willa Cather said, There are only two or three human stories, and they go on repeating themselves as fiercely as if they had never happened before. Life is difficultin fact, at times it can feel like a grind. But when God is invited into the daily-ness of our lives, we begin to find a blend that is filled with a marvelous aroma! The Daily Grind: GOD with Your Coffee will be a great addition to your daywhatever time of the day you choose to read it.

Middletown Pacemakers

Author : Ron Roberson
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Hot Rodding began in Southern California in the 1930s and had spread throughout the United States by the mid 1950s, spawning the sport of drag racing and the advent of the Detroit "muscle cars" of the '60s and '70s. Hot Rod Magazine and the National Hot Rod Association promoted the formation of responsible car clubs to combat the delinquent reputation of hot rodders, earned through illegal street races and Hollywood's portrayal in "B" movies. And thus were born the Middletown Pacemakers in 1951. The Pacemakers brought southern Ohio its first reliability runs (1952), custom auto shows (1954), and drag racing competitions-setting national records (1958, '63, '64) and winning national championships (1963, '64, '65). When the hot rodders were not busy upgrading their drive train for more horsepower or "chopping" and "channeling" for improved performance, they could often be seen on the streets of Middletown feeding expired parking meters or rescuing motorists whose cars had broken down or run out of gas. By 1966, as was the fate of so many hot rod clubs, the mass production of Detroit muscle cars ushered the Pacemakers to fold.

Summary Innovate Like Edison

Author : BusinessNews Publishing
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The must-read summary of Michael Gelb and Sarah Caldicott's book: "Innovate Like Edison: The Success System of America’s Greatest Inventor" This complete summary of the ideas from Michael Gelb and Sarah Caldicott's book "Innovate Like Edison" shows that Thomas Edison is the greatest innovator in American history: he generated a record-breaking 1,093 US patents and 1,293 international patents over 62 successive years. He founded the world’s first research lab and General Electric. These have formed the basis of some of today’s billion dollar industries. This summary shows the results of the research of Edison’s competencies and strategies. It suggests that his exceptional innovations skills are based on five competencies and twenty-five best practices. It recommends such strategies as developing a solution-centered mindset, harnessing mastermind collaboration and focusing intensively on creating value. These general suggestions are broken down into practical measures: it explains how to create the best multi-disciplinary teams, and why you should recruit the best possible people. They believe in rewarding collaborators generously, and discuss the best ways to network. "Innovate like Edison" also includes tactical, long-term advice, such as when to consider up-scaling. Added-value of this summary: • Save time • Understand key concepts • Increase your business knowledge To learn more, read "Innovate Like Edison" and discover Thomas Edison's systemic approach, and how to implement it.

Making Progess

Author :
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Making Progress

Author : Anthony Bailey
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Author : Diane Labus
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Assessment: An Incredibly Easy! Workout features over 200 enjoyable practice exercises to help readers master assessment with ease. A perfect companion to Assessment Made Incredibly Easy!, this workbook uses the light-hearted Incredibly Easy! writing style that makes learning and reviewing complex information less threatening and more fun. Chapters test the reader's knowledge of the anatomy, physiology, assessment, and common abnormalities of each body system. In each chapter, readers review key information and then maneuver through practice exercises that assess learning, encourage comprehension and retention, and provide a little laughter. Nurse Joy and other host characters offer coaching and encouragement.


Author : David J. Kent
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Technology Feats Failures

Author : Stephanie Paris
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Read Along or Enhanced eBook: With every new feat, there is at least one big failure. Learn about some of the biggest technological feats and failures in human history in this fascinating nonfiction title that allows readers to discover some of the technological innovations that have made life easier. Featuring detailed images, charts, and graphs, informational text, and intriguing facts, children will be engaged and captivated from cover to cover!

Imagination and Literacy

Author : Karen Gallas
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In her newest book, teacher researcher and bestselling author Karen Gallas investigates imagination in the classroom to understand its function in literacy learning. Using rich examples from her elementary classroom, she proposes that imagination is a central, but untapped, component of learing accross all subject areas—language arts, science, social studies, and math.

Thinking Big Learning Big

Author : Marie Faust Evitt
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BIG activities engage little learners with this complete curriculum for science, math, literacy and language. BIG is powerful. Children want to be BIG. They want to do BIG. They love enormous numbers like a hundred million billion and long words like “tyrannosaurus rex.” They love to spread their arms wide and run as fast as they can. Thinking BIG, Learning BIG is filled with BIG activities to engage the imaginations of young children. Children learn best by seeing, feeling, and doing. Making things on a grand scale enhances their understanding. When children build a giant spider with eight legs and eight eyes, and a giant fly with six legs and two eyes and two wings, children can experience the difference between spiders and flies, that they are not just “bugs.” BIG creations are more fun, more memorable, and therefore, more educational. The chapters are organized by topic, with activities that build science, math, literacy and language skills, which form a solid foundation for future learning. The information and activities align with the standards set by the National Academy of Sciences, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the International Reading Association, and the National Council of Teachers of English. The BIG Connections section presents ways to integrate the topic throughout the curriculum—in sensory experiences, art, music, dramatic play, and gross motor skills. Thinking BIG, Learning BIG offers BIG fun and BIG learning! Chapters Include: Thinking BIG About Little Creatures: Worms Thinking BIG About Little Creatures: Spiders Seeds: Growing BIG Rain, Drip, Drop, Downpour Light! Colors! Rainbows! Huffing and Puffing: Feel the Wind Blow Brrr! Ice Is Cold Outer Space is Really Huge: Astronauts Explore the Moon How BIG Can We Build? Getting From Here to There: Roads, Ramps, Bridges, and Tunnels BIG Ideas: Inventions "Thinking, BIG, Learning BIG helps very young children to prepare for core academic areas with creative activities that are fun. At the same time, [Thinking, BIG, Learning BIG] guides children to think in ways that will help them achieve not only academically throughout their school years, but also, throughout their lives." Myrna B. Shure, Ph.D, Drexel University "This teacher-friendly book enables all to foster a love of learning and science in students" - Laura Ristrom Goodman, curriculum coordinator for Pima Medical Institute " 'Thinking BIG, Learning BIG' is going to be a BIG hit with early childhood educators everywhere. The comprehensive teaching units will help to make any classroom a great place for children to learn across the curriculum. The clear, concise directions for each activity make them easy to implement. The ideas a re child-centered and contain lots of great tips to make each lesson a valuable learning experience. 'Thinking BIG, Learning BIG' should be a BIG part of every teacher's curriculum plans." - Stephanie Burton, teacher and owner of Panda Bear Publications About the Author Marie Faust Evitt is the head teacher of a preschool class for four- and five-year-olds. Prior to teaching, Marie was an award-winning newspaper reporter and freelance journalist for more than 20 years. Her articles and essays on education, parenting, and child psychology have been published in national magazines and on websites including Newsweek, Parents, Child, Parenting, Scholastic's Pa

Maine Inventors

Author : Earl Smith
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The genius Thomas Edison once said all anyone needed in order to invent something was a good imagination and a pile of junk. Imagination and creativity have always been essential qualities for survival in Maine and the ingrained habits of "saving up" and "making do" inevitably led to heaps of junk. As a result Maine has produced some extraordinary inventors and inventions with many aimed at a simply making daily life, easier and more comfortable: from Joseph Peavey's self-named tool that dramatically improved log driving to Chester Greenwood's ear muffs to Charles Forster's toothpicks to Hiram Maxim's machine gun to the L.L. Bean Duck Boot.

There You Have It

Author : Molly Stringer
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One day, after my computer had been hacked and I had changed my e-mail address, I sent out a message simply saying, Just checking in, to see if my messages were received. The next day I sent out another Just checking in but I added an inspirational thought; thus the pattern for this book was born. Every day I began to write a message to whomever in my contact list would read it. It was my devotional time shared. I began to have others ask to be added to my e-mail blog. My thoughts began to expand. I often woke up in the midnight hours with thoughts and stories from my life and experiences others had shared with me. I am so excited to capture these thoughts and ideas that, many times, I get up in the wee hours of the morning to start my time with Him. My mind is constantly open to receive what God brings to me. My purpose and goal is to bring encouragement and life changing meaning to those who read my blogs. I read and reread these blogs several times. I feel the emotion and conviction that God places in them. This has truly become a life-consuming ministry for me. I believe you could call me an "Accidental Author."

Vietnam and the Southern Imagination

Author : Owen W. Gilman
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A revealing look at how the new generation of southern writers links southern cultural heritage and the American experience in Vietnam

Confusion Beyond Imagination

Author : William B. Sinclair
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The Coldest War

Author : Ian Tregillis
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In Ian Tregillis' The Coldest War, a precarious balance of power maintains the peace between Britain and the USSR. For decades, Britain's warlocks have been all that stands between the British Empire and the Soviet Union—a vast domain stretching from the Pacific Ocean to the shores of the English Channel. Now each wizard's death is another blow to Britain's national security. Meanwhile, a brother and sister escape from a top-secret facility deep behind the Iron Curtain. Once subjects of a twisted Nazi experiment to imbue ordinary people with superhuman abilities, then prisoners of war in the immense Soviet research effort to reverse-engineer the Nazi technology, they head for England. Because that's where former spy Raybould Marsh lives. And Gretel, the mad seer, has plans for him. As Marsh is once again drawn into the world of Milkweed, he discovers that Britain's darkest acts didn't end with the war. And while he strives to protect queen and country, he is forced to confront his own willingness to accept victory at any cost. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Cheating the Junk pile

Author : Ethel Rose Peyser
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Land and Imagination

Author : Elaine Hedges
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