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Manifesto Volume I

Author : Joseph Alberts
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Imaginomicon Revised Edition Accessing the Gateway to Higher Universes A New Grimoire for the Human Spirit

Author : Joshua Free
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Ascend Beyond Physical Existence. Fly Free Across All Gateways. Go Back to When it All Began and Reclaim that Personal Universe Where the Spirit once called HOME. A Revised Second Edition of the underground mystical classic.

Imaginomicon The Gateway to Higher Universes A Grimoire for the Human Spirit

Author : Joshua Free
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A grimoire to summon and invoke, command and control, the most powerful Spirit to ever exist. YOUR SELF. Ascend beyond physical existence, return to when it All began, and reclaim that Personal Universe where Spirit once called HOME.

Journals Volume V

Author : Joseph M. Alberts
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The Metahuman Systemology Handbook

Author : Joshua Free
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An advanced-level operator's manual to the Human Condition and unlocking the true power of the Spirit for a metahuman evolution and ascension in this lifetime! In Grade-IV Mardukite 'Metahuman' Systemology, wisdom of the 'Arcane Tablets' is combined with two years of additional experimental research, workshops and lectures carried out after the 2019 completion of Grade-III objectives, goals and publications. For the first time ever, the complete fundamentals of systematic processing may be understood and applied directly toward freeing considerations for a 'new human' ideal... conditions for a 'metahuman' evolution on planet Earth! Advancing even further on the developments and premises first established in "Systemology: The Original Thesis," "The Tablets of Destiny" and especially "Crystal Clear," the director of the Mardukite Academy and Systemology Society, Joshua Free, provides a complete handbook illustrating the principle steps of correcting - or "defragmenting" - the basic points that have entrapped viewpoints and determinism of the Spirit to the programming and encoding inherent in the standard-issue Human Condition. All essentials from the "Professional Piloting Courses" delivered by Joshua Free in 2020 and 2021 are collected together for the first time in a single oversized Master Wizard Edition hardcover volume. This includes all materials from the former anthology, "Metahuman Destinations" (Liber-2C, Liber-2D and Liber-3C), in addition to the latest developments of spiritual technology found in "Imaginomicon" (Liber-3D) and the transitional title by Joshua Free (leading to Grade-V) called "The Way of the Wizard" (Liber-3E). Together the most actualized members of society can help "Pilot" the course of Human Evolution toward ideals that will free the Human Condition and return the ultimate command and control of Life back to the Spirit. Here, we have discovered the "Way Out" - hidden for 6,000 years. Here, we have a Key that is accessible and practical. Here, we finally have answers and solutions! Essentially, "The Metahuman Systemology Handbook" is a revolutionary futurist "grimoire" that allows Seekers to summon and invoke, command and control, the most powerful spirit to ever exist... Your Self. Here you may access the truth beyond physical existence. Fly freely across the Gateways and return to where it began and reclaim that Personal Universe which the Spirit once called "Home." It's time to break free from "The Matrix" - this "Prison Plane" of existence! Learn and practice the command of a Mind and control of a Body from outside the artificial systems of this Universe, using a methodology never before experienced by Humanity - because you were never "Human." Fully realize what it actually means to be a Spiritual Being - then rise up through the Gateways to Higher Universes and BE! We all strongly benefit from the fact that at its basic state, the Spirit - the true Self or 'I-Am' - is actually righteous and good, simply working to get along and maintain the continuation of its own existence. Were this not the case, we would have no chance at rehabilitating Presence and Awareness of the actual Self that is behind the helm and restoring to it the full control of how we experience the beta-existence that we each participate in maintaining as reality. The world manifested "out there" is an agreement of participation by what is going on "in here" and there really is no distinction between the two when we get right down to it.

The Power of Zu Applying Mardukite Zuism and Systemology to Everyday Life

Author : Joshua Free
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A Practical Approach to Spiritual Technology......Welcome to 21st Century Mardukite New Thought.We exist at the threshold of a true New Age,standing to witness the first rays of a Crystal Dawn on the horizon.Sparks of Clear Light from a forthcoming Crystal Age peek out to awaken the first seeds and cells of Earth to a new realization.It signals the inception of the Coming Race -- a new era for a new type of metahuman.Now a decade in the making behind-the-scenes -- since Systemology: The Original Thesis quietly debuted in 2011 -- Joshua Free emerges from the underground with a new public presentation of Mardukite Zuism and Systemology and a new Mardukite Esoteric Research Library of concise, practical and effective spiritual technologies; new classics such as Tablets of Destiny, Crystal Clear, Metahuman Destinations and Imaginomicon.Power of Zu documents the first introduction course given on practical Mardukite Zuism philosophy to the Systemology Society. Candidly presenting the entire subject from scratch in a way that anyone can understand, now you too can approach Mardukite Zuism and discover the underlying Systemology of all Existence -- exactly as experienced by advanced students and newcomers actually attending the three-day lecture series given live in December 2019.Discover The Power of Zu and Keys to Increasing Control of the Radiant Energy in Everyday Life! Premiere hardcover collector's edition includes: complete transcripts to all nine lectures in The Power of Zu series; an extended introduction by Reed Penn describing the discovery of Spiritual Life Energy in Mardukite Zuism and Systemology -- the concept of "ZU" in Sumerian cuneiform language; the "Mardukite Zuism: A Brief Introduction" discourse; and a newly revised Glossary for referencing specific meaning intended for nearly 200 terms used in these transcripts.The Power of Zu introduces concise practical fundamentals of Mardukite Zuism and Systemology as applied to everyday life!ZU (Sumerian, Babylonian) = to know, knowingness, awareness, consciousness; a concentration of spiritual energy and spiritual matter that is observed as Lifeforce or Spiritual Life Energy; the essence of an Individual "I" or Self as a Spirit and Awareness...