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Immigrants Journeys

Author : Chifuka M Chundu
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Imagine walking one-thousand kilometres to cross the border from war-torn South Sudan into Ethiopia, eventually seeking asylum in Canada. Or moving from Ghana to Quebec as a child, not speaking English or French, and being one of the few Black people living in a predominantly Italian neighbourhood? These are just two of the nineteen powerful first-hand accounts of immigrant journeys author Chifuka Chundu has collected in these pages. Divided into four parts, An Immigrant’s Journey: Africans Making Canada Home chronicles the challenges and opportunities these newcomers to Canada experienced, whether coping with post-traumatic stress disorder, dealing with divorce, navigating educational and government systems, or finding ways to preserve their culture while adapting to a new one that’s radically different. Each part is supported with a self-help section composed of a Q&A with an expert who shares practical advice and insight to help immigrants address the diverse issues they may face, in order to set themselves up for success in their adopted home.

Immigrants in Prairie Cities

Author : Royden Loewen
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Over the course of the twentieth century, sequential waves of immigrants from Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Africa settled in the cities of the Canadian Prairies. In Immigrants in Prairie Cities, Royden Loewen and Gerald Friesen analyze the processes of cultural interaction and adaptation that unfolded in these urban centres and describe how this model of diversity has changed over time. The authors argue that intimate Prairie cities fostered a form of social diversity characterized by vibrant ethnic networks, continuously evolving ethnic identities, and boundary zones that facilitated intercultural contact and hybridity. Impressive in scope, Immigrants in Prairie Cities spans the entire twentieth century, and encompasses personal testimonies, government perspectives, and even fictional narratives. This engaging work will appeal to both historians of the Canadian Prairies and those with a general interest in migration, cross-cultural exchange, and urban history.

Preaching to Korean Immigrants

Author : Rebecca Seungyoun Jeong
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In terms of practical-theology’s critical reflection on marginalized people’s wounds in a wider society, this book investigates the question, “How to proclaim the good news in response to first-generation Korean immigrants’ contextual suffering in the United Sates?” To answer the question, the book starts with investigating Korean immigrant hearers’ contextual predicaments in a new land to point out emerging practical-theological issues in relation to the practice of preaching. In this book, the primary subjects are first-generation Korean immigrants, especially those who have relatively low socio-economic status and struggle with the purpose of their lives as immigrants, particularly those whose material dreams have been shattered. In order to proclaim the good news, this book proposes a more appropriate immigrant theology for/in the practice of preaching by reclaiming the priorities of God’s future in our lives and confirming God’s active identification with Korean immigrant congregations in the depths of their predicament. Such reconstructive work for immigrant theology arises in response to their existential hardships, marginality, ethnic discrimination, and relative powerlessness in life. While acknowledging both the possibilities and limits of the diverse forms of current Korean immigrant preaching, the book then offers a strategic proposal for a new homiletic theory, namely “a psalmic-theological homiletic.” This proposed homiletic is deeply rooted in the theology of the Psalms and their rhetorical movement. This re-envisioned mode of eschatological and prophetic preaching in times of difficulty recovers ancient Israel’s psalmic, rhetorical tradition that aims toward faith. Its theological-rhetorical strategy intends to both transform hearers’ habitus of living in faith and enhance their hope-filled life through communal anticipation of God’s coming future on the margins. Specifically, this proposed homiletic critically adopts key features from psalms of lament and their typical, fourfold theological-rhetorical movement (i.e., lament, retelling a story, confessional doxology, and obedient vow) as now core elements of a revised Korean-immigrant preaching practice.

Handbook of Research on Promoting Social Justice for Immigrants and Refugees Through Active Citizenship and Intercultural Education

Author : Barreto, Isabel María Gómez
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Migration movements have been a constant in the societies of the past, as well as in postmodern society. However, in the past ten years, the increase in political, economic, and religious conflict amongst nations; the increase of the poverty index; and many and various natural disasters have duplicated the forced displacement of millions of people across the seven continents of the planet. This situation brings important challenges in terms of the vulnerability, inequity, and discrimination that certain peoples suffer. Professionals from the fields of the social sciences, education, psychology, and international law share the fact that education represents an opportunity for children and young migrants to become members with full rights in the societies they arrive in. Empirical studies show that that the implementation of the right to education for migrants presents some challenges and dilemmas to the governments of host countries and more specifically to the education centers, NGOs, universities, and the professionals working in them, hence the need for more research on these issues of immigration, refugees, social justice, and intercultural education. The Handbook of Research on Promoting Social Justice for Immigrants and Refugees Through Active Citizenship and Intercultural Education provides visibility to issues such as the increase in migration and displacement and the difficulties in political agreements, educational contexts, and in cultural issues, stigmatization, vulnerability, social exclusion, racism, and hatred amongst host communities. This book gives possible solutions to this current complex situation and helps foster and promote sensitivity, perspective, and critical thinking for a respectful and tolerant coexistence and promotion of equity and social justice. The chapters promote cultural diversity and inclusion in classrooms by offering knowledge, strategies, and research on organizational development for educational institutions and multicultural environments. This book is essential for administrators, policymakers, leaders, teachers, practitioners, researchers, academicians, and students interested in the promotion of social justice in education for immigrants and refugees.

World Encyclopedia of Entrepreneurship

Author : Léo-Paul Dana
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This second edition of a classic reference work, written by some of the most eminent academics in the field, contains over 30 per cent more entries on entrepreneurship. Comprehensive in scope, it includes topics from business angels, to export services to family business and uncertainty and venture capital. There are also entries on individuals including George Eastman, Howard Hughes, Joseph Schumpeter and Walt Disney. Providing its readers with a unique point of reference, as well as stimulus for further research, this Encyclopedia is an indispensable tool for anyone interested in entrepreneurship, particularly students, scholars and researchers.

Mindsets and Migrants

Author : Maxine Reitzes
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Planning for AuthentiCITIES

Author : Laura Tate
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Authenticity resonates throughout the urbanizing world. As cities’ commercial corridors and downtowns start to look increasingly the same, and gentrification displaces many original neighborhood residents, we are left with a sense that our cities are becoming "hollowed out," bereft of the multi-faceted connections that once rooted us to our communities. And yet, in a world where change is unrelenting, people long for authentic places. This book examines the reasons for and responses to this longing, considering the role of community development in addressing community and neighbourhood authenticity. A key concept underscoring planning’s inherent challenges is the notion of authentic community, ranging from more holistic, and yet highly market-sensitive conceptions of authentic community to appreciating how authenticity helps form and reinforce individual identity. Typically, developers emphasize spaces’ monetary exchange value, while residents emphasize neighbourhoods’ use value—including how those spaces enrich local community tradition and life. Where exchange value predominates, authenticity is increasingly implicated in gentrification, taking us further from what initially made communities authentic. The hunger for authenticity grows, in spite and because of its ambiguities. This edited collection seeks to explore such dynamics, asking alternately, "How does the definition of ‘authenticity’ shift in different social, political, and economic contexts?" And, "Can planning promote authenticity? If so, how and under what conditions?" It includes healthy scepticism regarding the concept, along with proposals for promoting its democratic, inclusive expression in neighbourhoods and communities.

Diasporas Cultures of Mobilities Race 2

Author : Thomas Lacroix
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Continuing the series on Diasporas, Cultures of Mobilities, ‘Race’, this second volume extends existing scholarship by exploring a range of multidisciplinary perspectives on the diasporic condition. Embodiment, memory and intimacy form three core themes through which the complexities of diasporic experiences are revealed and transmitted. Closely aligned to these concerns, the impact of de- territorialisation, inherent in the processes of migration and re-settlement, forms a strong thread throughout the collected essays. Authors engage with individual and collective memorial processes embedded in the evolution of diasporic communities, exploring striking comparisons between diverse regions, states, cultures and linguistic zones. The intellectual and critical scope covered by this original collection of new essays is further reflected in the varied geographical origins of the contributors themselves. Dans le cadre de la série «Diasporas, Cultures de la mobilité, ‘Race’», ce deuxième volume se propose de compléter les études sur le sujet au travers de regards croisés et interdisciplinaires sur la condition diasporique. Les thèmes du corps, de la mémoire et de l’intime se tissent tout au long du recueil afin d’en révéler et d’en transmettre toute la complexité. Dans le même ordre d’idées, l’impact de la déterritorialisation, inhérent aux phénomènes de migration et relocalisation, est une autre optique majeure dans ce recueil d’essais. Les auteurs s’intéressent aux procédés mémoriels individuels et collectifs internes à l’évolution des communautés de diasporas, par d’étonnantes comparaisons entre diverses régions du monde, états et zones linguistiques. La teneur intellectuelle, la portée critique et la singularité de ce nouveau volume d’essais se reflètent aussi dans les origines géographiques variées de ses contributeurs.

African Immigrants Experiences in American Schools

Author : Shirley Mthethwa-Sommers
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This book addresses how educators create more inclusive K-12 classrooms for African-born students in American schools. The authors analyze how gender, spirituality, colonization, and religious affiliation as well as American-rooted factors complicate the integration of these students into the educational school system in the United States.

Russian Israelis

Author : Larissa Remennick
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Israelis with a Russian accent have been part of Israel's social, cultural and economic landscape for over 20 years. They are found in all walks of life: as controversial politicians, senior physicians and scientists, kibbutz members and religious settlers. Despite lacking personal assets and below-average income, many of them managed to enter Israeli middle class, and some even became part of local elites – an achievement not to be taken for granted for the first-generation immigrants. This collection offers a multi-faceted portrait of the 'Great Russian Aliyah' of the 1990s with the emphasis on socio-political and cultural aspects of its insertion in Israel – based on social research conducted by the scholars most of whom are former-Soviet immigrants themselves. The issues covered include the exploration of Israel as an extension of the post-soviet space; the evolving political culture of Russian Israelis; the prospects for the ethnic media and Russian language continuity; visual tokens of 'domestication' of a major Israeli city by its 'Russian' residents, and mutual influences between Israeli and Russian cinematic traditions. Written in a lively and non-technical manner, most contributions will spark interest among both social scientists and broad readership interested in modern-day Israel and post-Soviet societies. This book was originally published as a special issue of Israel Affairs.