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In from the Shadow

Author : Truman G. Packard
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This book is about people in Europe who earn a living working in untaxed markets for goods, services, and labor. As governments face a rapid population ageing, the circumstances that lead people to work and trade in the shadow economy have grown in importance.

In Europe s Shadow

Author : Robert D. Kaplan
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From the New York Times bestselling author Robert D. Kaplan, named one of the world’s Top 100 Global Thinkers by Foreign Policy magazine, comes a riveting journey through one of Europe’s frontier countries—and a potent examination of the forces that will determine Europe’s fate in the postmodern age. Robert Kaplan first visited Romania in the 1970s, when he was a young journalist and the country was a bleak Communist backwater. It was one of the darkest corners of Europe, but few Westerners were paying attention. What ensued was a lifelong obsession with a critical, often overlooked country—a country that, today, is key to understanding the current threat that Russia poses to Europe. In Europe’s Shadow is a vivid blend of memoir, travelogue, journalism, and history, a masterly work thirty years in the making—the story of a journalist coming of age, and a country struggling to do the same. Through the lens of one country, Kaplan examines larger questions of geography, imperialism, the role of fate in international relations, the Cold War, the Holocaust, and more. Here Kaplan illuminates the fusion of the Latin West and the Greek East that created Romania, the country that gave rise to Ion Antonescu, Hitler’s chief foreign accomplice during World War II, and the country that was home to the most brutal strain of Communism under Nicolae Ceaușescu. Romania past and present are rendered in cinematic prose: the ashen faces of citizens waiting in bread lines in Cold War–era Bucharest; the Bărăgan Steppe, laid bare by centuries of foreign invasion; the grim labor camps of the Black Sea Canal; the majestic Gothic church spires of Transylvania and Maramureş. Kaplan finds himself in dialogue with the great thinkers of the past, and with the Romanians of today, the philosophers, priests, and politicians—those who struggle to keep the flame of humanism alive in the era of a resurgent Russia. Upon his return to Romania in 2013 and 2014, Kaplan found the country transformed yet again—now a traveler’s destination shaped by Western tastes, yet still emerging from the long shadows of Hitler and Stalin. In Europe’s Shadow is the story of an ideological and geographic frontier—and the book you must read in order to truly understand the crisis Europe faces, from Russia and from within. Praise for In Europe’s Shadow “[A] haunting yet ultimately optimistic examination of the human condition as found in Romania . . . Kaplan’s account of the centuries leading up to the most turbulent of all—the twentieth—is both sweeping and replete with alluring detail.”—Alison Smale, The New York Times Book Review “This book reveals the confident, poetical Kaplan . . . but also a reflective, political Kaplan, seeking at times to submerge his gift for romantic generalization in respectful attention to the ideas of others.”—Timothy Snyder, The Washington Post “A serious yet impassioned survey of Romania . . . Kaplan is a regional geographer par excellence.”—The Christian Science Monitor “Kaplan is one of America’s foremost writers on the region. . . . In a series of deep dives into the region’s past—Byzantine, Ottoman, Habsburg and Soviet—he finds parallels and echoes that help us understand the present.”—The Wall Street Journal “Kaplan moves seamlessly from sights, sounds, and conversations to the resonance of history.”—Foreign Affairs

The Shadow of Colonialism on Europe s Modern Past

Author : R. Healy
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Through a range of case studies from eastern and western Europe, this book breaks new ground in investigating the extent to which European peoples living within Europe were also subjected to the ideologies and practices of colonialism.

Explaining the Shadow Economy in Europe Size Causes and Policy Options

Author : Mr.Ben Kelmanson
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This paper examines the drivers, and reestimates the size of shadow economies in Europe, with a focus on the emerging economies, and recommends policies to increase formality. The size of shadow economies declined across Europe in recent years but remains significant, especially in Eastern Europe. In the emerging European economies, the key determinants of shadow economy size are regulatory quality, government effectiveness, and human capital. The paper argues that a comprehensive package of reforms, focused on country-specific drivers, is needed to successfully combat the shadow economy. The menu of policies most relevant for Europe’s emerging economies include: reducing regulatory and administrative burdens, promoting transparency and improving government effectiveness, as well as improving tax compliance, automating procedures, and promoting electronic payments.

In the Long Shadow of Europe

Author : Othon Anastasakis
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Through the lens of nationalism, trans-nationalism and supra-nationalism, this book offers a fresh perspective on relations between Greece and Turkey under the shadow of Europe, as both European history and European integration.

Writing in the Shadow

Author : Harry Stone
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A man with earphones crouched in a darkened attic listening in to a concealed and forbidden crystal set; a prisoner continuing to write even in the condemned cell; young men taking up weight-lifting so that they would be able to carry heavy lead type with apparent ease; a group of men taking over at gunpoint the staff of a pro-Nazi newspaper and forcing them to print an ironic bogus issue - these were just a few of the many hundreds of ordinary people who helped to produce and distribute the clandestine newspapers that sought to counter Nazi propaganda and maintain morale in enemy-occupied Europe during the Second World War. The risks were terrifying; if caught with even a single copy of a forbidden publication the culprit would be tortured and executed, and many were. Yet the work went on, thwarting German controls and even forcing the Nazis to change some of their policies. Writers and publishers too refused to be silenced, and many found lasting fame through clandestine books: for instance, the poet Jan Campert, the Danish pastor Kaj Munk, and 'Vercors', author of Le Silence de la Mer, which was later made into a classic film. Courage, skill and ingenuity were stretched to the full in the resistance to Nazi repression that found expression, no matter how dangerously, in the thousands of newspapers, pamphlets, books, poems and songs that appeared in the dark days of occupation.

The Shadow War

Author : Henri Michel
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Darker Legacies of Law in Europe

Author : Christian Joerges
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The legal scholarship of the National Socialist and Fascist period of the 20th century and its subsequent reverberation throughout European law and legal tradition has recently become the focus of intense scholarly discussion. This volume presents theoretical,historical and legal inquiries into the legacy of National Socialism and Fascism written by a group of the leading scholars in this field. Their essays are wide-ranging, covering the reception of National Socialist and Fascist ideologies into legal scholarship; contemporary perceptions of Nazi Law in the Anglo-American world; parallels and differences among authoritarian regimes in the Third Reich, Austria, Italy, Spain, and Vichy-France; how formerly authoritarian countries have dealt with their legal antecedents; continuities and discontinuities in legal thought in private law, public law, labour law, international and European law; and the legal profession's endogenous obedience and the pains of Vergangenheitsbewältigung. The majority of the contributions were first presented at a conference at the EUI in the autumn of 2000, the others in subsequent series of seminars.

Shadow Economies and Irregular Work in Urban Europe

Author : Thomas Buchner
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Shadow economies and irregular work are not new phenomena. Before the rise of the modern welfare state, there were a broad range of diverse economic activities which were regarded as irregular, though not necessarily illicit. Although they constituted an important part of economic life, such irregular and informal practices have not yet been studied more closely and from a comprehensive perspective in modern historical research. The articles in this volume explore multifaceted aspects of informal economies and irregular work in European cities from the 16th to the early 20th centuries. The book provides a historical perspective to ongoing debates about the crisis of the modern labor society and the relationship between (informal) work, public welfare, and the state. (Series: Austria: Forschung und Wissenschaft - Geschichte - Vol. 2)

Europe in 1882 out of the shadow The Royal Family of France Twelve lectures on current French History

Author : Lucian Edward HENRY
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Author : Arthur Haberman
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"Arthur Haberman sees 1930 as a watershed year in the intellectual life of Europe and with this book, the first to see the contributions of the public intellectuals of 1930 as a single entity, he forces a reconsideration and reinterpretation of the period."--

The War and Its Shadow

Author : Helen Graham
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Across the continent, Hitler's war of territorial expansion after 1938 detonated myriad "irregular wars, of culture as well as of politics, which took on a "cleansing" intransigence as those driving them sought to make "homogeneous" communities, whether ethnic, political, or religious. So much of this was prefigured with primal intensity in Spain in 1936, where, on 17-18 July, a group of army officers rebelled against the socially reforming Republic. Saved from almost certain failure by Nazi and Fascist military intervention, and by a British inaction amounting to complicity, these army rebels unleashed a conflict in which civilians became the targets of mass killing. The new military authorities authorized and presided over an extermination of those sectors associated with Republican change--especially those who symbolized cultural change and thus posed a threat to old ways of being and thinking: progressive teachers, self-educated workers, "new" women.

In the Shadow of Hitler

Author : Rebecca Haynes
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Many important right-wing political figures from the late nineteenth century and inter-war period have been over-shadowed in history by Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler. Rebecca Haynes here assesses the careers of seventeen of the most important figures in right-wing politics in Central and Eastern Europe during this period and reveals the significance of leaders whose impact has been overlooked. Some of these were Nazi-sympathisers; others rejected German National Socialism in favour of rival nationalist and right-wing ideologies and programmes. But all played a role in modern European political history that cannot be ignored. This book seeks to draw some of the leading right-wing politicians and thinkers in Central and Eastern Europe out from under Hitler's shadow.

New Modes of Governance in Europe

Author : A. Héritier
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Based on the research of the EU-6th framework funded research consortium on 'New Modes of Governance in the European Union', this volume explores the roots, execution and applications of new forms of governance and evaluates their success.

European Populism in the Shadow of the Great Recession

Author : Takis S. Pappas
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This volume, covering twenty-five populist parties in seventeen European states, presents the first comparative study of the impact of the Great Recession on populism. Based on a common analytical framework, chapters offer a highly differentiated view of how the interplay between economic and political crises helped produce patterns of populist development across Europe. Populism grew strongly in Southern and Central-Eastern Europe, particularly where an economic crisis developed in tandem with a political one. Nordic populism went also on the rise, but this region's populist parties have been surprisingly responsible. In Western Europe, populism actually contracted during the crisis - with the exception of France. As for the two Anglo-Celtic countries, while the UK has experienced the rise of a strong anti-European populist force, Ireland stands out as a rare case in which no such a party has risen in spite of the severity of its economic and political crises.

Growing in the Shadow of an Empire

Author : Giuseppe De Luca
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Europe at Bay

Author : Alan W. Cafruny
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Discusses the prospects of the European Union and its role in the international arena. This book explores the limits of the EU's economic and political power in relation to the United States, and of its neoliberal social and economic policies at home. It also considers the long-term prospects for the transatlantic relationship.

The Great Shadow and Beyond the City

Author : Arthur Conan Doyle
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European Patent Litigation in the Shadow of the Unified Patent Court

Author : Luke McDonagh
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With the introduction of the Unified Patent Court (UPC) and the new European Patent with Unitary Effect, the European patent litigation system is undergoing a set of fundamental reforms. This timely book assesses the current state of European patent litigation by analysing recently published data on Europe's four major patent jurisdictions - the UK, Germany, France and the Netherlands - and also looks ahead to examine what the impact of the UPC is likely to be on Europe's patent litigation system in the near future.

The Shadow of a Dream

Author : William Dean Howells
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