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Scrapbook Asian Style

Author : Kristy Harris
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Create fun and easy scrapbooks with an Asian flair! For scrapbookers tired of the same old same old, Scrapbook Asian Style! is chock full of new ideas, art, and inspiration for creating beautiful scrapbook craft. It's perfect for experienced scrapbookers who are looking for something new to try in their layouts and for beginners who love the distinctive look of Asian design—or who simply want to make a splash with something special. With 150 projects from several accomplished scrapbook artists, such as a Buddha Light Switch Cover and Grandma's Origami Brag Book, this inspiring reference provides tons of ideas as well as step-by-step instructions on how to add pizzazz to layouts with Asian colors, motifs, fabrics, papers, text and brush work. Dozens of fun and exciting materials and techniques are used to give scrapbook layouts an Asian feel—including rub-ons, Asian characters, Chinese seals, die cuts, pressed flowers, patterned paper, handmade paper, washi paper, fabric, letter stickers, stamping, embossing, distressing, Chinese calligraphy, paper weaving, faux batiking, journaling, origami, digital effects and more. Scrapbookers of all levels will find ideas to document and celebrate special memories and occasions—including vacation, baby layouts, "all about me" pages, grandparents and grandchildren layouts, family portraits, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, baby showers and holidays.

Tropical Asian Style

Author :
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Tropical Asian Style showcases contemporary residences throughout Southeast Asia—from Chiang Mai to Bali, Kuala Lampur to Java. This contemporary Asian design book contains over 400 color photos by world-renowned photographer Luca Invernizzi Tettoni. Each home is designed to achieve perfect harmony with its tropical surroundings. In this book, the essential design elements of these homes are presented thematically, to show the various ways in which the harmony and beauty is achieved. Well-known architects, designers and authorities on Asia's cultural heritage provide insightful views on the houses and their design elements. A final section on tropical decorating provides helpful tips on selecting Asian fabrics, furniture and artifacts.

In the Asian Style

Author : Fiona Dunlop
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East meets west is a strong trend in modern-day interiors, as homeowners seek to create relaxed, harmonious retreats for their families. In the Asian Style takes the best examples of Oriental design from around the world to show how it can be applied and adapted absolutely anywhere. Full-colour images by photographer Kim Sayer capture the different facets of this sensual, yet often distinctly minimalist approach to living. An authoritative, readable text looks at the history of Oriental decorative styles and examines the structure and function of particular spaces in the Asian home. Five in-depth chapters focus on such key materials in the genre as bamboo, lacquer and basketware. Inspiring and informative, In the Asian Style is an ideal reference for anyone interested in design and style.

Noodles Asian Style

Author : Cara Hobday
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1996 Readily available ingredients give these 100 recipes popular appeal.

New Asian Style

Author : Jane Doughty Marsden
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More than ever before, interior design is a global affair. And more than ever, Westerners are eager to try out elements of Asian design. This book is the ultimate resource for professional and amateur designers seeking to recreate the mysterious elegance, balance, and beauty of Asian design. Through the magic of Masano Kawana's beautiful full-color photography, New Asian Style explores more than 30 stunning contemporary houses and homes from Singapore, all of which stand as examples of decorating and style that transcend their Eastern origins. In an effort to help designers pick up Asian ideas for their own settings, Jane Marsden's essays examine what elements make Asian style and how they might be captured in new settings anywhere in the world.

Asian American Ethnicity and Communication

Author : William B. Gudykunst
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This book examines Asian American ethnicity and communication, looking at: immigration patterns, ethnic institutions, family patterns, and ethnic and cultural identities. William Gudykunst focuses on how communication is similar and different among Chinese Americans, Filipino Americans, Japanese Americans, Korean Americans, and Vietnamese Americans. Where applicable, similarities and differences in communication between Asian Americans and European Americans are also examined. Gudykunst concludes with a discussion of the role of communication in Asian immigrants' acculturation to the United States.

In the Matter of Certain Asian style Kamaboko Fish Cakes

Author : United States International Trade Commission
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Singing the Gospel Chinese Style

Author : Connie Oi-yan Wong
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This dissertation explores the emerging phenomenon of contemporary Chinese Christian "Praise and Worship" music. Of Pentecostal-Charismatic origins, since the 1990s this music has exploded into the churches and Christian music industries in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Chinese diasporic communities of North America, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, and New Zealand. It has recently reached mainland China as well.

Asian Style

Author : Jenny De Gex
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The Asian Style Source Book features the design and decoration of Japan and China. This includes embroidery, lacquerware, and calligraphy, as well as screens, temples, and tea ceremonies. This book pays close attention to the famous gardens of Asia, including Chinese gardens, stepping stones, Japanese gardens, Zen gardens, and water gardens.

Certain Asian style Kamaboko Fish Cakes Inv 337 TA 378

Author :
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Asian Americans

Author : Laura Uba
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This widely adopted text synthesizes an extensive body of research on Asian American personality development, identity, and mental health. Uba focuses on how ethnocultural factors interact with minority group status to shape the experiences of members of diverse Asian American groups. Cultural values and norms shared by many Asian Americans are examined and common sources of stress described, including racial discrimination and immigrant and refugee experiences. Rates of mental health problems in Asian American communities are reviewed, as are predictors and manifestations of specific disorders. The volume also explores patterns in usage of available mental health services and considers ways that service delivery models might be adapted to better meet the needs of Asian American clients.

Asian Style Democracy

Author : Clark D. Neher
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The New East

Author : Michael Freeman
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The influence of traditional Asian design is far-reaching, and today, contemporary Asian interior designers and architects have developed a new kind of modernism that references the appropriate elements of their own traditions. The New East is the first comprehensive volume to present this ongoing style revolution and is sure to inspire anyone looking to add harmony and sensuality to their homes. Rich photographs brilliantly showcase Asian designs for living. Here you'll find everything you need to know about combining Western design motifs with Eastern traditional elements, such as the Japanese sliding screens; creating harmonious balance between the indoor and the outdoor space; and selecting specific materials that make up the traditional design form in Asia, such as bamboo and stone. This book teaches how to adapt to the Asian design philosophy of reducing a space to its core essentials and thus creating a natural and simple minimalist look, ultimately adding a sense of serenity and tranquility to your space.

Asian Culture and History

Author : Canadian Center of Science and Education
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Published by the Canadian Center of Science and Education, Asian Culture and History (ACH) is an international, double-blind peer-reviewed, open-access journal with both print and online versions. ACH encourages high-quality submissions. In order to carry out our non-discrimination principles, we use a double-blind system of peer review. ACH covers the entire spectrum of research, including the following topics: culture, history, arts, anthropology, archaeology, religion, philosophy, politics, education, laws and linguistics.

Classic Asian Noodles

Author : Lee Geok Boi
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Enjoy the authentic flavours of many of Asia's classic noodle dishes with this bumper collection of more than 150 recipes from Cambodia, India, Japan, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Singapore, Thailand, The Philippines and Vietnam. From crisp-fried and stir-fried noodles to noodles in gravy or soup, served hot or cold, noodle lovers will be delighted at the seemingly endless variety of noodle dishes offered in this exhaustive volume.

Chinese Girl Confessions

Author : Angelina Zhang
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Ni hao! I'm Angelina Zhang, and in this book, I bring you the inside scoop about Chinese girls today. What do we look for in a partner? What's a typical dating relationship in China? And even what do we like to do in bed? I was born in Shanghai and now live in New York. Unlike most Chinese girls, I have no problem telling you all the dirty secret details we normally keep hidden. I want you to know. I wrote this book to get those things off my chest, and correct people's misconceptions. Not all Chinese girls are Suzie Wong sexpots. But we're also not as prim and proper and sexless as you might think. The truth is a whole lot more interesting. In this book, I tell you how we're brought up, how we have our first experiences with guys, and some of our particular turn-ons and turn-offs, which are totally different from what you might be used to. I also give you real actionable steps for meeting Chinese girls and getting them into marriage or just into bed, whichever you prefer. I even tell you exactly what to expect in the bedroom. But this book isn't all about sex. I cover a lot of Chinese language, culture, and social psychology. I tell you why, for example, reading one Chinese girl's story will be instructive for finding out about all Chinese girls. And I also tell you how you can use China's peculiar beauty standards to your own advantage. Learn something, have a few laughs, gain some new insights, and enjoy.

Asian Foods

Author : Catharina Y.W. Ang
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This comprehensive new book provides up-to-date information on many types of Asian prepared foods-their origin, preparation methods, processing principles, technical innovation, quality factors, nutritional values, and market potential. Written by experts who specialize in the field, it includes information on Asian dietary habits and the health significance of Asian diets. Asian Foods also discusses differences in preparations and varieties among diverse Asian ethnic groups and regions, cultural aspects associated with the consumption of the products, and the market status or potential of more than 400 varieties of Asian foods. These foods include products made from rice, wheat, other starchy grains, soybeans, meat, poultry, fish, fruits, and vegetables, as well as functional foods and alcoholic beverages. This timely book will be of interest to food professionals in product development, dieticians interested in Asian diets and dietary habits, business developers seeking market potential for Asian prepared foods, and food science and human nutrition students who need supplemental information.

Asian Americans and the Mass Media

Author : Virginia Mansfield-Richardson
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First published in 2000. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Asian Seafood

Author : Lee Geok Boi
File Size : 81.80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Accumulating years of intensive research and rigorous taste-testing, Lee Geok Boi returns with another cookbook, this time gathering timeless classics and modern favourites that hail from the various regions of Asia in this stunning compendium of seafood recipes. More than 80 recipes showcase the delicious potential of the vast array of seafood available. With illustrated step-by-step instruction for cleaning and preparing of the seafood and a unique illustrated glossary for fresh and dried seafood, this book is a complete guide to making stunning and delicious seafood dishes whatever the occasion.

The Asian Financial Crisis 1995 98

Author : Russell Napier
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In the space of a few months, across Asia, a miracle became a nightmare. This was the Asian Financial Crisis of 1995–98. In this economic crisis hundreds of people died in rioting, political strong men were removed and hundreds of billions of dollars were lost by investors. This crisis saw the US dollar value of some Asian stock markets decline by ninety percent. Why did almost no one see it coming? The Asian Financial Crisis 1995–98 charts Russell Napier’s personal journey during that crisis as he wrote daily for institutional investors about an increasingly uncertain future. Relying on contemporaneous commentary, it charts the mistakes and successes of investors in the battle for investment survival in Asia from 1995–98. This is not just a guide for investors navigating financial markets, but also an explanation of how this crisis created the foundations of an age of debt that has changed the modern world.