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Creating Neighbourhoods and Places in the Built Environment

Author : David Chapman
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This design primer examines the forces at work in the built environment and their impact on the form of buildings and their environments. The actions of a range of individuals and agencies and the interaction between them is examined, exploring the competing interests which exist, their interaction with physical and environmental forces and the uncertain results of both individual and corporate intervention.

On the Playground How Do You Build Place Value Level A

Author : Donna Loughran
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Playgrounds are lots of fun. They have slides, swings and monkey bars. Have you ever thought about how someone builds a playground? You will need screws and plugs to keep the pieces of the playground together. In this book you’ll learn how to gather the right amount of building pieces for Mr. Bryan and help him finish the new playground for a school. Concepts of “greater than” and “less than” are introduced in various methods such as place-value blocks and linking cubes.

A Dictionary and Concordance of the Names of Persons and Places and of Some of the More Remarkable Terms which Occur in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments

Author : William Henderson
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Places in the World a Person Could Walk

Author : David Syring
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Spring-fed creeks. Old stone houses. Cedar brakes and bleached limestone. The Hill Country holds powerful sway over the imagination of Texans. So many of us dream of having our own little place in the limestone hills. The Hill Country feels just like home, even if you've never lived there. This beautifully written book explores what the Hill Country has meant as a homeplace to the author, his family, and longtime residents of the area, as well as to newcomers. David Syring listens to the stories that his aunts, uncles, and cousins tell about life in the Hill Country and grapples with their meaning for his own search for a place to belong. He also collects short stories focused around Honey Creek Church to consider how places become containers for memory. And he draws upon several years of living in Fredericksburg to talk about the problems and opportunities created by heritage tourism and the development of the town as a "home" for German Americans. These interconnected stories illuminate what it means to belong to a place and why the Texas Hill Country has become the spiritual, if not actual, home of many people.

Grounded in the Body in Time and Place in Scripture

Author : Jill Firth
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“In my bibliographies there are no women in the evangelical tradition, and no Australian women scholars.” This unique volume addresses this gap, with eighteen biblically rich and academically rigorous chapters by established and emerging Australian women scholars in the evangelical tradition. The authors consider our relationship with the land and Indigenous peoples, neighborhood, embodiment, (dis)ability, abortion, leadership, work, architecture, the media, Song of Songs and domestic violence, and Jeremiah and weaponized rape, and demonstrate recent methodologies such as a social identity reading of Exodus, sensory readings of Psalms and John’s Gospel, and discipleship readings of Mary and Martha and the woman at the well. A contemporary Kriol psalm and stories of pioneering Australian women theological students and teachers complete the volume. Valuable for students and teachers across Bible, theology, ministry, and practice subjects, this book is an essential inclusion in any theological library.

Value of New Construction Put in Place in the United States 1964 to 1980

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Proceedings of the Common Council of the City of Buffalo

Author : Buffalo (N.Y.). Common Council
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The Routledge Handbook of People and Place in the 21st Century City

Author : Kate Bishop
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Increasing urbanization and increasing urban density put enormous pressure on the relationships between people and place in cities. Built environment professionals must pay attention to the impact of people–place relationships in small- to large-scale urban initiatives. A small playground in a neighborhood pocket park is an example of a small-scale urban development; a national environmental policy that influences energy sources is an example of a large-scale initiative. All scales of decision-making have implications for the people–place relationships present in cities. This book presents new research in contemporary, interdisciplinary urban challenges, and opportunities, and aims to keep the people–place relationship debate in focus in the policies and practices of built environment professionals and city managers. Most urban planning and design decisions, even those on a small scale, will remain in the urban built form for many decades, conditioning people’s experience of their city. It is important that these decisions are made using the best available knowledge. This book contains an interdisciplinary discussion of contemporary urban movements and issues influencing the relationship between people and place in urban environments around the world which have major implications for both the processes and products of urban planning, design, and management. The main purpose of the book is to consolidate contemporary thinking among experts from a range of disciplines including anthropology, environmental psychology, cultural geography, urban design and planning, architecture and landscape architecture, and the arts, on how to conceptualize and promote healthy people and place relationships in the 21st-century city. Within each of the chapters, the authors focus on their specific areas of expertise which enable readers to understand key issues for urban environments, urban populations, and the links between them.

The Variorum Teacher s Edition of the Holy Bible

Author : William Sanday
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The Bible Translated According to the Ebrew and Greeke and Conferred with the Best Translations in Diuers Languages With Most Profitable Annotations Vpon All the Hard Places and Other Things of Great Importance as May Appeare in the Epistle to the Reader And Also a Most Profitable Concordance for the Readie Finding Out of Any Thing in the Same Conteined

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